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  1. Number 1 is falling in to lawyers territory so do not expect much. SL Premium isn't purely for only Linden Homes, those are just one of the land types it allows for. Though the current why to get them could be improved. Pretty sure sploders (if they are what I remember from forever ago) are likely running afoul of a number of existing and older gambling type regulations in a lot of jurisdictions. 7Seas would be a micro-transaction game mechanic instead of loot box. Would be affected by different, but similar laws against predatory monetization schemes. Predatory loot boxes from triple A and mobile game studios are the issue. The problem is the regulatory net needed to effectively capture them needs to be wide since the studios behind predatory loot boxes will just slightly tweak the mechanics, or simply just the vocabulary, as to get it reclassified to something similar that may still be allowed. We are talking about studios who, if they could get away with it (and I wouldn't be surprised if they are already doing this...), would make the drop chances "personalized" per-user via an analysis of their activity on social and other medias.
  2. If your database and backend can't handle a semicolon in a data field, there's already something wrong. lol
  3. Exact same design but Modern Flat and in generic Modern UI ""dark"" Blue #1 instead of trademarked Linden Green. Ok then. I do appreciate, that other than the color, its pretty much the same general logo as the original classic logo (not whatever that weird 2010's App Store stylized encircled thing was). Given the trend of corporate logo redesigns when moving to the offensively-inaccessibility of modern UI designs, I was fully expecting the new SL logo to be completely different by being a generic, meaningless, and "inoffensive", arrangement of basic shapes in two colors, where one of those colors is transparent the other is so neutral that it compatible (ie. barely works) on either dark theme light dark-gray or light theme dark light-gray backgrounds. Nothing like ruining your brand recognition by making your long standing logo something existing customers can't identify and new or non-customers still can't care about. lol I'm mostly relieved they settled on "fine, lets just make it blue then."
  4. Hmmm, likely safe to bet about 2-15% of that 90k are still active accounts. If I assume 20% active, that's max <3% affected. That's slightly higher than I would have guessed.
  5. If its increased script mem limits or adding something useful to experiences, I'm on board for that.
  6. The downside to that would be not getting the first year for $27 less per account.
  7. LL is also based in California. You can assume everything in this state costs between 30-200000% more than it would in any other place, outside of Manhattan and Hawaii. Projects to fix the various problems with groups have been going longer than Grumpity has been a Linden. I think we're past the point where we just make a new group system from scratch and migrate over.
  8. If you would otherwise buy the >$60 worth of L$ per year, then it starts being cheaper to have more than one premium account. The way the land tier prices scale as they increase makes it hard to beat just going up a tier verse getting another premium sub with an additional lower tier level. When the L$ stipend factors in, and only when you would buy L$ regardless, then the numbers shift towards something more complex.
  9. How is that even possible? I thought region ownership also required premium. Offline group notices fail 50-95% of the time going back at least over 2.5 years. The causes for these issues and others with groups is often very hard to determine and solutions may not even be possible without complete replacements. Any project to fix the group problems is going to be a very long undertaking and massive scope. Mainland or private region? The previous discounts were only for mainland.
  10. Let me buy-down and I will use the unpoisoned and not-on-fire pitchfork instead. :V Should have lead with that in the original post. I know what I say has little weight with other residents, but I will still add that the group backend is really taxed. Many-to-many instant message chat on the scale SL does is not an easy feat, and it's only something recent new chat platforms have managed to overcome with the power of massive distributed computing. (On that note, SL should add Discord support :V) Maybe the new Basic group limit should have applied to new residents. Or maybe at least promise that when the group backend gets its long past-due overhaul, Basic will get its 42 back.
  11. The transition fee increase should have been a separate thing done at least 6 months away from the other changes. These type of fee increases within the industry have been happening for years due to the added regulations. I'm surprised LL didn't do them earlier, but I''m guessing they waited to do one single increase rather than several smaller ones. Had they done it separately, they could have passed the blame off on regulatory compliance and increased payment processor costs. By combining it with the premium increase with its tiny crab apple treat than only a few of us horses will even get, plus also saying the ponies will get fewer carrots, it was more of an insult to all. Sorry for the equine analogies. I'm tired and was saw a lot of horses at the park this evening after work. x3
  12. You're right. I thought my sheet had accounted for L$ but it didn't. I had forgotten I had left that out as I haven't bought L$ in many years due to the small amount of rent income I get doing that for me. I updated my workbook to account for the stipend and the new and old premium pricing. I converted the stipend to an even $60/yr value as that is about where L$15600 (300/7*365) comes to without fees. Above assumes you would otherwise buy the L$. This one does not and would be annual price paid.
  13. Totally. Any premium user who owns less than a full private region is getting screwed by this. The only defend-able point about the premium increase is its the first one in a very long time and less than inflation. Combined with the changes to Basic and the translation fee changes, this whole thing is coming off as more of an insult to residents. I'm in the small class of residents that will get any benefit from this and its a >7% savings. Its a nice gesture, but not really going to change much. I guess I can treat myself to Wendy's twice a month now.
  14. This only correct for grandfathered pricing or buy-down regions. Most (like me) will be $249 down to $229. If you own one region and renew premium annually, you only save $17.75/m. Coming from $255/m, that's not really much savings.
  15. Was that the old larger stipends or the 300L one? I did all my calculations last year with the 300L since that it what I am able to get.
  16. I thought it was 2008 initially as that was what the wiki history turned, but dug further as I couldn't trust that result as the wiki was started in 2008. Anything before the end of 2008 is before my time. I don't doubt it, Invision is only a little better than Lithium garbage.
  17. This. The annual increase (there is no reason not to do it annually) is only $2.25/m. Generally, the only reason now to get premium is for owning land directly and an extra $2.25 is not a huge difference. It is cheaper to get additional tier on a single premium account than to have multiple premium accounts. Before this raise, there was only a few edge cases where specific total tier was cheaper and only slightly.
  18. I own a region, so I'm going to see a $17.75 savings, but that's off $255/m, so basically a token gesture. Residents that own many regions will benefit a lot more and the premium increase will be unnoticeable for them.
  19. In all but some very iffy and narrow edge cases, its always cheaper to increase your tier than to premium up an alt. This increase only makes this slightly more true. Single private region holders will see a $17.75 savings off $255/m. It is literally not much more than a token gesture, but I'll take it. This will help pay for the slight increases in mainland holding I did for frientals and I won't need to sell off any old mainland for now.
  20. Was originally 10 groups. Nov 10, 2004 it was raised to 15. http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/32/40/26961/1.html 2006 it was raised to 25. 2011 it was pushed to 42. If I remember right, there was a technical limitation preventing it from being higher than 25 before this and Oskar or Andrew made it 42 as a reference to HHGTTG. 2015 was when the 60 bonus was added to premium.
  21. Its not land owners in general, its just private full region owners. Mainland only land owners are getting the same bupkis you are.
  22. Michael should have been canned years sooner, one of the worst things even to SL. Complete feature stagnation and many dumb mistakes like paying a design firm, who had never touched SL before, to design the Viewer 2.0 UI. It took years to begin to recover.
  23. Offline IMs and group notices to email are not capped, but are subject to the same unreliability. Lawyers usually prevent such things and why we get "may be subject to" instead.
  24. From what I remember, the plan with bring back last names was to allow for paid changed. Given how long it has been without any news on it, I think there have been further complications to bring them back. I think we can all agree that this is Michael's fault. I think that was more of a "we are not an accredited tax advisory, we cannot speak authoritatively on VAT for your specific situation".
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