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  1. Now I'm nostalgic. I did have a topic on film and tv music but it's long gone so I'll fling in a few from different eras that I like here.
  2. I'm sorry but when I posted this game as a topic it was in the expectation that people would follow the simple rule, or else it becomes another game, and there are plenty to choose from. Yes, I meant it as fun, but part of the fun is working the grey cells to come up with an answer. I make mistakes here too and I don't mind at all being called out on it. Let's not argue, just enjoy the game as it is. What's next? Cake, naturally.
  3. Sorry @Kytteh Wytchwoodbut you've only used one of four words, and @Bagnu you changed one of the two words you used. I'm going back to the entry by @Rolig Loon, which was Aspiring gangster .. bloody future. Aspiring today. Future bright.
  4. This is about my level of Halloweeniness. By the man who brought you this, which is a much better song, IMO.
  5. Water from the sky. It looks like rain on the way here.
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