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  1. Maybe not exactly what would come to mind when you’re asking about ‘vehicles’… but I couldn’t resist. Looove it! I get a kick out of it because of all the long summer days spent at the beach sailing, and floating, and napping, and ahhhhh. When I learned to sail with my Dad I used to get the ‘If you ain’t tiltin’ you ain’t trying’ talk even though getting way up in the air was scary to begin with. I mostly sailed when the wind and waves were on the less sporty side, but had my share of tip overs and spills. This SL ‘vehicle’ of mine brings back all those smiles and butterflies whenever I let it out of the inventory closet. Fair weather and clear sailing to you all! :smileyvery-happy:
  2. I have absolutely no way to “explain SecondLife” to anyone in RL, especially relatives. Because of my work I’ve built a history that’s beyond serious explanation to anyone who doesn’t already understand the context and shares in the fun. How would I begin explaining that “oh yeah, it’s this great place where there are these clever and hilarious people who I helped make mermaids swim in this fishbowl for a theme club dance music place” or “oh, oh, there’s this really interesting bunch who needed animations for a ‘Stages of Grief’ themed water torture tank, mmm they’re not really mean, it’s called ‘role playing’… no really” or “these Alien Planet Cult fellows needed anim help with a Star Wars ‘use the force’ choke victims in the air with your sinister fist sort of thing… no no, they’re not mean either… it’s just that they have this special Sim…” I’m extremely proud of everything I’ve done and would love to share it with everyone, but there’s all too often a very personal experience to SL that can’t be explained and too many barriers are broken by everyday SL life that can’t be shared out of context. SL doesn’t require anyone to carry any of the pretentions and distance that are practically a necessity of politeness and decency in RL. SL allows you to be or do anything you’re interested in at the time with plenty of other likeminded folks without much embarrassment or concern. The fun in that should be obvious, but how do you begin to explain it. Alas, there’s no explanation I can offer ‘real’ people… but I’m still enjoying myself here… p.s. Fascinating question that I’m sure the SL marketing folks would appreciate a better answer to than mine.
  3. That's a ridiculously awesome video, jjccc!
  4. Reading these fantastic disclosures gives me a huge grin. Hopefully it’ll give plenty of new residents hope that in give or take a year they’ll look precisely as they’re meant to (assuming they aren’t going through a nudist phase, ready to start a new adventure, escaping undesirable relationships, suffering radical personality change, planning on not being human anymore, vacillating with their mood, or are ready to shed their finely crafted vintage look) Thanks for all the sharing… Lanas
  5. When I first fell into SL after seeing an article in one of my husband’s magazines I was really proud of myself and thrilled that in just a few short days in the winter of ’07 I’d made a ‘look’ I was comfortable with. Who knew ‘50’ hands weren’t really normal looking on most folks and that making my avi my RL height would leave me looking like a dwarf out in the wild. I’d also proudly figured out how to make a comfy pullover with that ‘Linen’ texture that was tucked into your library. I’d found some freebie summer-ish capris, flats, and an almost appropriate cami for under my homemade pullover. I felt ready for spring and didn’t think anything of it for way too long apparently. Eventually, after I’d begun working with some really classy folks who always amazed me with their brilliant looks, one of my more outspoken friends couldn’t take it anymore and organized an intervention which resulted in a look that I’m much more comfortably with and have enjoyed ever since. My only excuse is that I was so busy taking in everything and everyone else that I really didn’t take the time to cam around myself… my friends just called me lazy. Whatever the truth is I just thought about it a bit tonight as I cleaned my inventory and ran across the ‘Original Me’, now ancient by SL standards, so I wanted to throw the question out there for others to see how similar or different the experience was. So… How long did it take you to settle in on the look you’re most comfortable with? Were you pushed, pulled, or otherwise helped in any way? Other than outfits, hair, and the occasional theme party or work, how often do you completely change yourself (shape, color, species, gender)? Just interested… Lanas
  6. "Harajuku Style" eh? Looks like a ridiculous amount of completely consensual fun! Sign me up (If I only had the RL spunk to try that in Texas) I'll admit I've seen plenty of these "lil gurlies, with ankle socks and baby doll dresses and puff sleeves" roaming about however I can't say that I've personally ever seen them on a promiscuous poseball even in the middle of a "sex place" where I've been helping with animations (I''m only there to help... I swear). In my experience they've seemed rather well behaved and meticulously groomed which would be consistent with the 'Japanese' theme. Ultimately I'd have to second Venus's suggestion to simply go somewhere else that's less concerning... there's plenty to disturb and inspire throughout SL and fortunately it's huge enough that I've gone weeks without concern depending on where I choose to TP. My experience in SL is wide open and easily all 'mine'. (Would they 'Harajuku' in Austin perhaps?)
