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  1. Update on this post and my frustration with linking mesh with regular prims. Objects I'm working with are simple two ropes and 3 barrels all of which are either scuplt or regular old prims totalling 4 prims. I'm linking them to a camels back and the camel is Mesh. In total before linking 9 prims. Linking them without any changes resulted as my post says to 688 prims. After your thoughful insights and knowledge, I changed all regular and sculpt prims to convex hull and result was on their own without a mesh object attached went up from 5 prims to a whopping 80 prims. I then reviewed posts and saw try setting the prim type to NONE. I then changed all the regular prims and scuplts to NONE and then linked them to the camel which resulted in a grand total of 10 prims. 1. I'll do my best to attend a mesh class to learn more. 2. I still will stand by my post that this change should be explained on LOD and linking on every mesh piece sold with an brief description on marketplace to help individuals like myself that aren't mesh builders. 3. The purpose of a forum is to gain help and for all of you who replied I truly appreciate your assistance since many of the vendors who I asked never replied at all. Hopefully my post also helped others as well. Thank you again!
  2. So after all these posts from all of you it's great that this post brought all of these responses. I ask is Linden Labs on crack??? I've built tons of things and enjoyed it. I've even created sculpties learning on my own from posts. I shouldn't have to be told oh ya can't do this and ya might not want to do that and depends on the builder. Wait a second if I buy something on marketplace full perm just I used to before and it says 4 darn prims it shouild be 4 prims. I shouldn't have to find out this way or go to a mesh class to find out oh guess what it could become 700 prims but, you'll have no idea until you waste money buying a product, link it and then find out. And I'm not sure who said it but, "Don't link any then" that's just stupid. I am trying to create a Opera in SL and instead of using mesh which is supose to be OMG the greaest from SL I have to re-purchase all the products I bought and try to find them as sculpties. I appreciate all of your replies but, read them yourselves and doesn't it speak volumes that folks are buying product with no knowledge of this and I've seen no notecard from any seller about this. SL if it ain'y broke don't fix it Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm not a mesh builder. I purchased mesh objects and I did not resize them in any way. They showed a land impact of 4 prims. I then linked them to other mesh objects and other normal prims. The prim count on one of the linked items went from 9 to 680 prims. What am I missing here? Can you link a normal prim to a mesh object or link multiple mesh objects together without the prim count going through the roof. Example I bought a mesh camel (4 prim land impact on it's own) I then linked it to some rope normal prims and a barrel which totalled 5 prims. If I rez that linked set at a SL sandbox it now shows as 688 prims. I don't get it. I did this today thinking there was an SL issue yesterday and same result. Can you not link mesh at all? Any explanation would help. Thank you, Tonimonastroniboni Oh
  4. Thank you all for your comments and posts. I posted here to primarily determine if this was possible since several scripters in-world gave me the reply of this being complex. I didn't trust those answers since I've purchased many items over the years with no support with promises and therefore, the best place to ask is the forum for scripters to get an honest reply. I thnk you all for taking time out to respond honestly and I appreciate that which now at least tells me that it is possible and I have your replies to help with that. Thank you all again and I wll visit the references as well as try to find a scripter to assist. Tonimonastroniboni Oh
  5. Hello All, I'm not a scripter but, I build. I've discussed this issue already with several scripters and left messages for others and haven't had much luck. I've also purchased some movement scripts with no luck. I'm looking for a script that will allow me to attach objects to a prim and for it to move on a straight line from point A to point B but, I want to be able to adjust the speed it moves. Think of it as either a conveyer belt or the way a wedding couple moves slowly down the aisle but, I want to have objects and prims move down that aisle slowly. I'd rather not use a tour system unless I have to. You can use a rotating script and slow it down by changing an integer in the script so I'm puzzled that you cannot adjust a movement script to slow down going from point A to point B. 1. Several scripters told me it's complex. 2. I have a script called "move back and forward on touch" which is perfect except the movement is too fast and I want control of it to slow it down to a crawl. 3. Is what I'm describing possible or is it so complex it would cost me a fortune? Not being a scripter, it doesn't make sense to me that it's not as easy as adding the slow down code from a roration script that let's me slow motion down to the script I currently have. Any help would be appreciated! Feel free to contact me in-world as well Tonimonastroniboni Oh
  6. Hi All, I went from older Firestorm to the latest and never had issues with my messages being capped. Now everyday they are capped and I shut off all group notices and even simple ones get capped. I was told by Firestorm it's SL since they have always had it set to 25 but, I never had any capped issues before and now I do everyday they go to e-mail even when it's only one or two messages and I've shut off every setting I can think of in he viewer to stop notices. Has anyone else had this issue and is there anyting that can be done since I was told this is SL server not viewer related or storage on my PC which has plenty. Any ideas or known issues of this since I've been a member for 5 years and never had messages capped everyday when I'm only getting maybe 3 messages a day. Thank you for your help!
