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  1. Grateful that a trojan my BF unknowingly sent me didn't trigger
  2. annoyance [random-number-here]: going to any place and hear constant phallic/sex jokes, references, and more.
  3. This account is technically an alt, my first ever account is grandfathered into the 50L non-premium stipend, he's there to test land security, a camera when I do videos, weapons testing, or a second body I control for whatever.
  4. two peeves: 1. people who randomly start talking over you mid sentence, you point it out and they apologise then do it 12 seconds later. 2. being the responding staff member to an incident, submitting evidence and chat logs to staff chat (discord room), then hours later other staff acting like the hours old incident wasn't responded to (because they prioritize IM's and 3AM discord calls over looking at staff chat) and the third and final staff member (the owner) wanting to whine and complain way after it's been resolved and proceeds to curse me out after i've done 95% of the work.
  5. Ditto with caspersafe, I can make custom areas for it to look at (it has an interactive zone maker) and has some nifty things like web based logs of who's been at your place, how long were they there for, and were they ejected? Bellisseria compliant as well if setup correctly
  6. the little hangout at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brodovima/118/66/41 im hoping if it's at all possible to have a vehicle rez spot on or near that area? arriving in style's fun but leaving's another issue
  7. they'll be available when they're available until then only the old ones show up. CS told me as much
  8. I am able to log back in, seems to have been a hiccup
  9. Having this issue on my main (me) and my alt, my bot however remains unaffected and he's been relogged to test it.
  10. I happen to have a SS Waffen that I wear while doing military stuff in SL, even had a swastika-esque arm band with a paw print instead, someone flipped their lid in a sandbox one day, swearing up and down that I was being an offense little poop (polite version) and more colorful things, apparently I was AR'ed and someone responded, they looked over my outfit, and left without saying or doing anything. Lesson: if you get offended by an already censored outfit, you have issues, just de-render the person and leave them alone.
  11. out of curiosity, what catalyst package do you have installed?
  12. Know what's funny? I did use someone elses identification in SL's infancy to sign up, I did ask this person and they agree'd to let me use their info, only because way back then, you had to use a cellphone to sign up, and our carrier wasn't supported. If someone would let you use their id to sign up, I see no problem at all. Not sure thats what's going on here, but lets not turn this thread into "LOL IDENTIFY THEFT!!!!!" in a nutshell: It was their account, then it got compromised, and they can't verify ownership through normal means, is there anything at all they can do to get it back
  13. from what im told, they used someone's license to register, and LL didn't accept the email address as proof.
  14. One of my friends accounts got hacked, they got LL to lock it but couldn't verify that they are the owner of it.... so what options do they have?
  15. My oh My, the over inflated ego of the OP, jesus H christ. All I got from this was "I know computers better than you, therefore you suck" Old or not, the internet never forgets Anyways, there is in no way in hell that the phoenix viewer would ever screw with the bios, period, at all. the only thing the bios does is check your hardware then tests too see if it can boot, then it passes that along too the OS, unless you were updating it with some infected file as a bios update, nothing can really screw with it (software wise at least) Just to take a piss at something I guess.
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