  7. Another trick to tuck away and remember is that you can get on the 'Beta Grid' where they give you a bit of money now and then so you can effectively upload animations for free. If you play with Phoenix there's a little pull down next to your names for 'Grid' and you just pick 'secondlife_beta'. When I used to play with Snowglobe or 1.23 it was called 'Aditi'. Don't know how any other viewers get there but it can't be too difficult. I go there when there's couples or group arrangements I have to work with or several poseballs and other wacky devices that need to be stuck together and a 'preview' on the main grid just isn't enough. Enjoy, and good luck.
  8. Since you said he "likes puzzles, likes to build stuff, and constantly must be entertained" I think you may have a chance if you tricked him into something like showing him someone building something clever in a sandbox and asking him a few questions. Things like "wow, do you see that? I wonder how they do that?" and then try to build something with him watching and if you're lucky he'll do something stereotypical man-ish like take your mouse and try to show you how it's done. If you're really lucky he'll find it a puzzling challenge and ultimately be entertained. If you're really really lucky he'll get hooked enough to build something useful and desirable and then start selling it... who knows, it may pay for dinner now and then. Good Luck!
  9. Looks like nearly every possible option has been covered but I'll throw in my vote in total agreement with Bree's "I'd rather that they not ask if I need assistance but simply let me know they are living people who are available if needed" My favorite clothes shop seems to have someone throw that out now and then. I can't say I've seen their messages repeated twice so don't know if they're a 'Bot' or not but I doubt it. The messages are nice and friendly and I can see someone walking around with the store tag on so I know who to poke. They've been extremely helpful when I've needed them to find a friend an outfit from nearly a year ago or some other tricky knowledgeable sort of thing so 'helpful' is the most important as has been mentioned several times. Certainly don't need more robo-welcomes to brighten my SL day... Good luck deciding!
  10. I still snicker that's it's more than twice as much to 'divorce' than to get connected... it would be fun to find an SL lawyer to make them pay their fair share of the L$25 (probably all of it), but obviously a colossal waste of time and L$. Anywhooo, leaving his things out on the lawn in a sandbox might also be worthwhile... and therapeutic... until they get auto-returned I suppose... SL divorce gets more complicated the more you think about it... Good Luck!
  11. Put my vote down in the "SL is not a game" column... certainly not in the traditional sense or as described by the article. That said, SL does 'challenge' me just like the Sudoku puzzles I used to do before bed until I found myself 'playing' SL. My challenge now isn't lining up numbers needlessly as a relaxation trick like with the puzzles, but it's making animations do their thing just right for builders or photographers etc. So my 'challenge' is can I make the little people move just like the big RL people would like. A game of sorts I'll admit, but now I win if someone else is happy with my effort if that makes sense. So to me SL isn't really a game, but for the builders and other folks I work with there are certainly challenges with rewards (good grief, will I convince myself that it's a game?) What keeps me coming back is the fun and pride of finishing something that other 'Real' people enjoy and have their own fun and grins with. Truly the 'Real' people are the most important reason I come back... I remember fooling around with the Sims several years ago and I enjoyed that 'game' and it's challenges for about a week, but the little people weren't 'real' and real people are so much more fun, unpredictable, demanding, understanding, weird, clever, frisky, friendly, mean, load, shy, annoying, wonderful and everything in between and beyond. SL, to me, is no more a game than RL which seems to be several other folk's thought so far.
  12. Willow Danube wrote: If my Master wannabe ex-bf was as weak as you... I would have stayed with him....:matte-motes-bored: I read Willow's reply once... twice.. and then again slooowwwlyyy... and it got more satirically cleverly enlighteningly grinningly funny each time… thanks for the snickers
  13. Oh Hunter you are sooooo teasing me with that absolutely wonderful strategy of "shape tweaks" for "various clothing"... Where do I vote for that concept for the someday to be released RL 2.0. Imagine being able to "simply go into appearance>>Make Outfit" and your clothing closet drama would be a thing of the past... Shape Tweaks for RL 2.0... outfits that forever fit for sure... oh please... pretty please... Sorry, this thread clearly distracted me in too many ways... Thanks for the smiles... and hope... and wishes.
  14. This topic made me think of a reasonably helpful sounding way to point out someone's really out of whack avatar proportions if they suffer from animation float or sinkitis. Your advice could start with "Hey, I noticed you looked a wee bit out of place with that animation" (assuming that's true of course). Occasionally I get poked by someone who says they float or sink strangely with some of my animations and 98.6% of the time it comes down to the proportion problems David so eloquently described. So the next time someone isn't quite lined up for their frisky activities or they're always positioned a little funny on furniture you can take the opportunity to sound concerned about their 'SL Experience' rather than their odd choice of dimensions (sneaky, but you get at the same problem). By the time they get their proportions improved the animation positioning benefits as well. All bets are off with animations if you just have to be a giant or a child (Z Modifier in Phoenix is the best treatment in that case) but torso/legs is where lots of positioning trouble starts. So now, in some cases, there's no need to offend the weirdly proportioned... you can simply blame the silly animators out there and inform the offender that to make marginal animations work better there are a couple numbers they can change on their shape and whaaalaaa two problems solved, no feelings hurt!
