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  1. Thanks. I wear them on my rezz day now and I'm coming up to my second one in December. that will be fun.
  2. Thank You. I deleted the first ones by accident and went to a freebie shop to get another pair lol.
  3. Yes I try to keep the aspects of fantasy alive in my SL and thanks for your reply.
  4. Oh THAT PIC IS CUTE lol. very nice hun.
  5. It was simply a thought so I posted this question for other peoples views.
  6. Lol. yes well now I am a certified model. so things do change and people too. still I found the comment a bit shallow at that point in time. especially considering I was still new and the wings are very nice. not that I wear them anymore.
  7. Love this. Thank You and yes I have the wings.
  8. I don't know. I live on there. every day in fact.
  9. I was going through some of my noob pics the other day when I remembered a comment from someone who was on my contacts list a long time ago. I wore angel wings when I first started in SL and while I'm not into RP I do love the fantasy aspect. however the person in question bluntly informed me that I would have to 'lose the angel wings' if I wanted to be taken seriously in SL and even though I don't wear them anymore. 'not for that reason' I still have them. in fact I accidently deleted them and went back to a freebie place and got myself a new set of the same wings. isn't SL about being who you want to be and who wants to be taken seriously? lol I mean SERIOUSLY not.
  10. Pandora Drezelan


    Views about bots and whether or not people like / dislike them? also any possibility of bots taking over 'in store modeling'? I went for a job modeling in store at one of my favorite shops. only to be told that the 'model' was in fact a bot and therefore I was not needed. ideas and opinions please.
  11. It also depends on whether you've already paid a deposit of half the money which is standard procedure.
  12. I have always been VERY specific about what i want. backgrounds. lighting. name or no name etc and sometimes i do get it but other times I don't and I become tired of explaining myself. I've even wrote it all down on a note card and sent the photographer an example photo. I can't be more specific than that.
  13. Yes true but I have experienced some really bad photos and some with simply just not enough attention to detail.
  14. Being an SL model and addicted to professional photos I have found that some people do really artistic and beautiful work. while others make your SL photographic experience a total nightmare. I've had my fair share of both amazing and horrific photos so why is it that if you are in a business such as SL photography that you would do a BAD job on a photo in opposed to a GOOD one. don't people want their customers to come back?
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