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  1. Sorry @Ayeleeon, you missed Doris's reply, so I'll carry on from hers. Frogs in wet lands.
  2. He has no power over you except what you allow. As for Bloodlines, it has no effect on you unless you join the game.
  3. Where are these rare people? I need them in my life. No, I don't want your money, or to make you a slave, or to join in with whatever bonkers method is fashionable today. I simply want this: people who have read and accepted this and this. I thank you. By all means discuss and post cat pics!
  4. If you hear "We run them in" when you listen to this, you're probably British.
  5. Night has many stars. Unless you're here then it's mostly cloudy, or there are too many street lights, but I can dream.
  6. I've just watched the first episode on Netflix. Fifteen minutes in I wasn't sure I'd continue as it's fairly ugly, but having reached the end of the episode I've warmed to the lead character and a couple of others. The story might prove unoriginal, but we'll see.
  7. Cake has magical properties. I make mistakes here too and don't mind being corrected for the sake of a good game. I seem to have a cake fixation.
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