  7. Hello, I'm looking for someone who is experienced and can build a custom copy Roman soldier AVI BOT with legs marching. If you are interested and can supply a reasonable quote, then please contact me in-world with a notecard or IM me. I don't have a dead line and I have been quoted some astronomical costs so if serious let me know and I copied a link of a soldier from Marketplace that you can use as an example of what I'm looking for in this BOT that just needs to have marching legs. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CROMAN-LEGION-From-MisterVW-2011-By-CHAMPAGNEsparkling-couture/3053610 Thank you, Tonimonastroniboni Oh
  8. My understanding was that it was only the standard viewer and Firestorm would continue.
  9. Thank you so much haven't tried this before but, that makes sense and I appreciate your help with this answer.
  10. Hello All, I have tried numerous times on different viewers to link at a sandbox and on estate land two prims 50x50 and then to another prim and I get the same error "prims to far apart". Now I know you have to be able to do this and I have screens and platforms 100X100. Did something change? Has anyone tried this and got errors and know a fix or know if it's a known issue that can't be done for some reason? Let me know thanks a bunch.
  11. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue. I purchased along with my wife a liquid mesh outfit at Redgrave and while I have had no issue with Mesh viewing or wearing it, if she puts on this so called liquid mesh she can see it fine in Firestorm and I see just the alpha and of course invisible is half her body. We tried rebaking etc. relogging etc and the only thing I can think of is Phoenix standard viewer doesn't support liquid mesh. Can anyone answer this or if anyone has come acorss this before? I am doing my best to hold off on upgrading to firestorm if I can help it even though it's not supported. Let me know. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Hi Everyone, after searching high and dry for Halloween streams for my land I searched the internet numerous times and finally since I have a MAC found a great site that told me how to get the actual URL needed from a radio stream on the internet for my About Land-Audio tab. You can't just copy a radio stream URL from the internet to use since that won't work. Here are some I converted already from a Halloween site Halloweenradio.net if you'd like to use them. I saw several posts here and no one really gave actually streams that can be used. Here are several you can use: Just copy them, go to World, About Land, Audio, close the window with the "x" and click your play button should ask you to play the stream and all should be good to go! Happy Halloween and I know this will make a lot of land owners happy if you're decorating or don't want to run your own music stream. YW Tonimonastroniboni Oh http://listen.radionomy.com/hr2011_atmosphere http://listen.radionomy.com/hr2011_kids-b http://listen.radionomy.com/hr2011_oldies
  13. What is ironic about this forum post is I've been in SL for 5 years spending a virtual fortune and on my MAC never had an issue with any viewer. Mid July I do nothing running Snow Leopard and Phoenix latest and SL 2.0 all of a sudden can't stay connected, can't tp, once my inventory loads 33,000 items boom I'm logged out, log back in crash follow instructions from tickets/forums, clear cache, check DNS, maybe it's your connection which it isn't and this goes for 2 tickets for Phoenix and SL no solution, go back to Snow Globe but, wait SL won't let you login anymore with 1.2 wonder why? so I use 1.4 and still same crashes, walk and can't tp, inventory loads and until it does all is well and then boom crash. So I've been in and out of SL only being able to stay connected short times now for months. Somedays I can login no issues all works other days same problems. What's wrong with this picture and all the other second lifetime folks here spending lindens? Fact - I ran Snow Leopard for months no issue at all Mid July 2011 boom constant crashing SL issues all viewers. What coincides with this issue Mesh release! All the forums, posts July 2011 and all of a sudden there's something wrong why? Fact - I log tickets follow tickets that refer to tickets, I follow support instructions from tickets and no resolution, I view forums to try this and that, then I find forums saying load Lion and it works for me on some viewers so I spend the money and upgrade my memory and upgrade to Lion and same song and dance everyone blaming this on Apple well guess what why are we calling Apple to fix this issue if in fact it's a MAC issue? Shouldn't the Lindens be calling Apple? Aren't we the ones spending money in world as I have for years? Why is this dragging on and why is it that not only is this impacting SL viewers but, also Phoenix as well? Fact - I love SL it is my virtual second life as with many of you but, stands to reason leaving well enough wasn't enough and now there is mesh and the variable in all of this isn't Snow Leopard or Lion it's everything worked perfectly for all of us on MAC's and now in July something happened and for me it wasn't Lion cause I didn't upgrade then. Fact - I want my Second Life back and I don't want to go out and buy a new computer now cause these issues occurred for SL at the same time on multiple platforms and multiple viewers. I work with software everyday and sunsetting is a standard but, while I see posted about Lindens testing what I don't see is we contacted Apple and there might be a compatibility issue on several OS's we didn't anticipate moving to Mesh. If you want to test the theory give us an area running no Mesh updates going back to pre-July and let us login with an older viewer if it works on Lion and Snow Leopard then we can pinpoint the root cause not let us fight to stay connected to SL when in fact we're not newbs we're paying SL customers for years and enjoy it so help us and let us continue without making this process of guessing so costly when we want to spend money in SL to have fun! Thank you I think I said enough!
  14. Hello, I am looking for anyone who has or is capable of producing a Pavarotti Avatar look a like and I'm also looking for anyone who has an Opera company in SL or has a business to act out an Opera performance in SL with recorded music for a personal event of mine. Not looking for anyone to sing live just act out an Italian Opera with knowledge of Opera. I'd like to produce ’Vide cor Meum’ it’s a mini opera composed by Patrick Cassidy for Hannibal based on Dante’s ’La Vita Nuova’ and several other acts from different Italian Opera's for this event and opening. If you know of anyone or are involved in anything that I mentioned please contact me in world please. There is no rush for the event and performers will be on a separate sim to reduce lag for attendees and will be paid of course. Thank you, Tonimonastroniboni Oh GM of the BOSL Magazine Browns SFL team
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