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  1. Agreed. SL isn't a game but then that leaves the question. "What is it?" and "How can they market it?" Well all want LL to be profitable with SL. I'm slowly understanding how much trouble they've been having in marketing SL and retaining new users.
  2. I am curious as to what professional UI designers would come up with for SL. Even if just redoing bits and pieces of it to give us an idea.
  3. It was LL wanting to reduce basic accounts number of groups to 35. Claiming it that people having too many groups was a strain on their systems? Something like that.
  4. It relates to the group fiasco we had last week and got me thinking. We want LL to improve SL and sometimes that requires new things, to innovate. Their only way to do that is through their viewer and server side updates. Many as you can see in this thread just don't like the base viewer and prefer another. So how is LL suppose to give us new fancy visuals if no one is there to try it and give constructive feedback. In an age of Fortnite, Minecraft, Skyrim and fallout 4 and so on. How is SL still so far behind in terms of numbers. In a game where you could be anything with avatar customization being so far above all the others, how are we behind still? Can't be the adult content; Nutaku is a gaming company specializing in just that and they are making mad money. Enough so to invest $10m in game developers to make adult games. My thoughts lead me back to the viewer and how if LL tried to modernize their UI to mimic more modern games they would get immense backlash and just wasted their money trying. So... that lead me to ask this question.
  5. I feel you are misinterpreting what I am saying. This isn't about who is in charge. This is about created an experience with your land, a way you want people to see it and enjoy. That's all. These events you keep going on about are an isolated matter for you and honestly these points should be repeatedly told to event organizers until they get the picture. We need fly, need double click tp, we need a detail map of vendor locations, etc etc. To cripple the power of every other land owner and community that makes use of no-fly to better the experience of everyone just so you can buy your things quicker is selfish to me and while I understand your frustrations in these events it does not justify having broken features that should be working as intended. The laggy issues you mention is an issue felt across all of SL (unable to move, gray textures, slow scripts, etc). Any sim that has 30+ avatars is enough to cripple it and it is really bad right now with the TP in/out lag. It certainly drives people away, as much as you would suspect in these communities. Yet still to me this doesn't justify the need to leave things broken.
  6. Could you elaborate on this more? I thought these features weren't a demand on sims. You telling me firestorm doesn't do it all client side?
  7. The time you waste trying to fly in a sim with 40+ avatar is time you could've better spent camming around instead. It is quicker and more effective than flying around. Secondly, if the event organizers does this then take it up with them. Make your case with them to enable flying. However for other sims, clubs, RP sims, combat sims, adventure sims, etc etc etc. If they turn on flying restrictions these things should be respected. Honestly I'm surprise you don't use some sort of speed dash or if they allow double click to TP to get around faster.
  8. But I am ask why! Why do you dislike it and have you tried it recently? It is my parcel and my land. If I turn off build, fly and scripts you shouldn't be able to override my wishes just cause you are too lazy to walk from point A and B. I'm sorry but land owners paid for it, they should be respected. Don't care if you could cam up 1000m and find obscurely hidden skyboxes you weren't meant to track down anyway. They remove fly for a reason like they remove builds or scripts for a reason.
  9. That alone is a big enough reason but others could be: -Control the flow of traffic as if you want them to see certain things first like vendors or signs. -Prevent people from reaching skyboxes or sky platforms. -Discourage people from escaping skyboxes -Make combat more engaging for sims that focus on combat. I'm sure there are other reasons I missed.
  10. This spoke out a lot to me. "If the learning curve is the same then it might as well do it on a viewer with more features." I do enjoy FS but there is just sooo many features. It got so bad they had to add a search bar for their features because at a glance you couldn't find what you wanted. That is just a bad case of feature creep. Some of it can stay but others bits of it should just go. I know some like the rather in depth technical features but that's just a turn off for new users. That should be locked behind things like how the Advance Menu or Developer Menu are hidden in a sense. Until you hit those key binding they don't pop up. So maybe some of these advance features could be hidden behind check boxes or key combos to activate. It definitely does come down to the learning curve. You really nailed it with that. Unless they some how re-invent things like the inventory window I don't see how they'll be able to retain people better. Hrm.
