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  1. In RL, it doesn't cost money for the space you occupy to exist*. That is a general property of RL that SL doesn't have. *This may not be true, but we lack the ability to observer the universes which ours may be a simulation within.
  2. I've been well in to electro-sporking territory for a while.
  3. Its a coping mechanism. Caffeine and hard drugs aren't enough on their own.
  4. If this is what they call trolling nowadays, I am disappointed.
  5. On a more serious note, I'm a viewer dev of almost 10 years. My current rate is $500/hour, but if you ideas are impractical or infeasible, you'll still have to pay. My resume includes the reasons why some of your ideas would be implicitly against current TPV polices rather than just implied, being the official source for how non-web profiles work, [redacted due to NDA], and more.
  6. This. Since Lindens use the service too, one of them will eventually be trying to login too, hit the same issue and call up night shift to check on it.
  7. I was just able to get back on now.
  8. Can't login either. Login servers don't seem to be responding properly. Its after 6pm PST on a Sunday, unlikely anyone actually in the office to notice things are working to update the grid status.
  9. Zindra tends to be the mainland that typically has a lot of issues. Seems like most sims there are usually TD'd and issues with neighbors appear common. Meanwhile on the mainland I've had for like a decade, I've basically never had an issue outside of an invisible region sized mega prim once a long time ago.
  10. LL lowered mainland pricing and support got flooded with inquiries about abandoned land. Still crazy am I?
  11. Overdue but certainly welcome. Hopefully something similar comes to private sims eventually. :3
  12. If land was cheaper, they'd sell more land. At a minimum, making the non-adult mainland tiers either cheaper or each tier having more sqm would go a long way in doing something with all that abundant abandoned land everywhere. If full private regions were cheaper, I'd consider getting another or two as many more options start to become more viable.
  13. At least they figured out early on that the backup wouldn't work versus years from now.
  14. Looking at it again for the first time in a while, I'm not sure if its actually AVsitter, I was going off someone else telling me it was using AVsitter, and going off the accumulative script time we were seeing on other rez'd things that were actually using AVsitter back when we were doing that audit, I was inclined to believe it was. Looks like its using something called "Perfect Sitter". This is the item is question: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Big-Campfire-Style-2/2713204 These are some of the main objects from one copy of it: I retract my rant about AVsitter then, the other objects here that are using it aren't nearly as bad as this other actual POS.
  15. Which is more than could/can be said for the default animate permissions. The worst ones are these sitting circle things (I'll post a marketplace link later when I find it). Its got like a dozen separate places for single people to sit, though it may also have places for more 2 and 3 to get together. If there were an equal number of places to sit that were separate object instead of the single one, there'd be no difference in resource usage other than being harder to track. AVsitter's number of scripts used is quite high, the idle script time when not in use is rather high, multiply it by an order of magnitude by grouping a bunch together and it becomes obvious. One to a few = Nice thing, not a big deal. Dozens = This is why we can't have nice things. I think that is because the intent was single scoped for residents to create Linden Realm type experiences and not everything else that we've done instead.
  16. Regarding AVsitter, I don't know if this is normal for it or just it being horridly misused, but it does use too much resources. The highlighted are AVSitter things. The top one is something I thing someone was using at this time. #2-4 here are always on top and are just some sitting circles with maybe a dozen seperate instances of AVSitter in its prims. #5 is a script monitor board I was working on and still uses too much script time. #8 is me. The lower highlighted are single instanced AVSitter things (there are a lot more than shown). Newer stuff tends to use it and my friend has quite a lot of those newer things rezed. Back to exp. I'm guessing many of the concerns that were brought up before have been worked around now. Yay. Though one issue I see with the single exp key per user is that it could sorta prevent making a traditional experience as LL intended and also selling stuff that uses experiences. Say that I finally deiced to do something with my sim and make "Kadah's super gay yiffy fun time" experience, I couldn't reasonably then go sell something like a region wide TP system or an AVsitter competitor without some potential negative side effects either from the dumb name I chose or people unwantingly getting pulled in to an unpleasant sim experience due to unrelated permission granting. Same would go for selling complete different types of experiences, like a sim TP system and super adult rez-a-home toys. Yes, I could solve that issue by premiuming up an alt and using their key, but then that's a second premium account I've had to maintain and given how many issues I've had over the years just giving LL my money to pay for the one... lol. It would be nice if LL would offer paid extras for exp tools, like additional keys, additional KVS storage, transferring keys to another user, etc. If priced fairly, I wouldn't mind that. But the same goes for tier, if they ever lower that, I would actually consider making a traditional region/multi-region based experience.
  17. It currently does not seem possible to view mature places, or anything other than general. The link it provides for changing it is a dead end since what it says to do has already be set on every account I've tested.
  18. I didn't mean that you couldn't sell them, just that it adds a lot of annoying extra steps and potential downsides for the buyer. I do not like AVsitter, or at least the way it is often implimented. It uses far too many scripts that use a surprising amount of script time. Last time I check, over half the idle script time and memory on my sim was just AVsitter stuff. According to SL previously, experience keys expires when the owner no long has premium. I don't think its been stated what happens to KVS when that happens, but for sure at least access to the data would be lost. I should go back to experimented with KVS again, I had wanted to make an export-import and backup tool for it since LL didn't.
  19. I don't think experiences have caught on cause they are still too limited. Limit one per premium account: prevents you from really making more than one thing properly.. Indented for creator/user of the exp to host it on their land, but land costs way too much for that to be viable. Cannot transfer to another, so not exactly something one can do commission work without many extra complications. Can't really sell anything that uses experiences since: Can't use the buyer's exp key since that would require recompiling scripts The creator would have to maintain premium forever or the experience becomes invalid. KVS is likely the most useful feature here and its extremely limited by the above an more. Still simper to use external DB (hell, I've got pure LSL methods with less limitations). Etc.
  20. At least according to posts in that forum, the plan was supposedly to make it public after it left beta.
  21. The Experience forum doesn't seem to have survived the migration, or at least access to it. It never was made fully public as planned after release. There was much info there and the wiki is lacking. Much of exp tools was lacking... Do we just use the LSL Scripting forum instead now?
  22. Lithium is terrible in general. This is most likely why logins are broken. I can't remember the last time I had to literally write raw HTML just to make a simple and basic message, like this one. Though I do have a hint for how long ago that was, the p tag wasn't around yet or at least not in wide use.
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