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  1. There are two types of people that sound enthusiastically cheerful. The insincere ones and Torley. Enjoy the one in a billion experience while you can! Cato
  2. @Ishtara: I can't believe that you are advising people to avoid stress! Here! In the official SL forums! Where you yourself have been exposing yourself to manifold stresses for the last year or so at least! Get on that exercise bike and get out of these forums NOW! For your own good! Cato PS Apologies for all those potentially stress inducing exclamation marks. I have been told that I don't suffer from stress but I am a carrier of the disease. Sorry!
  3. An article in Wired magazine said you could join for free, with the subtext that although the virtual world was sold on the basis of the delightfully constructed user content, that it was a great place to get your rocks off if you were a fat geek living in your mother's basement. I was suffering from self-esteem problems at the time and thought it would be a great place to meet people that would improve my self-confidence, by demonstrating that however badly off I thought I was, there were people with bigger personality problems.
  4. @Azura: what is the sense of the phrase? Words in Latin have different endings depending on their grammatical role and if you are trying to say "This is a present to my beloved family and friends" that would be stated differently from "This is one of my beloved family and friends". I would use the root words familia for family, amicus for friend and carus for beloved, and if you are tight on space I wouldn't even bother with "my" as this is presumed. Reply and I am sure that we could find something appropriate, although simply "familia et amicae carae" might do the trick.
  5. @Dillon etc: May I suggest that you might do better in future posts not to use 'TG' to indicate 'TransGender' as it is the abbreviation generally used in SL for 'Teen Grid' - and the possibilities for misunderstanding, particularly on these forums which are open to all SL participants, is significant.
  6. @Busty: OK, I'll believe you (though thousands might not.)
  7. Hint #10: Don't drink water (Have you SEEN what fish do in it?)
  8. @Ruby: The conventional wisdom is that zomg was OMG typed by the iincompetents who could not only fail to find their backside with both hands, but missed the shift key and hit the Z key. Feel free to create your own meme by inserting a Z anywhere you think might make you an internet legend.
  9. @Genn: Thank you for your sensitivity. Cato
  10. Give them time to get their house in order. It must be difficult for Lexie to break in a new set of mods who don't yet understand the culture or have a feel for the history of the forums. But they are showing initiative - they have even invented a new violation. **POSSIBLE HARASSMENT** Cato
  11. @Carole: May I, on behalf of your acolytes and admirers in this and previous forums, welcome you back and hope that your circumstances are now such that we will be graced by your presence here in the future. Cato
  12. My bad. It's only if you mistype it with an 'i'. Silly, nevertheless, eh? I think I'll RIC myself to bring it to the attention of the Mods.
  13. Nope! I didn't make a typo. This forum's dictionary has been corrupted and seems to think that any syllabled beginning with 'f' and ending with 'ck', *whatever the vowel* is rude. Let's try a,e,and o as well, since they resemble various antipodean and Irish pronunciations: fack, feck, fock.
  14. Hmmm! I was fairly sure I had type '**bleep**leness" but 'i' and 'u' are next to each other on the keyboard so it might have been a typo.
  15. I refuse to change. Why should I conform to insulting male stereotypes regarding the **bleep**leness of the female?
  16. Any chance of a 'smartass' one Keli?
  17. @Busty: Yeah, right, everyone's going to be believing *that* explanation . . .
  18. @Suella: You and your friends are probably not PR "professionals" who are being paid well to ensure that the relevant messages are being communicated accurately. Or maybe not.
  19. I will continue to recommend a Bayesian filter until someone realises that it works.
  20. @Vick: I never suggested that you weren't a caring person - quite the contrary in fact, but a critical characteristic of a Dom is being assured and convincing in your behaviour. It is unfair on any girls (or boys) that you are supposed to be responsible for if they lose respect for you because you are clueless regarding your treatment of them.
  21. @WCMedows: Try joining The Forum Cartel Group or popping over to the Off Topic forum here - *then* after a while try claiming that there are no social networks in SL! Cato
  22. @Dee: I really don't want to fight about it, but with a degree of inside knowledge I disagree with your perception that it was malice that got Quinn's Strengthening the Community thread moved from Friends to Off Topic. My understanding was that initially Quinn wanted to restart the thread in the then non-existent GD, and put it in the Friends subforum as the next best place. I will take responsibility for mentioning this to Lexie as well as my opinion that I thought that some of the public and personal disclosures would be better made out of the eye of the general public, once the "for registered members only" Off Topic subforum was opened by Lexie for us. If you think that was meddling, then I won't complain, as you would be right, but please don't think that the suggestion was made to Lexie with anything but the best of intentions - and of course, Lexie need not have acted upon it if she had not agreed. Cato
  23. *edited for possible harassment*
  24. I suppose a Vanity Thread *should* be about fishing for complements [sic].
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