  11. I'm surprised at the sheer vitriol hate people have for SL's default viewer. Sure it doesn't have the bells and whistles of firestorm but it still runs good. Anyway LL can salvage this and turn it around?
  12. Nothing is too broken that some code wizard monkey can't fix it. All depends which monkey and how long you leave him/her pounding at the problem.
  13. Just 90,000? That doesn't sound like a lot in the grand scheme of things. How will this help improve SL overall? I find it hard to believe that just 90,000 people with extra groups is impacting SL's performance that much. It is not like all 90k are online all the time or chatting in all those extra groups at once. Only thing I can figure is the profile images you are forced to download every time of these groups pop open. Surely this might be more of a design flaw with the server software or viewers that needs tweaking to improve the quality of SL overall. I really would love to see how much of an impact having all those groups really are cause if it is that bad. I'll glad trim off the excess groups if it means those around me have a better experience. Fyi, I am one of those basic members who is impacted by this. I tried premium in the past but there was nothing there really enticing me. I rather spend my money buying lindens and supporting content creators by buying their stuff. Now while the ability to speak with Live Support was nice, they never did help me with a serious griefer/stalker problem I and my friends had despite the constant messaging to Support and AR reports. A griefer problem that persist over a year. I'm not exaggerating. So no with the poor customer support, the gradually rising cost of fees, performance bugs like that dreaded tp-in/out bug and now this I really don't see a reason to get premium. Granted you guys have done a fantastic job fixing bugs and improving things over the past few years so I very much appreciate it. I'm not trying to be negative and attack you or LL. I'm just stating my experience with it. Right now I just see no value with premium membership, even with the new linden homes. I made a list of suggestions in page 3 of this thread which got some support. Surely there must be ways to tackle this problem without removing people's groups. Surely there must be new incentives, new things you and your company can do to try to generate more money. We love SL and we know SL isn't going to magically become the next Fortnite or FF15 but it is our place, it is our home and we love it here. We expect you guys to take care of, take care of us, and improve this wonderful world we created. A world that breaks all norms and has become something truly special. So please from the content creators who run businesses within them, to the communities within SL who need them, to the people who like to sit at home and just chat in groups all day long; please reconsider this decision.
  14. Well... how much profit is enough profit? I get they are a business but they are doing a terribly poor job of running said business. -Useless old search results -Utterly terrible new player experience -TP lag from avatars entering leaving sims to the point it is detrimental to have a popular sim. -Sims that can't handle 40+ people Good knows what else I missed. However this idea that not giving to the community is not profitable is far from the truth. Just look at other F2P games or the mobile industry. Look at fortnite in where they regularly give away outfits to new players just for playing their game. LL can do that (well after the update the avatar model *coughs*). LL can SOOOO do that to try and keep players coming in for more and more.
