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  1. It's getting towards the festive season . . . so you could be a Christmas hampire.
  2. I can't find it on Youtube, but I would have thought Carly Simon's "You're so Vain" would be in the Vampire Top Ten.
  3. But did you know that you can't post to the SL Vampire Facebook page without Facebook demanding your phone number. It's OK though, they promise they won't use the number for anything . . .
  4. I thought that Linden Lab was the pseudonym being used by Viale Linden now he is the Community Manager because it would be awkward to square his promotion of the disnified aspects of SL to the general public with his association with the Adult Continent.
  5. My friend and I used to have competitions to see who could do the dirty with hostesses quickest. They were obviously desperate for money or they would not be doing such a demeaning job so I used to cheat by offering them sums of L$ they could not turn down whereas my friend considered it a failure if he couldn't bed them without bribery.
  6. Or was that "White Chicks for Black . . . " or "Black Chicks for Black . . . I am a member of all of them actually. It's just as well to cover all the bases.
  7. I have not read the whole thread but I think that you might find a satisfactory answer (as I myself have certainly found considerable satisfaction) by joining the inworld group "Black Chicks for White . . . erm . . . Richards"
  8. . . . to start a Vampire Forum when there is a sparsely populated Role Playing subforum already in existence? Or do LL know something about Annie O'Toole that suggests that it isn't just a fantasy?
  9. Don't be so hard on Melanie, she has two whole forum posts to her name so she must be completely au fait with the culture here.
  10. It is fairly apparent that Rod has lost his grip over the forums now Lexie has disappeared and the new Community Manager has declared Unilateral Rule. But does he know what is being done in his name?
  11. I really do not understand what you people are all complaning about since although I did not see the post that got the miscreant permabanned I am sure that it was redolent with hatred for Vampires who are as everyone knows the sweetest beings to be found in Second Life and even more hatred for the misunderstood and hardworking moderation team and its new leader who are taking wonderful new initiatives to engender a little spirit in these dilapidated forums. Bravado I say to the actions of these guardians of moral might! Bravado for executing their duties so fearlessly in removing from these forums someone who might have been considered a noisome plague since she joined, offering unacceptably thoughtful opinions in a manner which the less discriminating might consider "civilised". It's just as well the mods can see through that sort of deceptive sarcasm, isn't it! So let that be a lesson to all you other posters who contribute views that do not conform with the marketing strategy of LL. Your transparent desires for education, information and entertainment, in contravention of the final paragraph of the Community Guidelines, must be constrained, or retribution will be exacted.
  12. Not OVERmoderation but moderation that meant that even if you obeyed the Guidelines ad TOS your posts could still be deleted. Many posters felt that it was a waste of time composing constructive coherent rational or even humorous posts if they were going to get taken down because one person or a mod felt oversensitive that day. Some of us still do.
  13. @Storm:Actually the way the forums are laid out your cigar smoke must be drifting up inside DQs skirt.
  14. @DQ: I made the request on these forums. You or one of your cocensors probably had the post removed.
  15. @Dillon: Your response does not do much to dissuade those who believe it was the LWL themselves who persuaded the powers that be to remove a threat to their cosy existence nor does the offhand response of the cofounder and I am not just saying this because my application to join your terpsichorean oenophile coven seems to have been consigned to File 13.
  16. MaryAnne - The Guidelines do not have anything in them about posts needing to be of a certain degree of sensitivity which seems to be the critical criterion for not being deleted without any explanation and when occassionally an explanation of sorts is offered it does not relate to either the post or any part of the Guidelines or TOS. One womans snarky and derogatory comment is another womans accurate and clearly stated opinion of a murky and formally unsubstantiated paradigm which matches the outdated morality of the Mary Tyler Moore Show or maybe I would quote The Golden Girls except they were at least funny in their ridiculous attempts to get laid. The question is are the mods members of the LWL.
  17. I have it on good authority that Storm has a cold which accounts for his strange dialectical mix of Noo Joyzy, Gangsta and pidgin or should that lt one be bitchin.
  18. Storm Clarence wrote: Great shot KelliMay. I like clowns. I hate clowns and I am really frightened by them. I think it is because of something that happened when I was small. I was visiting my Dad where he worked in a bank as a teller and a robber in a clown's mask shot him in the face and killed him.
  19. Nacy Nightfire wrote: You wrote: "The difference is that men are rationally jealous but women are irrationally wired in many of their emotional responses." and "Instead I will say again that jealousy is an entirely rational basis for action for most males and an entirely haphazard emotion for females one that I struggle with myself at times although not dictated by the phase of the moon or unavailability of chocolate." This is a very interesting point of view which I've have a hard time pondering without falling off my chair laughing. If you are a man, you're either not a particularly enlightened one or you are the kind that lives in under a bridge (and, I'm not talking about the homeless here). If you are a female..well gee. I'm so sorry you think so poorly of yourself and other women. If your emotions are haphazard and irrational, I'd be sure to get that checked out if I were you. How sexist can you get! I offer an opinion that is based on considerable personal experience and self-awareness and the best you can do is accuse me of being a man presumably because you feel I am letting the side down by admitting in public that I consider jealousy a pointless and demeaning emotion in a woman because we generally don't have the means to do anything about our impotent feelings but whinge and sit smouldering making plans that are hardly ever carried out whereas many men not only fess up publicly to their ownership beliefs but use physical aggression to back up their claims. Yes female jealousy is haphazard and irrational because we do not do anything about it mainly because we can not.
  20. I started reading Mayalilys posts to this thread all ready to argue with her but after reading through them I find I can not. Not because she has made a persuasive argument but because her words appear to be a stream of what I will loosely call consciousness that has no logical construction nor any apparent point. It reminds me of the conversations my six year old niece has with her dolls. Instead I will say again that jealousy is an entirely rational basis for action for most males and an entirely haphazard emotion for females one that I struggle with myself at times although not dictated by the phase of the moon or unavailability of chocolate.
  21. Dresden Ceriano wrote: You mean to tell me straight men don't like a woman that moans? Wow, this thread is just so enlightening. ...Dres (Maybe she should change her name to Beery or Footballia.) It could be worse she could be called Whinger. As long as she doesn't change her name to Queenie which might give off mixed messages.
  22. Nacy Nightfire wrote: That's a common theory, Randall, but we've all heard some pretty extreme cases in the news of women going to great lengths to seek revenge for being jilted...precious anatomy removed...diaper wearing...getting trapped in a chimney trying to gain entry into an ex-lover's home..and in two of these cases one woman was working for NASA and the other was a respected physician. There's no way to tell number-wise, but I've known just as many women who were obsessively jealous as men. The difference is that men are rationally jealous but women are irrationally wired in many of their emotional responses.
  23. SL is a great place for finding rl "friends with benefits" if you move around as much as I do with my job staying places for anything between two weeks and a year as you can check out potential playmates in future locations much better than you can with Facebook or Twitter. You can keep your anonymity without much effort as well.
  24. I had a thought. It is your name that is the problem. What man would choose to have any sort of relationship with a woman who admits she is moany. I checked with my male friends and that is the ultimate turnoff. Even on a subconscious level it will not work unless you want someone who has a peculiar brand of masochism.
  25. Why should monogamy be boring? You obviously do not understand the concept of serial monogamy wiith monogamous relationships lasting from five minutes upwards.
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