  15. That does clear it up, you certainly do need a clever animator! By the looks of it the creator put some thought into the arm and leg positioning to make it all look good and work right for the creature. I don't personally have any experience with animals other than walking tall beasts who are just big men with scary horns and fur so I wouldn't be best to help you with something walking on all fours. My best suggestion would be to contact the current AO's animation creator (IM me if you don't know how to do that) and simply talk to them a bit about what you're thinking. Many of my best and most appreciated animations have come from folks doing just that. Someone will say "I'd like a stronger dose of this" or "a little less of that" and I'll figure out what to charge them based on whether it's a one-off unique creation or, as is more often the case, something I can work into an AO or HUD for sale to everyone which makes the project more affordable for them. Fingers crossed... I know there are talented animal animators out there so hopefully they'll see this or you'll have luck making contact with the current AO creator.
  16. Sounds like if the Linden's are paying attention there's an occasionally recurring theme that if someone gave you a few L$'s early on then you got hooked and dropped a credit card... maybe a small group of wandering generous benefactors at Welcome Islands would be a huge return on investment in the long run? It's friendly and engaging... not simply here's L$199 for signing up go forth and enjoy... just thinking... always thinking. I daydream about silly stuff wayyyy too much... But if they use that idea I'd appreciate a commission... Torley, make sure my name's next to that subversive hook'em early idea! Whhhaaaachaaaaa
  17. A quicky question to help us animators out here know what to suggest is are you 'animating' a pile of prims made into a beasty or an actual Avatar? I'm asking since you said "Even though it's not my avatar..." which made me wonder if it even was an Avatar at all... You mention LARGE & average avatars at the beginning but that 'not my avatar' comment threw me off a bit and there are completely different skills and approaches between the two. Help us help you by clearing up whether it's a login and walk around controllable Avatar or a prim monster that sits all by itself and does its monster thing? Fingers crossed for you!
  18. Carrying a sign... brilliant... why didn't I just think of carrying a sign......signs...I'm going to be rich :smileyvery-happy:
  19. Camping? Money Tree? Survey Reward? Work of some valuable sort? Ever popular Sugar Daddy? Wisely just bought them? A funny chit-chat with a friend about our first L$ got this thought started after I gave someone a few following a sadly pathetic plea for alms for the needy was thrown out in a group. I empathetically gave in and the panhandler was finally able to get that L$39 thing-a-majig they’d so passionately desired. I took the “don’t feed the animals” beatings which eventually turned into good natured laughs so I figured I’d ask others how they joined the ‘economy’ in case there were more laughs or profound wisdom to be had out there in the wild.
  20. Thankfully my experience hasn't approached Darius’s level of frustration either and I won't repeat everything that's been said by Claireschen, Steph , Leliel & Dilbert but I agree with them wholeheartedly. I will admit that SL behaves in all sorts of ways depending on what you’re playing with. I have a sad old laptop that SL acts atrociously on… if that was my only experience then I’d have left years ago. We recently had the addition of a wonderful new computer in our home that I put up a post about because it completely opened my eyes to a beautiful SL that I hadn't seen before. That new computer nearly rid me of almost every sort of ‘Lag’ like Steph mentioned (I know it’s complicated, but apparently my computer was 98.6% of my ‘Lag’)… I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. I’ve gone back and forth from the old to the new a couple times just to pinch myself into believing the difference and it’s really there. I don’t think our computer is anything really special, but it’s not the one from 2003 that I’d used until a few weeks ago. As for ‘buggy’ I can remember back to when I couldn’t be sure if I would be able to get on for days at a time (~2008ish)… now if I get popped out once a month I’m surprised (Phoenix viewer perhaps?). Unfortunately there are plenty of folks having unreliable experiences, including one of my best builder friends, but he was fine for a couple years until he went to a new college and his ‘wireless’ there appears to be the problem. At his family's home he’s fine just like me, at school he’s lucky to stay on long enough for us to finish anything together. I can’t imagine that’s SL’s fault, but I can’t deny it ruins the experience for some folks. As for the rest of SL experience, I’m very happy with the people I know and have fun with. The ‘community’ is as enjoyable as ever for me so fingers crossed for Darius.
