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  1. I am well, thank you. Travelling a bit more than I care to for work these days, but otherwise, getting on well. Of course, I was making an observation, not an accusation. It was, as per usual, an interesting read, with interesting discussion/feedback. I did pop into another thread related to the signatures obtained for a change.org initiative-an open letter to LL, if I recall correctly. I see that doom, despair, and life is not fair, are still hot topics What are we without our miseries? Indeed, you recall correctly...I have very strong views on these things as well. Unfortunately, with our current US administration, I have focused my passions elsewhere. But, still, I applaud your efforts to keep "consent" a primary focus for all. I'm not around much, but I did want to claim a new Linden home, I suppose it is not necessary to tell you how unsuccessful that endeavor has been...and I wanted to find out if Tilia was actually taking over my entire financial future or if the reactions were premature-Premature won. I hope to take a staycation in the coming days. I look forward to engaging...almost like old times Be well! Edited to add...I thought I had quoted your text....but alas, nay.
  2. Still schooling the virtual public on how to behave I see. Hope all is well...it has been a long time.
  3. So basically what you have is a list of 3,000 individuals that either did not read the TOS at all, or read it without comprehension. The TOS explicitly states that if you do not agree with any part of it (and it does include that they are not your partners nor are you guaranteed an income from your use of the service), that you should not accept the TOS, and you will not be granted access to the service-perhaps that is why the anonymous nature of the post.
  4. I miss the good old days. It was a lively place back then. This new format feels so...rigid, thin...lol.
  5. Venus Petrov wrote: Haha! Ima, I don't know who or what you're talking about. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: P.S. I cannot seem to get to your link on your sig line. Have you dumped your blog? Ha! I think the link was to my old forum, which I did eventually dump. My poor neglected blog is still there.
  6. In the old days, the RL discussions did present opportunities for people to demand acknowledgement of their rights to speak freely but at the same time scream pleas to have their sensitivities protected from the opinions of others...failure to comply brought about the grim RIC'er. There was a great deal of comedy gold derived in those days. After a while though, it became a bore reading pretty much the same person claim they were mauled by a rabid schitzophrenic gun toting imaginary clown named Sybil. If you had the audacity to call BS on such tales of woe, you got the verbal beat down from the crowd that chooses to believe that everyone tells the truth when posting on the interwebs and to espouse disbelief of their story was synonmous with full blown discrimination and the belittling of womans issues. Ultimately it was determined your disbelief supported a rape culture and that you were almost solely responsible for the decline and fall of western civilization. It was a much better boring than the current boring though. It is more exciting these days to read the responses to PG's four star ratings on the marketplace reviews. I sure miss the old days
  7. LaskyaClaren wrote: This is almost enough to bring me back here. Almost. (It sounds as though you were a few inches from making it a sure thing. :matte-motes-evil-grin:) That's what she said.
  8. Derek Torvalar wrote: Caitlin Tobias wrote: Are you trolling me, Derek? Me? Nooo! I am just an interested bystander. Ok, well maybe a little. ;-) Hey stranger! It appears I missed all of the fun, again! BTW, how did OBR go this year? Seems I missed it too. Twerk our way to awareness?
  9. Caitlin Tobias wrote: Ima Rang wrote: Caitlin Tobias wrote: LlazarusLlong wrote: As many may have realised (you too, probably, Caity) I am also unwilling to post in these forums with my main, I did indeed and I totally understand. The current, and past years, environment here in this forum, created the opposite of a safe place for people expressing themselves. An opinion is considered trolling...a joke is seen as griefing and moderators seem to be afraid of : #jesuis..... Troll! ;P GRIEFER! Why I NEVAH!!!
