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  1. There's not one person in sl that could not learn something from that. But it's easier said than done telling an addicted person to vote with their wallet, it's not that simple i'm afraid. There are many that are addicted while not to the product but to the "mystery" part of not knowing what you're getting. Casinos and other gambling use the exact same concept that rob targeted people of their homes and livelihoods, "you never know if you're going to win" it works the exact same way as gachas.
  2. While it is a wonderful thing to see gachas being banned i'm afraid it will not stop there, these people that call themselves creators will simply find new means of luring consumers in with another "mystery" concept that in reality allows them to conceal rushed and often poorly made products behind it. Like a casino it does it's best to appear innocent while vulnerable customers such as children and other poor souls that are easily addicted becomes its victim. These people with a abusive nature often defend themselves with "they have a choice" i'm sure the casino say the exact same while having set up traps before you even enter Las Vegas. The trap with gachas is that they gate a "rare" which is in reality not rare at all, they use this word in order to get you to buy as much trash as possible on the journey before you get to the destination "rare". Another excuse they like to use is "it's a game of chance" but once you start digging for the truth it becomes quite clear that it really isn't a game of chance at all.' The more gachas they put into their machine regardless of the chance the event use (usually 3-7%) they will always get more money out of it regardless of who wins what, that's something you can count on. At the end of the day many of us buy mystery boxes and gachas, often because the products we want only comes from that, but for your own sake stay away from Mystery products, they are obviously designed to deceive you just like a casino is.
  3. David Heather, office outfits, suits and designer clothes (be wary of wierd sizes that force you to hide your body)it also looks like his office outfits is in the physical store so make sure to check that out. He only has clothes for Lara, no legacy https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/123471 I removed E-clipse design since it's mostly formal dresses if they have any. Here is a few examples of the things you can find at David Heather. (trying some on) https://gyazo.com/6a400d4c31dbf43433f74ea0b645f0e0
  4. Don't go Signature, hand and finger movement is terrible and very unatural, it is no longer a body comparable to Jake and Legacy. Sorry for necro, i forgot to check the date.
  5. I thought about doing that, if the couch or the bed you want to use has the same shape you don't even have to adjust every single animation.
  6. In sl i am very sexually active because i can try things i would never consider or dare to try in reality. Relationships without a physical connection is not for me so forget all about singing me a" A lady should always stay classy", sl is my playground. On a good day i have pixel intercourse 1-15 times on a 24 hour period, always prefer voice over emoting personally mostly because of my native language and more freedom with hands.. Sometimes with one, sometimes with a group, gender or race does not matter to me i like them all the same, i have even tried the famous pyramid of love, (One man, One Woman, One Transgender) i made a new category for my sl sexual orientation just so people can box me in and categorize to feel more secure, and it's called.., bi-bi-butterfly. Too much information ? here in Europe sharing is caring, that is how you learn to understand it better rather than fearing it.
  7. I recently returned to the dream world and i'm looking to expand my collection of naughty furniture. i will list the brand names i know of so far, i'm only interested in bento and custom animations, no half-arsed recycle products for me, thank you!. 😄 -Ruckus, A brand where animations is the only selling point, the mesh objects/textures attached to the sex engine leaves a lot to be desired. I have yet to come across better animations than those from Ruckus. He only has 3 products sadly, you simply can't rush quality. -NFZ, I have the bump 4 engine box and it has some decent but short animations with body clapping sounds. Short basically means they are more repeated which makes them look less natural. ReACT, They're pretty decent animations, good Kama Sutra hud but animations are mostly soft or ordinary made for tender loving, atleast for me. Speed and other controls are ok, but they are a very poor substitute for rough trust animations and sequences from Ruckus, yes we like that a lot, don't deny it. 😉 Warm animations, if you have a partner or lover who owns the physics ***** you will like these, i recommend the 5k sofa if you can afford it. Here is the rest i know of which i rarely use,. Rawage Bh (SWING!) custom animations, a very old brand before there was mesh. VRDz dancepole "Insert random orgy/swinger furniture here, hot tub!." Dutchie (outrageous prices on beds where many animations are reused) her normal furniture and bdsm cages is great. Hopefully someone can help me expand my very small collection of naughty bento furniture.
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