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  1. Yes I've been having the same trouble, getting logged out, and I couldn't see my home region for four hours. A cleared cache and several restarts later I got back in, but I just now tried an alt, who couldn't get anywhere until I used the official viewer. Firestorm and BD had the problems.
  2. I'll be praying. Oh wait, I do that every day. Hmm, well, what if I pray, but dressed all in black?
  3. Well, it's an alternative to cats, but I'm not a Momoa fan.
  4. Salad dressing, not mayonnaise. I grew up with Heinz.
  5. I have no skill in woodworking; I just enjoy seeing a craftsman at work.
  6. @Doris JohnskyYou're right! As you've been kind enough to leave the game open, I'll cut it down. Fido met ghost today. Which was Kitty hehe
  7. Autumn underground; buried leaves. I don't know what it means either, but it's poetic.
  8. Christmas Fun Factory!
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