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  1. In RL, it doesn't cost money for the space you occupy to exist*. That is a general property of RL that SL doesn't have. *This may not be true, but we lack the ability to observer the universes which ours may be a simulation within.
  2. I've been well in to electro-sporking territory for a while.
  3. Its a coping mechanism. Caffeine and hard drugs aren't enough on their own.
  4. If this is what they call trolling nowadays, I am disappointed.
  5. On a more serious note, I'm a viewer dev of almost 10 years. My current rate is $500/hour, but if you ideas are impractical or infeasible, you'll still have to pay. My resume includes the reasons why some of your ideas would be implicitly against current TPV polices rather than just implied, being the official source for how non-web profiles work, [redacted due to NDA], and more.
  6. This. Since Lindens use the service too, one of them will eventually be trying to login too, hit the same issue and call up night shift to check on it.
  7. I was just able to get back on now.
  8. Can't login either. Login servers don't seem to be responding properly. Its after 6pm PST on a Sunday, unlikely anyone actually in the office to notice things are working to update the grid status.
  9. Zindra tends to be the mainland that typically has a lot of issues. Seems like most sims there are usually TD'd and issues with neighbors appear common. Meanwhile on the mainland I've had for like a decade, I've basically never had an issue outside of an invisible region sized mega prim once a long time ago.
  10. LL lowered mainland pricing and support got flooded with inquiries about abandoned land. Still crazy am I?
  11. Overdue but certainly welcome. Hopefully something similar comes to private sims eventually. :3
  12. If land was cheaper, they'd sell more land. At a minimum, making the non-adult mainland tiers either cheaper or each tier having more sqm would go a long way in doing something with all that abundant abandoned land everywhere. If full private regions were cheaper, I'd consider getting another or two as many more options start to become more viable.
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