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  1. Maryanne Solo wrote: awww no special pose Lanas? :-( I imagined you might have come up with a *fishing story/one that got away pose type of thing. @Maryanne - Seriously... I know... I so wanted to do a pose and fishing would be fantastic, but I'm stuck with some actual SL work this week that I'm horribly delinquent on... if this thread survives another couple days I'll surely contribute! @Willow - Since you are my friend and have provided abundant indulgences you're more than welcome borrow him on a bi-weekend basis for changing lightbulbs, dusting ceiling fans, carrying groceries, handyman repairs, nap reminders, serious staring at meanies, and earthmoving labor... he's actually quite inexpensive and works for pizza or cheesy nachos (shredded cheese, not ballpark Velveeta)... you're even welcome to his smile, however the frisky grin is alllllll mine Good grief, there are several great picture pose ideas tucked into all of the above as well... oh to be finished with my 'work'! Enjoy these wonderful reads... Appreciation for others is a very fun feeling Lanas
  2. I admire and appreciate- Being able to change more lightbulbs than not without a ladder Being able to dust the ceiling fans for the same reason as the lightbulbs Carrying in eight plastic bags of groceries in each arm with the handles all wrapped in his hands (eight trips for me) Fixing too many things that I would have just had to buy all over again Encouraging me to remember to take naps on the weekend (probably just laziness on his part, but I appreciate it anyway) Staring down the repairman/salesman/any jerk who's trying to rip me off His hands in the dirt planting my flowers and trees, fixing the sprinklers, or just digging (amazing and appreciated... don't know why... careful and sensitive but purposeful and strong perhaps) Frisky grin and comforting smile And ohhhh that smell (not the gym clothes left in the garage smell... but that other smell... ahhhh) Enjoy your pondering of the opposite sex's peculiarities... Lanas 
  3. Thanks for the slightly sinister and mysterious Picture Pose inspiration... good luck unraveling the riddles Lanas
  4. What's worked best for me the fortunately few times I've had to monkey with myself like that is being in a 'quite' place. I have a home (more like apartment) in an extremely quite sim with no real 'lag' that ever bothers me. When I've logged on as an egg and appeared in whatever busy place I was at and went through all those step you mentioned, I'd occasionally end up with your result (although I have no fancy fingernails... but that should be on the list huh?). The only other evidence that my suggestion may help you is that I have a builder friend who has the wackiest avatars and he becomes an egg far more often than anyone I know. I offered my apartment up to him for his reconstructive surgery and he can fix himself far more quickly and permanently at my place than in the ridiculously busy sandbox we're usually in. Enjoy some 'low lag' somewhere!  Good Luck! Fingers Crossed! Lanas
  5. Share a gift with a Noob, you never know how or when it’ll pay you back. You could think of it as SL Survival Insurance, especially if that Noob becomes fantastically wealthy or turns out to be cleverly skilled (may even be tax deductible if you save receipts). Hopefully you have a fond memory of how it felt when you got that wonderful outfit, first L$10’s, or some wacky bit of furniture or fun toy from a stranger. Happiness from gifts is contagious. Enjoy some generosity Lanas
  6. Optimistically speculating here, but perhaps all that money actually went into a space age Teleportatron that is beaming things to Mars in preparation for colonization? There was plenty of jibber jabber about the $600 toilet seats actually only being a few dollars while the rest was funneled into ‘Secret Projects’ until the scrutiny became too much and then they came up with some other silly cover story. So perhaps the Teleportatron has eaten up $800 billion while Iraq is actually on budget and very soon you’ll be hearing about the salvation of humanity that all those resources have been spent on. Another possibility is that the United States will simply innovate it’s way out of trouble as its historically famous for. I mean with achievements like Second Life who couldn’t believe that possibility Enjoy some proper ranting, but don’t lose any sleep (sleep is priceless) Lanas [Edit]: I’m not as naive or frivolous about such a heavy subject as my post may suggest, but I’m painfully aware that few debates about huge dollar dramas are resolved satisfactorily… especially when the majority of us will never be privy to the actual beneficiaries of the expenditures… Sad, but horribly true… I’m perpetually hoping for the least expensive peace, love, and happiness… 
  7. My answer is probably a bit too flippant, but I was looking for a fun Picture Pose theme and this was just perfect since I'm in a swift kick sort of mood. Honestly if it isn't fun, and ends up being more drama than RL, then a quick kick and run may be the best for everyone in the long run. Keep it fun! Enjoy your soccer challenge free kick, if it comes to that Lanas
  8. You're getting plenty of great advice already, not the least of which is just get out there and play a bit. The next time you're tempted to write a bunch I'd just use that time to plant yourself in the middle of a busy BDSM place you randomly pick out of the search and simply wait for it. If you're not propositioned by at least three folks promptly then things have really changed in SL from the last time I checked. One of those three may actually be mature and fun, if not move on to the next busy place and try again. If you're feeling really 'cheap' you can dress up poorly and find some awful freebie skin and you may even attract some Master bearing gifts. Never know how it'll work for you, but it's a tried and true SL method... and it can start a 'submissive' relationship off right. Enjoy the search for the SL lifestyle you desire Lanas
  9. Oh I do hate to admit it because obviously a great deal of work went into that creation, but I completely agree with Kylie. Amazing, but likely to be completely misunderstood out of context (although I lived in Southern California for a few years and I'm very familiar with the 'Burning' theme from my friends who'd drive out there... so I do get it... and I do know the circus in the desert that the whole affair becomes so the video isn't a completely random affair, it makes sense in context). The fun part for me was turning the noise music way up and watching the cats freak out in the corner... that's what inspired my silly pose! Anywho, this title just caught my eye while I was looking for today's 'Pose to Picture to Post' challenge, so I'm done, had fun, no offense intended to the wildly creative Burning bunch. Enjoy your Burn... don't hurt yourselves With much admiration for the creativity, Lanas