  10. Caitlin Tobias wrote: LlazarusLlong wrote: As many may have realised (you too, probably, Caity) I am also unwilling to post in these forums with my main, I did indeed and I totally understand. The current, and past years, environment here in this forum, created the opposite of a safe place for people expressing themselves. An opinion is considered trolling...a joke is seen as griefing and moderators seem to be afraid of : #jesuis..... Troll! ;P
  11. ZyklonBee wrote: It was always a risk, Ive used this handle for about 3 years now. Never caused a problem.. But in retrospec I should of make it something alittle less risky.. But without the risk there really is no pay off. Im glad some of you understand the underlaying meaning What is the underlying meaning? To be disrespectful? Sadism? Masochism? What? It is a digusting name and I can't imagine why you would "risk" such an offense.
  12. Parrish Ashbourne wrote: Have we reached the record for longest thread yet? The longest thread displaying blind assumptions caused from cranium to colon contact.
  13. Ebbe Linden wrote: Teager wrote: Ebbe, While catching up on the last 10 or so pages of posts which happened last night, I've noticed a lot of you saying, in essence, "SL1 won't change; if you don't like it, don't switch." I can understand the reason behind that response. I, too, am getting tired of reading dozens of rude comments by the same handful of naysayers. But, speaking as one of many content creators whose full real life income is earned from Second Life, this response isn't helping to build my confidence. Any way you look at it, the launch of SL2 will divide our user base between two virtual worlds. (Possibly four, depending on launch dates of High Fidelity and the Facebook virtual world project.) I believe all that I, and several other creators in this thread, want to convey to you and the SL2 dev team is that we need as much backwards compatibility as we can possibly get between the two grids... because, for us, not switching is not an option. If we don't move forward to the new grid, we divide our income in half. Even when we do switch, we as creators will be slowed by having to format our products for two different worlds. We won't be able to put out items as quickly as we could. My avatar projects require a detailed rigged mesh, dozens of textures, 100+ animations, sounds, scripts, HUD designs, addons, accessories, and third-party creator tools to be made, as well as extensive bug testing. Each of my avatars takes me an average of 10 months to complete (working full time, because SL is my full time job). By the time I complete my next avatar, SL2 will be in beta. By the time I've finished the one after that, SL2 may be approaching its launch date. Will those 20 months of work still be worthwhile when SL2 launches? I'm thrilled to see that custom skeletons are something that have appeared on your roadmap; I'm hopeful that this will allow a lot of re-use of older meshes and animations, and I look forward as well to seeing the improvements that can come as a result of that feature. I'm hopeful that SL2 can grow to be a wonderful thing, and I'm eager to see what you come up with. All I ask is that, as you move forward and lay the groundwork for this new world, you don't fall into the trap of "you don't have to switch if you don't want to". Make us WANT to switch. Make it EASY to switch. And put high priority on maintaining as much backwards compatibility with SL1 as you possibly can. Custom armatures will greatly help with reusing meshes and animations. What can you do to reduce the workload of re-writing scripts? How about textured clothing and skins? The idea posted earlier of allowing some sort of method of matching old SL1 content in users' inventories to new SL2 updated content is a good one. Please make the transition as painless as possible. Don't let yourself become dismayed by the panic; find a way to excite us. Be on our side. Because we, the creators who form the backbone of the virtual world, need to be on your side too. Thanks. That's definitely our goal and we'll make it easier than competitors will. We also don't want to compromise on how good it can be because of it. Balancing act. For all we know, the new world may offer the ability to create content that renders the current content, by comparison, undesirable. For many of us, the very fact that the new world might offer something other than a copy of the SL grid, like the competitors have attempted to grow without much success, is enough of a tid bit to get excited about. I find all the asshurt over the completely unknown odd for a group of grown-ups. You don't often see people being offered a Mercedez Benz clinging to a one rear end fender bender away from an explosion Ford Pinto..because it has sentimental value. I hope that LL will not compromise due to a bunch on whining about what "might or might not happen" and will make it the best damn world ever. I'm glad to see LL is not putting all of their eggs in one basket...it is just good business practice. May the force be with you :matte-motes-wink:
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