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  1. I am confused. Are you Nancy or Crystal? This isn't Facebook so if you want to make friends you might want to give us some reasons to want to befriend you as you might be a serial killer stalking victims - or even wose, boring!
  2. Promote yourself here! Below is me as my favourite superhero. Yes, its The Invisible Man!
  3. You look a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Talismere. They stretched the vertical height proportionately to make Richard Gere seem taller and she ended up looking like she had anorexia. Oh and did you know it's not her body (just the head 'shopped on) in the famous poster for the movie.
  4. If I were in charge I would allow new forum registrations only to post questions in Answers (with a character limit to make them think carefully about what they really wanted to know) for a month which might not only restrict spamming but would also help improve the quality of the Forums by forcing those who might be interetsed in lurking for long enough to get a feel for the culture.
  5. @Willow: I'll take that as a *definite* yes then!
  6. All of my friends have been made after they have contacted me regarding things I have said in SL forums; some of my enemies too.
  7. @Suella: "Unfortunate"? As far as I am concerned - and I am probably not alone - Amanda's credibility will never recover.
  8. Charlie Stross has no problems getting past the SIngularity.
  9. Wouldn't such a regime encourage the proliferation of alts (and thus increase confusion) by those who felt they had legitimate reasons to raise issues in multiple threads without any interest in acquiring rank?
  10. An economist was stranded, with a physicist and a chemist on that desert island with no food growing on it, but with loads of crates of tinned food which had washed up on its shores. In the absence of a knife or can opener to get at the food, he dismissed the suggestion of the physicist that they try focusing the sun's rays with their spectacles to burn the cans open, and that of the chemist, who wanted to throw them into the sea and wait for the salt water to corrode them enough that they could tear them open with their bare hands. His suggestion? "Assume we have a can opener".
  11. @Rhonda: Well, personally I m delighted the men don't begrudge us one day of our own every Century.
  12. Do avatars dream of virtual sheep?
  13. @Immy: Might your post not be better moved to the (Concrete) Boots thread?
  14. I am not promoting an alternative forum, but anyone interested in using participant levels to deter spammers might also like to look at the role descriptions here: http://gotvirtual.net/community/threads/a-new-trophy-inhabitant.490/
  15. @Wldcat: That is real world private information. It may be available to LL and for you to look at yourself, but it is no business of anyone else, just the same as the last IP address you logged in from.
  16. On the other hand pioneers tended to be found dead on the trail with a bunch of arrows in their back.
  17. You are in the same position as a voluntary ambulance driver who keeps the vehicle clean and tidy and drives it around helping patients get from one place to another. You don't own the ambulance and you have no rights to it at all.
  18. Might I point out, in clarification, that the World Bank is actually an international monetary fund, whereas the International Monetary Fund is actually a world bank.
  19. @Willow: That wouldn't by any chance be your first real job would it?
  20. If you are feeling brave (VERY brave!) you might want to visit one of the thid party forums which are unconstrained by requirements to remain PG. There is an official list in the official Second LIfe official Wiki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Discussion_forums
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