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  1. I got this today on marketplace. I wanted something cheap and cheerful.
  2. Probably the day my friend Cry showed me around his favorite sim. I will keep the rest of it private although there wasn't anything naughty going on.
  3. Pamela Galli wrote: Gingir Ghoststar wrote: No, had I wanted to get even, I would have named the two involved. They are the ones the fault lies with. Homophobic slurs and having everyone, not just those of us who apparently irritated the aggressor, dropped out of the store is definitely something to be irate over. And as the title said, I hope she slaps them both. And if it makes another store owner a bit more cautious in who they share their editing rights with then good. Good point. If they are the ones at fault, then why did you name the store owner and the store? If you wanted to warn merchants about giving edit rights, that could have been done without naming any names at all. I think I have made my point several different ways now. If it makes another poster a bit more cautious in naming names in the forum in violation of TOS, then good. You are the one who named the store. You haven't gone back and removed it. The person who started the thread removed it. You know that old saying about three fingers pointing back at you? OP you can post a log if you take the names out of it.
  4. The view is beautiful it's the reason I bought the land. I don't want to move in the sky or anywhere else. I will report it and hope and wait it out.
  5. I didn't ask anyone to speculate. Turns out the rules are clear about building on Protected land. I have my answer. I'm not going to give up the builder's anonymity. I think you are being sarcastic.
  6. Protected land. I thought he did it by mistake. His reply shocked me.
  7. I never said anything about water. I said he built onto Linden land.
  8. Like I said I never contacted him before. The problem was when he put up a new build. I asked him nicely if he could stay in his borders. I complimented the build. One reason I contacted him is because he has plenty of space to push his build back into his own land. I did not think it would be any problem or was too much to ask. But he thinks he's above it. It's mainland. I won't move because someone calls me a name. Unlike him and some replies I do think it's my business when it's in front of my house. I think it's my business if someone builds on Linden land. I bought the land for the view. I thought his reply was a little crazy. He didn't deny being on other land. He just said it's not your land. Isn't Linden land for us all? Thanks. I will take advice from the helpful replies.
  9. So this builder uses a plot in front of my home to show off his builds. He puts the land for sale at extortion prices. That bugs me but I never contacted him until yesterday. I contacted him because he built way over his border onto Linden land. He doesn't live there. I've never seen anyone on the plot. He recently changed the build and that's when it slopped way over onto Linden land in front of my house. I contacted him politely. I even complimented his building skills. This is what I got back plus put on his ban list. [14:35] Builder: (Saved Thu Jan 31 00:55:24 2013) Is not even your land, mind your own business (bad name removed)! So he feels Linden land in front of my home is none of my business. He feels he can do what he wants because he is a builder? What can I do about it?
  10. I don't care what size anyone else thinks my avatar should be. My avatar is not realistic any more than Barbie is. My avatar looks great in her Barbie clothes and that is all I care about. If someone else does not like it they don't have to look. We all know what real people look like! We all know they come in all shapes sizes heights & weights. If people want to ignore real measurements whether it's long arms long legs short arms short legs wide hips whatever that is their perogative. People need to know their opinion is just THEIR opinion & is not worth as much to others as they think!
  11. Nails that don't hover over the avatar's fingers. I'd also love to see shorter nails for once! I'm not into claws.
  12. carolinestravels wrote: Good Morning from Europe Most people's avatars look young and pretty. But I met a guy the other day that had an avatar looking 50+ . He really was standing out of the crowd between all those pretty 20 to 30 avis. I had to talk to him and wrote an article about that on my blog here: http://carolineinsecondlife.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/forever-young/ Ok guys what do you think? Why would people look their real life age in Second Life? Would you do it if you knew before this possibility actually exists? Why or why not? What do I think? I think you want to get hits for your blog Worrying about who is who in real is silly because you can be 100 one minute and 25 the next minute. You can be different species. People should just lighten up and let be.
  13. Sacha Baron Cohen tried to spill Bisquick on me!
  14. Exavor Diesel wrote: Why? It's fun and follows old traditions. What's fun about it for those without? No thanks. If you want a title you can always roleplay or join Tiny Empires. I do not care to look down my nose at anyone.
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