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  1. Just a follow up from my last. This past Saturday I logged in made sure all Lara 3.5 parts were removed and closed theHUD. Logged out and then back in, the 3.5 update was sent to me again. Changed all 3.4 to 3.5 and added the HUD. This time the HUD attached to the viewer visible and the right way orientated. All scripts now work. The update had to have been corrected and the need to remove old Lara parts was necessary. Everything is now working and correctly updated. Hope this helps others some. Cheers Dee
  2. Thanks I'll give it another go tomorrow. The last time it just sat and spun it's tires. But to be honest it should not attach upside down either.
  3. I also tried the update from Lara 3.4 to 3.5. Within the Lara 3.5 Update folder is the same note card as 2014 and an extra one indicating what was updated. I removed all Lara 3.4 and wore/*added Lara 3.5. most Huds attach off screen for me so I reposition them. As far as I went with the Lara 3.5 customize hud things went well. I then attached the body hud WOAH and WTF came to mind. The main Hud was upside down to start with (who proofed this prior to issue) and not a single attempt at alphas worked. In fact no scripts worked. I appreciate no cost (outside of the initial one) updates but I p
  4. Maddy, I just loved this, The whole concept is precious ♥♥ Best wishes for 2016 to all...
  5. Thanks Chin and I believe the most imortant of the 4 points you made is #4 (Don't be afraid to experimenrt....). I appreciate the update Thanks
  6. I stepped away from creating and just recently returned. I found your post very informative as well as the following comments. Kind of surprised more Kudos weren't offered. Thanks much
  7. Luv the "Fantasy" this image invokes
  8. That surely looks to be the "end" for someone. Great pic :smileyhappy:
  9. Three 1024 plots for sale @ 7000L$ each in The Girls Spot, Seatallan (229, 98, 25), Seatallan (237, 82, 25) and , Seatallan (202, 107, 31) . Not sold by end of month will be used in build.
  10. Pamela I was also under that impression. :catfrustrated:
  11. Nefertiti, thanks and yes I understand everything you said and it is correct. What I was looking at and which Amethyst nailed right off was from the seller being able to manipulate the "item listing" not what is presented to the person doing a search function. If for example I had a merchant out there who's items I really enjoyed and followed I can jump to their store without a search and then just sort by newest first not a problem. Now when I go to my own store and add items each time I check to see if the items posted right along with the rest of the page items I have to do a sort because
  12. Quick question that I can't see answered yet. The default item listing order when Marketplace page first opens is "Relevance" and remains so until changed by the viewer. What is used by the program to choose the order of "Relevance" and can it be used by me when listing so I can show my newest items first without having the person viewing set the order. "Newest First" would be the better default setting. Sorry if this was answered before but I can't find it. Thanks Dee :heart:
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