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  1. I don't know many other stores but we have a few houses at hisa that would fit for a beach : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hisa-Hacienda-La-Veleta/20079920 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hisa-Kahakai/21723542 good luck with your search !
  2. I'm sure scripters /events /markets will adapt and create something, they found a way around the gambling deal with adding skill gaming , they will find a way around gachas and create something new. it's the way the cookie crumbles in SL, people will find a way to make something new and exciting again, thats what i love about SL. like ive said before in here, for every ending theres a new beginning.
  3. I agree with people saying it’s very short notice they could’ve done the announcement earlier , I’ve heard rumbles about this for a while now. But for someone that has made huge gachas , it was fun while it lasted but I do feel it has run its course, I already had decided last Halloween was our final gacha so this comes at a good timing for me personally.I feel bad for the ppl that make a living off it but who knows , every end has a new beginning
  4. Not sure i'm in the right topic but here it goes: DRD is looking for a good tribute or original band to perform at an event/concert around halloween, anyone know of any good ones, lemme know ! thanks
  5. Not sure i'm in the right topic but here it goes: DRD is looking for a good tribute or original band to perform at an event/concert around halloween, anyone know of any good ones, lemme know ! thanks
  6. we got a store called HISA , not sure if you'll find what youre looking for but, you can have a look, we post in what parcel size the build will fit in each time and have them in 2 diff Li's /LODs for every house we do. We got a cabin at DRD aswell but not sure, the ones at drd are very tiny:
  7. https://boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/ best free program i ever found, I use it daily.. you're welcome
  8. also would like to share the making of the building if its aloud here ^^
  9. I know this is all for the "better" in the end supposedly and i appreciate they are trying to give us a better experience in the end but all i can think of is.... the timing is .. wow .. bad lol it's a lot of stores and experiences /hunts/games/ busiest time of the year right now, halloween, black friday, christmas... why not do this when it's.... yanno, a little less busy *facepalm
  10. Just opened ! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rosewood Hills/243/129/22
  11. We just opened a Haloween sim aswell : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rosewood Hills/243/129/22
  12. Couldnt find any nice instrumental atmospheric earie halloween music , decided to stream my own if anyone wants it (im new to streaming i'll add more as i go , will try to keep it online as long as i can for the 2020 season) : http://gostream.store:8178
  13. Love anything by Danny elfman , but this is in my top 3 for sure and a classic
  14. not my favourite movie , but this song always gets me
  15. Can relate 100% on this first paragraph. i do also think the reopening of some countries might have to do with drops for some stores , but other then that everything seems ok, regular 'slower' summertimes. For the OP and some others , I would not worry that much about it, September is right around the corner
  16. I can pitch in , having a store that does have CSRs, my reasoning for it is because we have literally 1000s of products so it's really hard for just one person to keep track anymore. as far as DRD goes, our csrs are pretty awesome and usually respond fairly quick, if they can answer they will, We also get a lot of the same questions , and the csrs on our team know theyre way around the products very well if they can't answer someone they will poke me quickly on discord and I am there within a few minutes, unless I am gone IRL ofcourse... But we always try our best for customers, I can't relate to those stores because my motto allways had been, if there arent any customers.. you got nothing really, they should be priority nr1 and not be treated like a number. if there is a critical error, it might take some time to fix if i'm in the middle of some event deadlines... there will always be instances where something goes wrong or we can't really fully help out but I always try my best atleast or refund if needed. recently i have setup a command system in the inworld group , where people can type a !command , like !help or !gachas and they will get info , links, and csr contacts sent their way incase no one is around to answer, people also need some time off The only thing i have seen myself ignore at times are some event invites >.> But theres ways stores can make things better , like proper csr training/hiring , logging in daily - having "office" hours to take care of all customer related issues , I also don't really get why they would not do this. I hope maybe a creator will take some advice from this ... I'm really happy theres still stores around that do this,I did it all myself aswell the first 7/8 years.i loved being super close connected to customers, I can totally relate to this. I sometimes wish i could still do it all myself but unfortunatly i think i'd be dragged into an asylum pretty soon after , I try to answer as much as i can myself though . WIshing OP the best and i also hope you get better experiences in the future
  17. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/167022 I also contacted you inworld and sent you some stuffs , hugs Jaimy from DRD
  18. came across my very old comic i used to do .... superdry
  19. bump! DRD, fun memefull discord group with giveaways and crazy ppl https://discord.gg/6ekZytd
  20. Watched the movie and i cant stop listening to the cheesey songs
  21. Binge Watching Jelle's Marble Runs on youtube, it's what i needed in my life right now. production top notch quality And the new league just started 🤣
  22. OOh, would be nice to see the results of that ^^
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