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  1. Void Singer wrote: >.> <.< yes... you should let the dead lie. Everybody lies in SL.
  2. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Naiki Muliaina wrote: Consumables would deffo be the right place for animal food. I thought by the title you were asking all animal food to be given out free Also a great idea Somebody ought to reverse-engineer the food scripts and distribute them for free :matte-motes-evil-invert: (Just kidding. Mostly.) Reverse engineer? Does this mean you want your pets to be vomiting all over the place? Or worse, ejecting it from the other end?
  3. You are giving out the wrong messages hun, my problem is too much choice.
  4. The day that I get a "letter" rank is the day I retire from the forums. So if you want to hasten my departure please feel free to give me lots of kudos!
  5. Bars. Not necessarily singles bars. My experience of them is that quite a few drink doubles.
  6. @DQ said "My intent was not to discuss my comments but to offer yours to the Community Tool Group." So you haven't joined the movement but you are quite happy to be its spokesperson? Hmmm!
  7. The average reading age of forum participants has gone down to about 15 years.
  8. @Dee: Whether you like it or not, your post has confirmed you at the very vanguard of the PIC ard movement. But you must have blinked and missed the moderation of posts which breached the Disclosure regulations with regard to alts, however others might wish to split hais about how and why the ToS is being applied in that area. Beware anyone else who might wish to make accusations of altdom, since whether you are right or wrong, or whether you have actual evidence (*extremely* unlikely) or are just demonstrating your psychic powers, you are going to be disciplined.
  9. @Ashtolat: Please don't be driven away. We need someone to fight the corner of the creative types who believe that the Grid *SHOULD* be about creativity, and how LL could make money out of that focus in a sustainable manner.
  10. @Wildcat: Sorry, but you are expressing yourself imprecisely. Do you mean you think I deserve more respect (agreed) or I should be more respectful to others (which I am when they earn it.)
  11. If that was a question that could be answered it should have been posted in the Answers, not the Forums. Cato
  12. @Domitan: See my post above. If if doesn't happen involuntarily, hit the big red button or pull the power cord out.
  13. Jo said "The problem is that even a banned griefer can stand on the edge of your land and wear something huge so it intrudes into your sim." so Cato suggested commissioning Lorena Bobbit to solve her problem.
  14. If a vegetarian only eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?
  15. I have just been asked by Pep to relay a message to the powers that be asking if they could institute a Welsh language subforum. He says that it won't use many vowels which might allow a Hawaiian board to be set up, and that "ewe" know it makes sense.
  16. Honestly, I go out to watch my kids audition for the National Theatre and you lot have a party here that makes the cops come around to break it up! (What did I miss?)
  17. /me didn't think Domitan was that worried about his status . . . but maybe he is trying to impress a new gf?
  18. @Astolat: Actually LL is supposed to be about making money the best way it can. Creativity on the grid is what some residents think the point is, but they are wrong.
  19. @Wildcat: Succeeding is the key to success. Trying just makes you an also-ran.
  20. @Irene: Would you like to join my anti-BDSM group Second Lifers Against Pain?
  21. @Tonny: I think you have the right idea with your version of the Godfather's approach: make them an offer they can't understand.
  22. @Wilhiam: I did know all that, but there are probably some geographically challenged forumites who are still stuck at the stage of trying to work out the difference between Holland and The Netherlands.
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