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  1. Lag affects what happens when you hit banlines too. It seems to me that you get bounced harder when the lag is greater. Another safe area for boating is the Sea of Fables. There's a rez point at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bohol/215/82/23
  2. Another avenue is to look for corporations who have used the RegAPI. Linden Lab reused the RegAPI and estate features set up for corporations when they allowed 13-15s to sign up. Companies often don't want avatars (often bearing the name of the corporation as their last name) to be seen in the more interesting parts of SL, so LL set up a way to restrict the avatars to a single estate (and not to have access to the Marketplace). Those features came in handy when the grids merged. I know someone who's part of a company that sets up RegAPI for others. They work with charities a lot too. I'll send you a notecard in-world with the information. I think the guidelines don't allow me to post it here.
  3. My vanity is all about building, not avatars, but here's one to represent the less-youthful avatars of SL.
  4. Linden Lab can't connect your SL profile to your FB account unless you choose to link them yourself. LL doesn't know what your FB (or any other) account is, so how could they link them? Go to https://my.secondlife.com then to Settings, then the Privacy tab. Change the settings to whatever makes you comfortable. I set my Feed to none and everything else to Second Life. That puts my profile exactly where it's always been: accessible to people logged into SL (website or in-world) but not to the rest of the internet. I disabled Feed because I'd never use it anyway. You're far more exposed to the internet by posting in the forums, btw.
  5. Since there have been so many pictures of beauties, it's time for a beast.
  6. A common cause is your voice is being retransmitted through the other person's microphone, especially if the person you're talking with is using speakers and a separate microphone rather than a headset. They won't hear the echo, but you will.
  7. https://my.secondlife.com, Settings, Notifications will let you get rid of various email and in-world notifications. Sorry, I duplicated Roseysun Galicia's post when I answered WolfBaginski's post. I should've read the first posts first.
  8. @WolfBaginski: Your profile doesn't have to be open to everyone. In https://my.secondlife.com go to Settings, then the Privacy tab. You can specify there what parts of your profile are visible to Everyone, Second Life, Friends, or Nobody.
  9. One thing you could do is modify the windows by putting a vertical section in the middle of each so that the two wide windows become four smaller ones. Those would be more fitting to a country kitchen. A sculpty that reproduces window sashes & panes would work well in the openings. To avoid bleed-through you have to find curtains/valances that have no alpha (transparency) at all -- not in the texture itself or via prim setting (in the texture tab). I'm rushed right now, but later I'll post a link to any window sculpties I find. I know they exist, and I could use them in updating the windows in my old cabin.
  10. Thank you. I'm glad you liked my work. I've enjoyed all the pictures, but the inspiration I have from this topic is to design a house. I've tended to build very large skybox structures rather than houses. I think the last small house-like structure I did was a few years ago. It was meant to be an office space on Nonprofit Commons, but we ended up making it into an art gallery.  Obviously it wasn't meant to be serious at all. The background may seem a bit strange. I rezzed it in this: I see beta Viewer 2.8.1 has some problems with the sky at 3000 meters. This was a fun topic, valerie. Thanks for starting it.
  11. I'll go back in time a bit. Here's part of my land in summer 2010:  and again, but playing with water settings  Spring/summer 2010 was an attempt at a fantasy look:  And fall 2010 was the beginning of the shift to the current look (with a total rebuild for winter in between): 
  12. Very nice pictures! I especially like the first one. The FL Wright Museum is gone, as of the beginning of the year, I think. The group that ran it had an agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation that allowed them to make reproductions of Wright's work in SL. When the agreement expired the Foundation refused to renew it and the museum had to close. The region is still there and landmarks to the Wright museum still work, but the region has a new name and is run by Virtual Museums Incorporated. It's interesting, but not FL Wright. :matte-motes-frown:
  13. Did you try this link? http://secondlife.com/land/lindenhomes/?lang=en-US
  14. I believe you chose the correct category. Here's what the Lindens say (from http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Filing-an-abuse-report/ta-p/700065): How to report an underage Resident The Second Life Terms of Service require all Residents be at least 16 years old, with the exception of 13-15 year old Residents restricted to the estate of a sponsoring institution. For more information, see Teens in Second Life. If you find someone under 16 years of age outside the estate of a sponsoring institution, here's what to do: Make sure the person has actually admitted underage status in his or her own words in inworld chat (for example by saying, "I'm fourteen"). We cannot accept hearsay, rumors, or admissions made on external instant messaging programs or any areas outside of Second Life. Inworld, use Help > Report Abuse to bring up the abuse report tool. Click Select category and choose Age. Enter the required information as indicated, and please be specific. If you recently heard an underage admission in chat, copy-and-paste the snippet into the Details field. If it happened earlier and you don't have a chat record, just recite as much as you remember to help us understand what to look for. Click the Report Abuse button and our Abuse Team will investigate it and take appropriate action. Thanks for your help.  They're imprecise -- the closest I saw was something like Age - Teen resident outside Teen Second Life.
  15. I believe they were referring to the Firestorm viewer, which is in beta. It's Viewer 2 done by the Phoenix people and is customizable to come close to the V1 interface. I've been using it awhile and find it to be quite stable. You can read about Firestorm at http://www.phoenixviewer.com/ I tried the latest LL beta viewer (2.8) and didn't see anything in it or the release notes about changing the GUI.
  16. Your region looks very peaceful, though someone trying to get a boat to the dock might disagree. I wondered what was tragic about Taliesin, so I looked it up as you suggested. I've read a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright and never before run across what happened at his home. I admit I'm more interested in his architecture than his personal life, but it seems like something that would've come up. Did you spend time at the FL Wright Museum in SL?
  17. I just heard a talk (in SL) by one of the Mayo Clinic's people. They do in-world meetings and classes, and much more. IBM was holding meetings in-world, but I believe they went to a private grid. Any company that wants to hold serious meetings is likely to use a closed estate and RegAPI. That way their people register through the company and can be/are restricted to the company's estate. They'd be invisible to the rest of us. I've been in meetings held via telephone conference call. I'd much rather meet in SL. I don't classify my in-world activities as roleplay, but that's because we have different definitions of roleplay.
  18. Thank you valerie, you're very kind. In hopes of keeping the thread going so more pictures of more gardens will arrive, here are a couple from a temporary build at Nonprofit Commons for a 1920s Lawn Party. Since the party's location was a flat grassy area surrounded by distinctly non-1920s buildings, the area needed to be isolated from its surroundings. This was built from stuff in inventory. Most came from Heart with a few things from Botanical and Organica. I know there are a lot of talented gardeners out there, so how about some pictures?
  19. @valerie: It looks great -- I really like that house too. @kryptic: Great job and good pictures. I prefer it without the backdrop. I'm afraid my pictures will pale in comparison to the preceding two posts, but here are a few more shots. This cabin has been tweaked over the years, but it still has some prims and textures from 2006 when I built it Nothing much growing here, but I like the shot. A couple shots of the grove that was in my first set of pictures.
  20. Thank you. Yes, those trees are from Botanical.
  21. De-lurking for a moment ... here are 3 pictures from my land. You all have done very nice work, btw. Derezzing...
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