  15. I thought the move to amazon servers was going to help reduce operating costs. This hit on basic accounts is going to hurt communities and in general make people more cynical and spiteful. You give with one hand and you take with another. Honestly, this is not how you make premium account more attractive. What I see happening now in response to this folks being online a lot more. First people will leave themselves online through their phone or tablet just so they don't miss any messages or notices. This will put a drain on linden systems as there will be online zombies lingering about hogging network data and resources. Secondly, people will slowly stop using groups and just use discord which for the short term might look good but these communities will no long be tied to SL, they have discord to keep them connected. So the moment SL pisses off the majority of said community they'll leave all at once to find a new place together. Groups in SL kept people in SL with their communities that only exist in SL. This group limit reduction is shooting yourself in the foot. I get that LL wants to making premium accounts more attractive but this isn't doing it. Not at all. I have a free account and I choose to stay free because there is literally nothing attractive to me on the premium account that makes it worth the cost. Instead I spend that money on lindens which goes to pay land owners and content creators who in turn pay LL. So to me I don't get it. But you know to avoid sounding entirely negative. Here's some ideas to make premium more attractive that you could immediately implement: 1) Zero upload costs... limited to say 20? uploads per day/week or whatever before the upload costs return. 2) Actual good customer service that deals with griefers and drama, especially when there is a track record of it. 3) Higher min group requirement. Make it like 20? 50? people minimum otherwise you pay fees.. 10L per week? UNLESS you are premium. 4) Reduced fees for buying lindens while premium. You got them on the premium hook, do you really need to milk every transaction? Lower fees, means more impulse buying. 5) Allow private sim owners to expand sim size. Just literally make it bigger. LI can be the same. This way people could do races, or more indepth RP layout instead of stacking sim builds to skyboxes at various heights. 6) Promotional deals. Pick a content creator to promote, and on their marketplace page do a limited time discount. LL will ensure the creator still gets the full value of their products (ex: 1,000L) while the customers pay a discount amount (like 10%) so customers pay 900L, Linden labs pay the missing 100L, the creator still gets 1000L. All this to encourage impulse buying and improve brands and creators LL support and like. Long term changes LL can do to make premium more attractive: 1. Allow sims to hold more than 40 avatars! This right here is killing your land business anyway. When Truth, blueberry or other stores do sales, it is jam pack for days and it does turn away some people from dropping in and buying stuff. Fix this.. some how... 2. Inventory preview wear option? Some wardrobe window maybe? So I don't have to wear the outfit just to see what it is cause the creator didn't include a photo. Plus then others won't have to render my outfit nor the sim. 3. Better notice system. Seriously why do notices count as offline messages? This should be client side, entirely. When did you log out? Ok now check for notices that popped in afterward... bam here you go. 4. Add a dating service for premium users? Silly, cheesy, bad taste.. I know.. but you know there's a market for it. 5. Give away outfits. In a game where there are no monsters to grind for gear and no way to generate cash without spending cash (upload costs and all). Most new players have 1 or 2 outfits at most to use and relying on freebies or anything extra which is just terrible. They get shunned, ignored and usually not welcomed without a remotely decent avatar. So for new arrivals let them pick an outfit from the marketplace (from a list you approve of) and make it free (aka you, LL buy it for them). Do this every 5 days for 30 days to keep them logging in regularly. Hey mobile tactics are profitable use'em. Secondly, by implementing a system where you give new players a free outfit you can now put this as a feature for premium users! Add it to their weekly stipend. 6. Share (some) premium benefits to friends! Maybe your 3 best friends can now also access premium areas. Or get virtual gifts. Priority access to sims (at least from other basic accounts but not premium) Maybe something I mentioned above but reduced. Either way, share the benefits! I'm sure the community here can come up with other ideas of how to make premium more attractive to people. In general, don't assume every listed benefit you create or I listed will be used by everyone, all the time. Some get premium for one reason (like support) and that's it. So if you can share the benefits, friends will get it just to give something to someone they care about. Don't forget what makes people log back into SL everyday is the communities and people they met. Sure some are in it for the money, to create content, but majority of people are here to make connects with others, make friends and be apart of a community. Promote that, build around that and you'll have more retention which means more money casually spent. You don't have to force. Some of us drops $50 or more on a weekly basis without a second thought for ourselves and for our friends. So please, be considerate of the communities you are impacting by this move.
