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  1. Is this the error you are seeing? "Log in failed. Second life cannot be accessed from this computer. If you feel this is an error please contact support@secondlife.com" This error means that the computer has been hardware banned for some reason. Older versions of Imprudence used a different hashing method which allow a banned machine to get in when it was banned while using any other viewer. (This is only true for old versions of that viewer. I believe Impurdance 1.4 is now using the typical hashing menthod.)
  2. My stats for the whole Firestorm user base for december has the NVIDIA GeForce 410M at about 2.4x the FPS of the the 6630M, but the 6630M only had a handful on it durning that month verses the several hundred running a 410M so this isnt a totally acurate comparasion. Generally NVidia's are better for SL, and I'd had a lot of trouble with mobile ATI's in the past due to the poor driver support for the mobile chips. :matte-motes-frown:
  3. That's some what relieving to hear, many of us were wondering if something very disconcerting was going to befall to the inventory UI. D:
  4. Not a fan of it so far, but its better than other recent UI changes at least. It does make me wonder where this is going. I don't believe LL would keep and support two very different inventory UI's, especially after merging basic and normal modes. I'm a bit worried that SINV, or something like it, will become the only supported inventory view in the future.
  5. The problem with viewer2/3 is that is pushes the bounds of many consumer networking equipment and ISPs were they are designed for around about 100~ active open connections, meanwhile the viewer is trying to maintain roughly 200 to 300 simultaneously as it loads rezs (like after login), with many of opening and closing them in quick succession. For comparison, viewer 1.5 tends hover around 30 simultaneous active while rezing.
  6. Welcome to the party, I've been seeing that since 2.5. Have a look as this jira, your issue sounds like http/caps problems: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25426
  7. The blog is a bit misleading. Unless something was changed recently, you have to be a private region owner to use this, and not all "land owners" are region owners and not all region owners are private region owners. Mainland and linden home owner's cannot use the new shinny >_<
  8. The L$1000 bonus was discontinued a while ago. It was at least 6 months ago from what I've been hearing. The L$250 bonus sounds like another that was discontinued as well, as its one I never saw or heard about when I went premium over 2 years ago. I believe accounts are frozen at midnight the day the account has insufficient funds when any automatic billing occurs.
  9. It would indeed be ideal if the image upload form was on the avatar select page instead of on a completely section of the site. None obvious functionality is none obvious.
  10. Why are line breaks removed from posts? I'm use the "Rich Text" option atm and it remove all my line breaks.
  11. @Lexie, nope, same thing. @Torley, As a jira? Could I get the link to it if so? I was going to file one but there's no component for the community.secondlife.com yet, and RL distracted me x3
  12. @Torley, Firefox 3.6.13 and no, I can't get the form to appear at all, Image Options doesn't have an action. It seems likely its being caused by the lithium.com XSS requirement of the new community site.
  13. Vogt, seems to be a few things wrong with the new platform, like image upload missing a few things... http://i843.photobucket.com/albums/zz358/KadahCoba/imguploadbroken.png
  14. Ditto. My billing error ticket from July is still new.
  15. Kadah: Torley's blog "I'd still like to hear about "help breakers" that are flat-out wrong or confusing on our official secondlife.com properties and in the Viewer." Like when we file tickets and they remain untouched for months and counting? Tank: no, thats "intended behavior" Kadah: oic
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