  10. Whew, turned blue and still no fix from LL... so I'll take your advice and I'll stop holding my breath
  11. "ROLE-PLAYING-PHOTOGRAPHER"... That is so clever cute and insightful... You can substitute just about anything in for "photographer" and it just gets funnier... A bit sad too actually... But much funnier than sad :-) Enjoy your role playing! (Just be honest about it with the customers... I'm still snickering) Lanas
  12. Thanks Lyra... I was hoping that wasn't the answer simply because of the 30 day monkey business. Obviously if its that important to me I should be doing the footwork, but I do try to keep the shop housekeeping chores to a minimum. Now if there were a simple answer to fix my Marketplace chores laziness I'd be up for any suggestions in that critical department as well. If there's a Linden listening please add recipient search to transactions or give us a year or two of the searchable sales ... pretty please? Is it more likely that LL will fix it or that I'll get over my chore laziness? Thanks again, Lanas 
  13. Occasionally I get questions or requests from folks who have one of my creations like "I never received the delivery" or "Opps, I broke something, may I have another please (No Trans items of course)". I'm completely willing to help but once in a while I'll have trouble finding their transaction because they were the 'recipient' of the item as a gift. Any clues or suggestions for some simple searching specifically by recipient? (I'm fully prepared for the disappointment of finding out it's impossible because I think I've heard hints of that problem in other threads but I'm optimistically asking the professionals in the audience... Fingers crossed) Lanas
  14. Wonderful, I passed! Right now they can run on solar should the Anti-Matter monkey business fail, but they go agonizingly slow, you have to be out in the sun, and the poke out panels are awkward... Wireless charging, right right, brilliant... I'll get right on that! Lanas
  15. I built them... we'll see if anyone comes ... I tried to be 'personal', 'consensual', 'interactive' and I definitely got them done. They don't shock me and are a bit kinky, plus as a bonus the little antennas allow for a bit of multi-dimensional seamless remoteotronic interaction. Did I pass the 'Sexy Geek' test? (Be kind... they're usability testing prototypes... there are obviously a few kinks to work out) Enjoy the Future Lanas [Edit]: Just scored too frighteningly high to admit on that little test at the link above... oh my
  16. Who wouldn't take Wings seriously? Enjoy whoever you are and whatever you want to be! Lanas
  17. Pretty much all of the worthwhile angles have been covered here, but I'll share something I heard forever ago that I remind myself about every now and then when this sort of topic comes up... "No one think about you more than you do" The context that little gem was handed out in was during summer camp following a typical he said, she said, they said, so and so hurt my feelings sort of affair. Why I found it so valuable is that it freed me to go back to the arts and crafts center and focus on my pottery rather than continue to worry about which camp of 'friends' I fell into and who thought what about who, me, or whatever. Like others have said, you may never know all the reasons for the attitudes or things that are said, the only thing you can do is decide how it affects you and realize that it probably effects the other person far less than you may believe (although you'll never know what's in the other person's head no matter how much advice you take or thought you put into it). C'est la vie essentially. Put your time, thought, and energy into doing fun and productive things in RL, SL, or wherever for however long you choose and you'll find like minded friends and drift away from others. Don't let how someone else get's bent take your mind into a spin cycle... you will likely never know the true and potentially painful reasons why you're getting that treatment and it won't change anything anyway. Worse yet, don't think about how you're causing any of these feelings too much either... your friend may not be thinking or concerned about it anywhere near as much as you think. You may simply be an easy target after a bad day, week, year for them. I ended up working alone that evening after the camp drama, and I worked alone for quite a while, but eventually folks who simply wanted to make happy bright yellow vases trickled in and we didn't talk about the incident again. A couple other folks who I thought were 'friends' continued to sulk and stew and over the years they proved themselves to be that same group who sulked and stewed year after year for whatever reasons. How schizophrenic could I be now if I'd tried to figure their sulking out over all that time? (I'd certainly have two less pieces of pottery in the house) Enjoy your RL, SL, and whatever makes you happy with whoever pleasantly shares that time with you. Lanas
  18. Fortunately what Bree said about real people being behind the avatars is very true and the very reason that I enjoy Second Life. For me the anonymity is fun too because it allows you to connect at some interestingly intimate levels with people much quicker since the embarrassment factor isn't really there to begin with (although that can also be a ginormous problem but that's a whole other thread). I appreciate and prefer not getting too deeply into anyone else's serious RL, but it is their RL that brings the spices and salts to 'our' SL. If you're a reasonably mature adult with realistic expectations Second Life can be a whole lot of fun and a fascinating education, truly a trip down the rabbit hole. For me there's no reason to bog down that adventure with all sorts of the actual trials, tribulations, and convoluted private details of our real lives, simply share and work through them in spirit from a confortable distance. Bring your RL personality, dreams, fantasies, frisky flavors and free spirit and that's plenty for me. Enjoy your private RL and use it to create a wonderful SL for everyone! Lanas (P.s. Willow you are too funny. Don't let any mean nasty KGB types catch up with you... Last I saw them they were right behind you )