  16. So I was in the middle of updating my outfits with a mesh body when I noticed there was no broken links. I tested my hunch with a prim box and when it was deleted the broken link vanished. Now I know this is nice and helpful in clearing out people's clutter and avoid dozens of questions asking about broken links but this also creates another problem. Auto deleting broken links doesn't solve the problem it just hides one of the symptoms. Something that I'd like to be aware of instead of putting on an outfit and wondering "Why doesn't this look right? What am I missing?" There's also the fact that if you are missing a few pieces of your avatar (skin, shape, base hair, eyes, etc) that the outfit won't attach, no matter how many times you try. They require these pieces and if I were to update one say the skin or eyes and delete the old one. Then all the broken links in those outfits are gone and I wouldn't even consider it a problem until I try to wear an outfit and be scratching my head as to why it won't attach. With that said, I was hoping someone might know of a way of stopping this from happening, maybe a debug setting or something I can flick on/off. Failing that, maybe we can have a discussion to have this auto delete undone or at least an option put in for the rest of us who prefer to have broken links so we can fix them ourselves.
  17. I've noticed that broken links haven't appeared in my inventory despite me expecting some after deleting some old items. I had intended to replace those broken links with their updated versions however with the links gone I couldn't tell where I needed to go to update my outfits. I also noticed that if an outfit folder is entirely empty it vanishes as well. I can understand the practical applications of needing this to avoid people complaining about missing links but a senior user like myself needs them to know what is "broken" so I can go fix it and put the missing items back in that outfit folder. Anyone know if there's a way to turn off this auto delete of links/outfit folders?
  18. I just started having this same problem last week. Ashame that I have to set it where only friends can message me through the website.
  19. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. It can't be too hard to develop this feature. Though I am wondering how can you hurt people with this? Maybe someone could start a jira up? I would myself but I don't have a clue on how to get that started up.
  20. Would it be hard to impliment a stealth feature? Where you can login without anyone knowing your online? It would be nice to login in once in a while and not be bothered when I'm trying to work on something. I'm not trying to avoid anyone but it's hard to focus when nearly everyone who IMs you expects you to reply and hold a conversation with them. The time I spent typing back, could've been used for building, inventory sorting, decorating or whatever the task of the week is for me. It's odd how in this day and age everyone expects you to reply to their tweets and facebook posts or text messages they send you. At home when the phone rings I can decide if I want to pick it up or not. However if I'm texted or someone posts to my facebook/twitter account they want me to reply right away. The same thing with SL. Every IM feels like a needy child seeking attention when I want to focus. So I'm wondering is having a stealth mode a good idea? Or am I gonna have to train my friends with busy messages? I'd hate to have them feel like I'm turning them away all the time especially if something takes a couple days or more to finish. Thoughts?
  21. Exactly! In the begining they did not think that SL would become what it is today. Hence why they had such a simple permissions system. We have content creators selling full perm items to other content creators because there is no other way around it. You can't "license" your item off to someone with the current permission systems. Texture artists and mesh resellers (you know the ones that builds for others to buy and resell) would love if the permission systems was a tad more complex and protected their investments better. Yet they must sell at full perm but have to go with an honor system pratically in hopes that no who buys will not give away their textures. That alone proves that the first lindens did not think everything through. So the same problem they have is the same problem I have. The permission system is too simple. People make no-transfer/copy items because there is no other option to protect their assets without making it free for all to take. Yet if there was an option where the liscense of said item could be given away and the original owner would lose their no-transfer/copy version as the liscense was moved to another. I'm sure many if not most wouldn't care if people did shuffle clothing or goods from one alt to the next. Now I'm not suggesting this because I have a need to run away from my current account. On the contrary I love this account, the name I have, the friends and history I have with it. I do know however that I will probably still be in SL in the next 5 years which will turn my account to 12 years old and make my situation with newer players that much more awkward when they see that avatar age. What if SL sticks around for another 10 years and I'm still here playing it. My account would be 17 years old. Boy does that age me in ways that no new skin can fix. lol Yet it would be nice to be able to create additional accounts tied to this inventory. A business avatar that's purely business. So all friends and groups are business related. A RP account where all groups/friends are tied to that one RP sim. A family account where all friends and groups are tied to RL family that are in SL. Instead of having to make a dozen+ of alts for all these different situations and purposes that I and others would use SL for.
