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  1. Im very surprised that the price for already paying members is 39.99! It would've been better to make last names available for everyone, with a price in this case. Basic members paying the 39.99 fee and premium members getting it at a discount (lets say half of that). This works both ways. But, well I have mine and if I didn't, I wouldve use the 39.99 on Lindens instead.
  2. Thanks for responding! So the lashes UV is that "comb" looking thing on the top right corner of the SL Robin UV map? How about the lips? Genus and Catwa heads have HD lips now. In my head kit there are some UVs for HD lipsticks (https://prnt.sc/q7kxme) Whats the difference (in the process of making them) from regular lipstick to HD lipstick and how I can use that HD UV map to make my lipsticks HD? Noticed the UV is WAY bigger than the regular one (https://prnt.sc/q7kyz3) (https://prnt.sc/q7kz5n) I really hate how sometimes when i draw very small details it looks smeared
  3. Hi everyone! I have a few questions about texturing in SL, For now is about avatars. Decided to customize my avatar with my own textures (makeup, skin details, etc). Currently, I have a Genus Head/Legacy body combo. I have found templates and developers kit for my heads and bodies. However... Where do I get a lashes template? or, How that works? I see that I can add an applier texture for my lashes but I have not seen or figured out how the lashes texture is supposed to be laid out using a UV map. Also, Are most skins and most lipsticks etc in SL a photoshop manipulated image? how ar
  4. Hi everyone! I want to thank everyone who has voiced out their opinions about the changes. Im happy to say that our opinions have not gone unheard. Thank you for being respectful and being part of the change. Have a great day everyone!
  5. I have premium, I dont really use all of my slots and Im a massive shopper. But I also have basic accounts, with lots of paid group stores and the ones I delete and rejoin because those are free groups. Again, that's not really a plan, is not fixing the issue I mentioned before, that's a decision they made and it doesn't look like they even thought about paid groups.
  6. I also thought of a system of suscribe-o matic that could replace paid groups and everything is kept in a database. Some sort of caspervend system aimed to replace groups. I would love for the residents to not get their fun/money manipulated by groups and the decisions the big guys make over them. If they fail to see the issue here pretty sure they don't use SL even half of what the rest of us do.
  7. I know that. But again, that's not a plan. The question is to "try" make them understand that issue and think of a solution for that.
  8. Then, what's the plan with people with that current amount of groups, paid groups?? What will happen to people who already have 42 groups and only a couple of free groups to join and rejoin??? If Lowering the groups is IMMENSELY necessary then what's the alternative? Taking away from the advantage of 42 groups hurts and doesn't help. SL is supposed to be platform that encourages creativity and social interactions between people. Groups, are a HUGE part of what SL is. You can think of groups as the FB/Insta of SL. It united people with the same wants. In my opinion, the people who sit a
  9. Yes, increasing the process fee will make the creators increase the price of their items, making us buy more lindens etc etc. Its a whole chain of events just for an extra 2.5%.
  10. Agreeing with Nextio and also adding that a lot of basic members do things in SL , for example DJing, promoting stores, blogging and the list goes on. Some just live on pure social lives belonging to multiple social and gaming groups. I mean, having 32 groups would've been nice if it was the only thing everyone knew but giving people 42 to then take it away is a crappy thing to do. If you are not going to make it better then leave it as it is.
  11. Yes, of course there are upkeep costs, but, SL has not changed much in terms of what they are giving -besides an active virtual platform- Some things are still very basic to what it could be. But I think the better strategy is to keep people interested not constrained. There are doing something "great". They are controlling simple things like the amounts of groups you can have just to get you tired of the inconvenience and buy up a membership. As a premium user I feel as if they don't want to give middle ground for memberships (if it becomes either one or the other). If it was me, I
  12. I agree with this comment. I have multiple accounts, some are premium some are not. My premiums receive about 300L weekly, which all of their upgrades and change in currency shouldve been increased as well. I also think that basic accounts should've stayed the same and the premium ones boosted. There is no need to take from basic members what they already have. However, I do appreciate the premiums upgrade and even as a premium now I have maxed groups and need more (Lol).
  13. Does it makes sense to you? Do you think is fair? What will you do with the groups you paid for to join? How about those extra groups you delete to add a temporary group that you need to join? Do we know whats the advantage of this for us, the users? With these new changes, the 300L that we get as premium will it increase as well? I think is good that we let them know how we feel about this. Be respectful please. Refer to this post:
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