  19. I'm surprised some flavor of "let's be friends" hasn't shown up by now or did I just miss it?
  20. I'm finally back from my trip so I could jump back onto the Magic Second Life Big Box Computer Tour Bus in our living room and I saw that you'd asked for 'Specs'... I know the TV is a Sony Bravia (says so on the front) although there's no size on it but 40 something inch is what I recall when we had the budget debates. (I also saw that I'd been yelling in big fonts while on my laptop cause its sooooo smmmallllll and hard to see... sorry everyone) As for the computer it's an HP Pavilion Elite HPE on the front label and I cut n' pasted the 'properties' for you in case that helps. The properties said 'HPE-250f' which I Googled to see what it might say and it had all the "ATI Radeon HD 5770 Series Graphics With 1GB DDR5" type answers you're probably looking for but there was so much that I didn't know if you'd be interested in that I didn't cut n' paste, but you can obviously look. What I think is most important, but probably wasn't on your interest list either is the IKEA chair that makes it soooo comfortable, so I threw in a picture of that from their website. There's a perfect height coffee table that the mouse, and a tasty drink, sit on and the keyboard in your lap is fantastic as well. We picked up the keyboard and mouse together from Sam's a while back, its the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 package. Notice the 'Comfort' theme... ahhhh Enjoy the Specs (I'd recommend this wonderful setup to anyone!) Lanas 
  21. My best advice would be to find a distinctive focus or theme for your efforts, especially if you're 'new' to everyone. I have several successful and a few not so successful friends and collaborators, and without doubt those who have a particularly unique look or style that is consistent throughout their work are most successful in my experience. More often than not, more unrelated variety has not proven to be better for sales or brand recognition, especially early on when you're building a name for yourself. I, and I suspect you and most everyone else, have a favorite this or that shop (casual, formal, lace, latex, springtime fluffy, hippie colors, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, clocks, birds, frisky toys etc). These are the places that stick in your mind and that keep you coming back for more. They're also the places you recommend to others which is obviously good for business. The short of it is try not to just put up a smattering of nice but unrelated things. I've been surprised over and over that some of the wildest most out there products I've collaborated on have done well because they appealed to a group of folks who shared an enthusiasm for that special niche of the market. Think about where you shop and why then try to understand and how they present themselves and use that to guide your 'branding' (do they use consistent colors, shape, textures, design, vendor, billboard themes etc). Lyra and Blaze are so right when they talk about the time and expense of doing it well and successfully so don't get discouraged early, but also don't dilute your brand with anything and everything in an attempt to succeed (adding rubber ducks to your airplane shop probably won't improve sales of either). Just some thoughts from observations over the years... Enjoy your entrepreneurship! Lanas
  22. If you've found one you really like you could IM the creator and ask if the open mouth yelling is part of a script you that you don't have to use. Most of those expressions are done with some sort of a HUD or script because if you tuck an expression into an animation it only works for a second or two at the beginning unless you do some special tricks. It's worth asking anyway. Lanas
  23. Ms Furse, that has to be the happiest bunch of ladies being frisky on a beautiful morning that I've seen... its not pictures this time, but you're still putting up pleasantly distracting posts... good grief, I have yard work to do, but I'll be humming this little tune right out the door into the back yard... I'll try not to spin around or do any little look over the shoulder on tip toes for the neighbors. Thanks again for this one I'd never heard or seen before... Lanas
  24. Thanks Mr. Ceriano, I VOTED! (Not trying to be all formal using your last name and all... but since you actually HAVE a last name I took pride in thanking you while using it) It's up over 1400 now PeeWee (I was 1453)... Fingers crossed... (although expectations are low ) Funny thing was I tried to boink the vote button a bunch of times just to make my point, but it took my vote back with every other click. The Lindens aren't playing with voter fraud that's for sure. (Now if they'd just get serious about putting the names back in good order...) Thanks again Dres Lanas
  25. Sadly, proper names like they used to be would avoid all this monkeybusiness... alas, no hope on the horizon that I'm aware of... Did I miss somewhere to vote for first and last names to comeback? (I'll beg in humiliating fashion if it will help) Lanas
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