  22. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Wrong. Your license from MS allows you to use that copy of Windows 8 on your new PC, certainly, if you delete the copy on your old one. You cannot lawfully use that copy of Windows 8 on more than one PC. Your license to use SL content does not allow you to use that content on any and all avatars that you control. If LL decided to allow you to do so, it would seem to violate the permissions system that is in place and has been in place since the beginning, no? Would it violate the permission system? Since I am still the same person using the same item? Even if it was an alt I created through my main account? Even if there was a restriction that only 1 avatar can be logged in at a time? What is wrong with me wanting to use content I paid for on another avatar I own? Is there some fear of abuse because any potiental for abuse can be remedied. If it's not fear of abuse then what is wrong with support this idea? Someone will lose out on money? That money I spent rebuying everything from the same creators (If they are even still around) could've gone to support another creator with new things that I enjoy. I don't see why anyone would shoot down such an idea.
  23. Orca Flotta wrote: 1) tl; dr 2) you surely won't need all the 63k items all the time so pack your unused stuffz in boxes. That will keep the numbers down 3) what was cool and expensive 7 years ago is old and outdated now. You don't wanna be seen with old clunky prim or painted on shoes or the fancy system hair and clothes in public 4) you can send transferable items to an alt but that's it. Universal inventory won't work because of the permissions system Doesn't matter if what I have is old and outdated. This is like saying whatever you store in your garage is old and outdated and should be immediately trashed. They are still my things regardless how dated the hair/shoes might be. It's my choice if I keep them around and my choice if I throw them away. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: All the things you bought were sold as one copy to one avatar. It would be a violation of the creators IP rights to give access to the same item to mulitple avatars.. How would it be a violation of the creators IP? It's still being tied to one avatar. It's like in the real world. I go out I by an Xbox. I lend it to someone else to use or I give it away to someone else. This same thing can be done with software. I have windows 8 on one PC but decide to trash that to get a new PC. The new one has windows 7 so I upgrade it to windows 8 with my copy. Same thing as moving from one avatar to another. If the one copy bought from a creator is still being used by one person each time, where is the problem? Where are my rights as the one who bought the item? Am I just royally screwed? Does LL not care about shoppers like me? Who has gone and spent 10k on a whim because I loved this one creator's outfits or items? Where are my rights? I would utterly hate to lose the inventory I have which mind you, doesn't lag me at all when tp around if anyone was curious. Do I really have to spend another 20k, 50k, 100k even to just have a good start on a new alt? That is utterly insane and severely discouraging that LL hasn't in some way catered to the other half of the circle. To have a thriving economy you need sellers and buyers. Our content creators are the sellers and I'm a buyer and I don't like being screwed like anyone else. Code wise I know this can't be all that difficult to excute. Our inventories are stored in some database I'm sure. Allowing another to access it or creating a way to merge two shouldn't be that tough to figure out. I just laid out multiple options since I believe no one has really explored this topic enough to see if there is a possible solution.
