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  1. I hope LL makes it so it'll download with 64 bit Windows 7 soon cause time is running out. I'm only able to run Phoenix. Firestorm viewer my inventory doesn't load and the search function doesn't work. What's the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit that the viewer will not download?
  2. A kitten or a fully gown house cats. Such as a Tabby, Persian, Siamese......walking on all fours... those type of cat avatars is what I mean.
  3. I've seen a lot of dog avatars and everything else but no high quality made cat avatars yet.. Anyone know if cat avatars are available?
  4. I'm getting a message trying to log in "Inventory not available". What does that mean?
  5. Nakisha13

    Avatar Mesh

    WOW, that's really nice! I was chatting with with some older players and they said the avatars used to have a sheen to them or something that kinda made them look like plastic which helped.
  6. Nakisha13

    Avatar Mesh

    Is Linden Lab planning on introducing a tighter mesh screen for our avatars in the near future? I think it would make the avatars body smoother looking. Looks to chiseled as it is. Just noticing how awful my tummy looked laying on a beach towel with my rib cage all sucked in and my skin with spikes and ridges.
  7. on the After I just doctored up the photo with gimp's color picker and painted off the dark tones
  8. Does anyone sell a skin that does not have that nasty flabby sagging appearing midriff? I can't find a descent skin that does not have that God awful look. We're suppose to be fighting to keep from having it not proudly displaying it. It's even on a lot of skins for kids of all places. 0.o I'm looking for a skin that has slight natural abdominal definition. I won't even wear a bikini it bothers me so much. LOL
  9. So I'm happily boating along exploring the water ways in my little boat when unexpectedly greeted with a ban line that unseats me and returns my boat to my inventory. =( Why can't it be so that your simply bumped away so you are able to work your way around the ban line then continue on?
  10. WOW! That is so buried I would have never found it! TYSM
  11. Where is the View Hover tips over objects and land located on LL viewer?
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