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  1. I didn't mean that a Linden would be sitting there all day, but short visits at irregular times can help to regulate behaviour. Linden Liaisons used to be on duty and patrolling all the public places, checking on behaviour and cleaning up messes as well as helping people learn the basics. Alas, that pot of wage money has long since gone. As for English, well, it is and has been spoken outside of the US for a long time. I'm English and I should know. Of course, not all new people speak English either, so that's why there were International Liaisons.
  2. Public places used to be patrolled by Lindens. I have no idea whether they still do that but by the sound of it they don't, and that's a shame for a company that says it wants to welcome new people and keep them.
  3. *Wipes away a tear for forgotten times and goes back to something still being played*.
  4. I've been watching the Netflix show Katla. This isn't the song I really want to highlight, as that doesn't seem to be available (the closing music in episode 5), but this is extraordinary, and connected with the show. It might remind you of Ligeti in parts.
  5. I've just seen the fifth episode in the short season of 'Katla'. This is literal nordic noir, as everything's covered in volcanic ash. I wish I could play you the closing music of episode 5 as it's beautiful, but I've yet to see it available.
  6. You can blame me for that suggestion. I thought the topic would stand a better chance of not being closed or deleted if it were stated up front and could therefore become a matter of relevance to the topic. Here's what I said: - That's an interesting idea. Don't forget to say 'no politics' at the beginning or the topic won't last the week.
  7. In case you fell asleep listening to that.
  8. This isn't my usual taste but a version of it came up in feed, and I looked for a better link, and it's harmless enough.
  9. For pity's sake, take the arguments to topics set up for them or shut the expletive deleted up.
  10. Then I don't understand what you're saying. Why should everything about the site except uploads be a problem? If the whole website were lagging, surely you wouldn't see them as fast as you say you do?
  11. That's an interesting idea. Don't forget to say 'no politics' at the beginning or the topic won't last the week.
  12. I sympathise with your loss and subsequent sensitivity but you might just have to stick it when people post images of smoking. It is hard to know where to draw the line sometimes. I'm not bothered by images of smoking, even though my dear grandfather died of lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking. Granted he had a long life but it's not a nice way to go at all. I don't like images that mock Christianity or abuse Christian symbols for the sake of being edgy (how banal), but I can't jump on everyone who does it or I'd be doing that all day.
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