  24. Hopefully this is the right place to suggest this. For me as a 7 year secondlifer, I realized something. I'm addicted to this "game." I know that there are many others who like me can agree wholeheartly. However there is something else I am noticing. My age in SL is becoming more and more noticeable. It can even turn some people away. I started to wonder what will happen when my avatar hits 10 years or 15 years? Or even 20 years? Will SL even be around then? If so what am I going to do? The moment someone peaks into my 10/15/20 year old profile they'll automatically add that age to whatever age they might think I am in RL. I know it's a silly thing to worry but I know us old players will slowly become more and more segregated by newer players. Now if I want to keep my ava looking young and beautiful that's my choice as it's the choice for child avas to remain children for 7 years in SL. Therefore that age does become an issue. So why a universal inventory? Well just being in SL For 7 years and I already have an inventory that is over 63k items. Most of which are bought items. Any freebies and gestures I have are already deleted. So that 63k is mostly geniune. Minus a few hundred-thousand LM/notecards. I wouldn't want to lose that if I decided to make an alt. It would be ashame that someone who has spend that much time and money into a company like Linden Labs and into buying content from creators to have to lose it all. Sure some of these things I have are obselete. Things poorly built that in the age of mesh deserve to be trashed forever, but do I really have to lose everything else? Just by the shear number of inventory items alone you can guess I probably have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I wouldn't even want to think about it. That's also not including the land as well that I rent from time to time. So should all that money spent mean nothing and just go poof? This is why I believe a universal inventory for SL would be ideal. An inventory that is shared between all avas under one account. Now I'm sure there is some security nightmares that run through people's minds when they hear this so I'm here to not just make the case for it but offer some solid suggestions. So here goes: The first and easiest approach is to NOT allow any current avatars to "merge" and share a universal inventory. So how would you make additional accounts? You login to SL and some where in the list of menus is the option to create an "alt". The alt created this way will share your main avatar's inventory and visa versa. Further more only one account should be online at any given time. So if I made 5 alts through this method, I can't have a friend login an alt while I am logged into my main/other alt. This prevents people from cheating content creators and LL out of money which is another big fear. It also cements the idea that these alts aren't for you to give away to people. They are for just you to use. The second approach and probably the one most like to have is when you merge two inventories together. In reality I feel that is a big mess, literally. Just between my own two accounts I have arranged the inventories different and if they were to be slammed together it would be an ugly mess that I'll have to sort yet again. That is something I don't want to do and I'm sure can be a big turn off to many. So instead of merging two inventories into one I view it as a sorta marriage. In RL when a couple gets married they eventually move in together and when they do all their stuff comes under one roof. So in SL if I was open up my inventory I would see a long vertical tab something that says "Partner's Inventory." I click that to open up a second inventory yet it's not my inventory it's infact my partners. From here I am able to do a limited number of things with my partner's inventory such as: I am able wear things from their inventory but when worn my partner should not be able to access it.I am able to rezz things from their inventory (while a seperate system folder in their inventory informs them of the location of said rezzed item)I am able to create new items, re-arrange folders and make new folders.I am able to search through their inventory Now there should be things I can't do as well such as: I shouldn't be able to empty my partner's recycle bin or even throw stuff into the recyle bin.I shouldn't be able to move no-transfer items out of my partner's inventory.No-copy item should not be something I can take out of my partners inventory and put in my own. They have to hand it over to me from their viewer. This makes stealing items one step harder. It also keeps the partner in the loop of what is happening in their inventory.I should not be able to sell my partner's items that I rezzed. Infact when rezzing my partners items they should be rezzed under their name and not my own. This is where the option in your friends list for full perms takes over. I'm sure there are a few things that I missed that others or even LL staff can point out. However I think this is possible the best and safest approach to a inventory merger of this style. Now these mergers should be easy to get into and easy to get out of. Since SL accounts do regularly get stolen these days. Finally the third and final approach that a few surely would want to have and that LL dreads the most. A complete and full merger where two inventories are slammed together. Whether they are are still shared by both accounts or one is destoryed in the process is up to LL and how they decided to handle it. However there is great fear that such an option to permanently merge two accounts can be greatly abused and I wholeheartly agree. Though I do have one suggestion in making this possible. Email. Even if someone can hack my account in SL what are the chances that they could hack my email account tied to SL as well? If we as a whole agree that hacking the email is far more difficult than stealing someone's account via phishing site then we have a means of authenticating mergers. Simply if I want to merge my account with another person or just another alt. An email with a code would be sent to email accounts tied to both Sl accts which will be needed for a form that both have to fill out for the merger to be completed. There should be a time limit to the merger and the email code. Hell maybe both accounts should be partnered for a time to further make it difficult to steal. I personally have no idea how difficult any of this might be to code and the hours and money required to make such a possible. However for those of us who have been with SL a long time and continue to be with SL I believe that this is definitely an option that needs to be seriously considered.
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