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  1. Never fear Sonja! I'm baking you a fantastic Sugar Daddy from scratch (although it's probably much easier to simply buy them like Mr Nightfire... Brilliant move Drake). If I can reach this strainer here I'll be able to drain off most of the Jack-***ery typically associated with those fellows and you should really enjoy your Daddy then (I'll take care not to wash away the sugary sweetness). Please forgive me if I sneak a taste of your treat... They're certainly not my favorite, but occasionally they can be oh soooo mmm mmm good.... but don't tell anyone I shared that with you. Enjoy Yourself and your tasty treat! Lanas:smileyvery-happy:
  2. Did someone say 'Silly Pic'? Haven't been caught with my thumb in my mouth for a few years, but I still do fold up all funny some nights making for some awkward awakenings... My Avi isn't quite as self conscious so I'm sure this picture won't embarrass her. Enjoy yourselves! Lanas :smileywink:
  3. Place your feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees, keep your back straight, then PUSH with all your might!!! (try not to look too constipated) You may need a few friends to help if the builds are large, heavy, or shaped oddly. I'll be glad to pitch in and help lift if you think it would help. Seriously, good luck and I hope you get some actually useful advice for your frustrating problem. Enjoy the struggle for solutions! Lanas:smileywink:
  4. I've squeezed my creative lemons into tasty lemonade by making animations to fill any of the wishes and desires I hadn't run across searching on my own in SL. It's relaxing for some reason I haven't figured out yet but it only matters that it is. Enjoy yourselves out there in the creative SL world! Lanas :smileywink:
  5. Заберите меня товарищ! Выбери меня! Dante, I just had to pull my Snow Maiden outfit out of the closet for this one... and I can only hope the translation is somewhere close to what I'd humorously meant. I wish you the best of luck with your search for a wonderful playful woman. Enjoy Yourself! :smileywink: Lanas
  6. Qavimator and I have had a wonderful relationship and it has treated me well over the years. I'm not familiar with anything else so I can't compare, but I can assure you that if you "don't want to become a pro or spend a lot of money" Qavimator could do the trick quite nicely. I'll be honest, figuring it out was not easy to begin with but that's mostly because of several silly gotchas that once I finally trudged through the tutorials everything became clear and workable. Never fear... Qavimator is here... Enjoy your attempts at satisfying animation! Lanas
  7. So masturbation also qualifies as cheating? @Everyone-- Oh ohhh... I so tried to control myself and not jump on this, especially since Dana already covered it satisfactorily... but I'll throw in another vote for "Good and beneficial" whether all on your lonely or with your special friend... I'll simply stop there, but I soooo wish I had the gumption to add a Picture Pose to this post! I'd probably end up with the AR that Dana is worried about if I 'pictured' this though... ohhhh ohhhh it hurts. @Syo-- I so agree with all the points you're making, my simple "Yes" was answering Dylon's first simple question, beyond that things got complicated... annnyywhoooo... I'm lazy when it comes to debating so I often just fall into 'simple' and leave the deep thoughts to the Dylons of the world. If I'm lucky I can just let brilliant and clever folks like Ms Tamara make good points and then I can stick to pictures ( HEEELllllllooooo Tamara ) @Jacki-- "Enjoy the Ride" made me snicker, and of course, it's like duh... how many distracting doodads must one pay attention too before they realize there's a wonderful wave to jump into that they likely just missed because they were looking at 'crosshairs'? Another great thread might be "Is looking at crosshairs in SL while you're pixel poking the same as texting in RL while you're shagging?" (I've been at this SL monkeybusiness for a while and I actually have no idea what/where those 'crosshairs' are... sorry sorry, please don't anyone derail this thread trying to tell me how to turn them on... but it sounds voyeuristic enough perhaps a quickie IM with the tricks... he ehhe ohhhhh) The true fun for me is making the pictures... and this was fun... time to get back to enjoying myself (all by myself until later tonight... and no it's not cheating... Practice makes Perfect) Lanas 
  8. A rhetorical question perhaps? It’s always fun and tricky to think deep… Enjoy the subtle challenges of your ponderings! Lanas P.S. If you're still having trouble picking whether it's 'cheating' or not, I'd go with Dana's particularly practical answer... "Yes it's cheating".
  9. Send your physicist friends my way... I've had no trouble finding them, I simply can't seem to keep them from slipping through my fingers. I'll be glad to share them because I agree they would make beautiful presents, but you can see my problem. Perhaps a ginormous net... think Lanas... think! Enjoy your Holidays and this Season of Giving Lanas
  10. I've been looking for all the little people but there aren't any down here. I'll ask them how it's going as soon as I find them... (Sorry everyone... I was looking for a Picture Pose theme and this was too easy. I'm done with my turn on night shifts and finished with my SL 'work' that buried me the last few weeks so I'm free to play. Hopefully there will be plenty of inspiration this week) Enjoy getting to know all the little ones running out and about! Lanas
  11. A very Happy RezDay to you! I finally escaped my turn on night shifts so I can focus on some Picture Pose fun again and this was a wonderful way to settle back in. Enjoy the next 3! Lanas
  12. I believe Vampires are extremely magnanimous which means you have a fantastic chance of building a beautiful relationship with 1, 3, or 5 of them at a time!... No wait, magnomonomous means even numbers, but only when referring to Werewolves, so I think I'm still right about your Vampire chances... no no, I'm sorry you must have meant polygamonopotomous, right?... Good grief, but you don't live in Utah... actually since you were worried about "spiritual and emotional bonding" you must have meant monotheisomy, in which case I'd have to say good luck in these decadent days... You know me though, I'm and eternal optimist and I'm so hoping you find your Five Vanpanimous Friends and have all sorts of fun! Enjoy your voracious vocabulary verbiage Lanas 
  13. I've always been frustrated by poseballs as well which is one of the reasons I learned everything I could about animations. For most of the projects I help with and everything that I make for my personal shop I simply use HUDs or scripts like Ceera was hinting at. For furniture and such there are fantastic scripts that let someone just sit on the couch or whatever and then menus let them pick positions. For AO's and ground sits I just make the anims and let people pick from a HUD menu, no poseballs necessary. The trick with that is that you have to be careful making the animation because there's no poseball to adjust the position... tall people may float above the ground, while short people may sink into it. Poseballs help sort that drama out. Ceera was also right that if you're trying to bring two (or more... but shame on you) people together then poseballs are the easiest to position them with, although the scripts I use for furniture can do the same thing with a few more clicks. To really be helpful we'd need to know what you're interested in. Sitting? Picture posing? Kissing? etc etc. Simply filling your AO with what you're interested in and using the 'sit anywhere' may be all you need, can't really guess. You can just poke me with a PM to get down into the details if you're trying something in particular... if you just want to whine about silly looking poseballs then I'm right there with you and I'll be glad to whimper and wail together. Enjoy your learning in the forums Lanas
  14. Been on a loooong work trip with no time for fun Picture Poses, but fortunately I had this picture taken for a postcard sitting around just waiting for this thread. We're a couple of Friends in France... if I remember right we were hit by a bus shortly after this was snapped... don't pose in the street for photos if you have plenty of other fantastic options... I'm sure I was saying we should be over at the cafe, but nooooo, then you wouldn't see the flags... blah blah blah... heh hee... the memories. Enjoy your friends and travels! Lanas 
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