  21. I cut and pasted some of the Magic Box advice from that other forum if they're not letting anyone in anymore... Re: Magic Box Tips & Tricks? Darrius Gothly Honored Resident Reply to Lanas Criss - view message @Lanas - I'll do my best to answer, but I think you're right to place it here. It is a "Merchant Only" topic (going by the old rules) and even if not everyone that is a Merchant can access this Forum (odd but we've never been told the answer to that question), you can at least echo it out as needed to others. Lanas Criss wrote: #1 One thread suggested placing multiple Magic Boxes out and about but I couldn't be certain that the intent was to have the exact same content in each. Should you have multiple boxes in multiple places with the same items? The purpose behind multiple Magic Boxes is to provide duplicate delivery points for each item you sell. The easiest way to arrive at that is to exactly duplicate each Magic Box then place those duplicated boxes in different Sims. So yes, you would put exactly the same products in each duplicated box. Note that this does NOT mean to put everything you sell into one box then copy that .. as I explain below. Lanas Criss wrote: #2 Can/Should multiple boxes be placed in the same shop/sim? Yes you can. Generally you don't need to but .. it doesn't hurt (unless you are in an already laggy or script-overloaded Sim). Usually just one of each Magic Box per Sim is sufficient. Lanas Criss wrote: #3 Should boxes be placed in a particular type or version of sim? Occasionally I land somewhere that says this region is running some other version and whatnot so that made me wonder whether boxes fair better in certain sims (residential quite land, busy mall, mainland, etc) The "regular" or any of the RC Candidate Sim versions is just fine. The only thing to pay attention to really is the Lag present in the Sim. If you have trouble walking around, chances are good your Magic Boxes won't deliver reliably. There are other more "techie" factors to consider, but generally if you feel comfortable being there and don't find yourself rubber banding or screaming "Rez dangit!" then it should be okay. Lanas Criss wrote: #4 Is there a particularly happy or dangerous number of items to have in one box (10, 20, 100)? The "recommended" upper limit is around 100 items. Some put more with no trouble, others find lower numbers work better. Being one that likes lots of "wiggle room" when it comes to techie things, I like to keep mine at no more than 50 items. One other bit of advice on this is in regards the TYPE of items you put in each box. If you have some items that deliver at a very high rate (popular freebies, high-rate sellers, etc.) then you should try and put those in a Magic Box with very few other items. If you have items that tend to sell in groups (for example, people always buy items B, C and D when they buy item A) then you should split those up across different Magic Boxes. That way you don't have everything coming from only one Magic Box; instead they'll come from different boxes and will tend to deliver more reliably. Lanas Criss wrote: #5 Other than pressing the 'sync' button in the Marketplace after you add things to your box/es are there some other tricks or habits that are helpful? Another thread hinted at removing bad links to boxes in the Magic Box status section which made me think of this question. BE PATIENT! I know that sounds common sense but .. it's important. When you add items to a Magic Box, wait for it to complete its entire color cycle .. then wait a bit more. THEN go to Marketplace and hit the Sync button. THEN wait some more. There are a lot of interconnected parts involved in that process and depending on the time of day and system load, it can take quite a while for them to all get on the same page. If you rush things or start mashing buttons, you increase your chances that one of those parts will get "lost" in the communication chain and then ... well .. it can get ugly. When it comes to trouble-shooting a grumpy Magic Box, the best approach I've found is to just drop out a brand new box, put the full set of items inside and do the "wait .. sync .. wait .. refresh" dance. Once you're sure the new box is being "seen" and things are looking okay again, you can pick up the old box and do the dance again. If it STILL won't sync, you have two options: Assume there's something wrong with your end of things, so try the usual clear cache, log out, log in .. start over routine. If that doesn't work, ask your Sim Manager for a restart then while it's happening, you also do the clear/log routine too. Sometimes just waiting 6-8 hours can help a lot too. There are times of the day and of the week when the system load just makes everything iffy at best. Meh .. fact of (Second) Life. PS: Crossing your fingers sometimes works too. 8^) Neat Stuff That Works! + In-World + Marketplace + SEO Tools + Teleporters + Blog
  22. You know… as soon as I left for work after posting I began to think to myself that your concern was far trickier than just doing gymnastics with a sheet from Marketplace (it’s only half the battle more or less—In-World sales etc etc, of course, what was I thinking… more like hoping). I’m not even going to begin jumping in on this one again, my head hurt just thinking about it on the way home tonight before I’d even peeked at the rest of the posts here. You are absolutely right! “LL: Stop crapping up the data” I’ll simply surrender now before I completely lose my peace of mind… I never knew how good it was, so I’ll accept how bad it is and gladly join your rant of desperation for hope and change! Where’s the petition? Sign me up. Always just hoping to help… Lanas
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