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  1. Dullahan_Host.exe has stopped working is happening like like 50 times a day. I added it to my AV whitelist but it still just constantly pops up. Where can i find my viewer logs?
  2. Same here....logged in....got logged out ...and now cannot log in.
  3. Grid Status says everything is running but i cannot log in for about ab hour now...and when i try the secondlife.com site i get this... I'm having no issues with any other sites.
  4. Saw this of a viewer patch that allows mirrors. It looks totally AWESOME, would absolutlely LOVE to see this worked into the viewers. https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=LUI0t_y3ckI Here is another video where someone rezzed 15 mirrors and 3 avatars and said the lag wasnt bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhN2HnQl6g8
  5. If you suspect the seller could be a scammer, look at sellers profile. If they're only few weeks old then there might be a chance they created new account to sell stolen items. I'm not saying all new accounts ARE scammers. I'm just saying buyer needs to be really aware. Some guy asked me to rig some mesh for him the other day. He swore he made it in blender. This mesh was really well textured and made,but this guy was COMPLETELY clueless about anything in blender. It was obvious he ripped it from the video game. I looked at his MP store and it was all similar mesh, all full perm, all cheap. Even if i hadn't met the guy before i would have suspected something fishy, but yeah.....he was only few months old and i suspect he made the account just for selling the ripped mesh.
  6. I fell for the same thing with the reviews. There must have been over 50 five star reviews for an AO. I noticed some bad reviews but figured heck theres so many giving glowing reviews it can't that bad. Well it was, it was awful. Most of the animations were poses. The only thing i could think was this guy has a LOT of alts. I now read the low ratings and see if their complaint sounds reasonable. Another time, i was looking at someones store on MP and was kinda struck that EVERY item had 5 or 6 reviews and all five star reviews. EVERY item was reviewed....totally unbelievable....so i was just checking out these glowing reviews and noticed they're all made by the same people lol.... AND!! the person got lazy writing the reviews and was copying and pasting same short text ie: "nicely done" "superb product" So yeah reviews are gamed, but you can kinda tell. I usualy avoid big ticket items unless i see it inworld or demo. And something you can also try is contact someone who left the latest review. Someone once contacted me, and i was happy to show them why i was happy with my purchase.
  7. What are you into doing? Think of something you'd like to try and see if there's a sim for it. I like playing multiplayer zyngo. I go to the same spot and pretty soon i'm a regular and get to know the other players. I work on uniforms for ww2 roleplay sims and hang out there all the time and pretty soon i'm chatting to everyone. There's groups for all the different countries , allied or axis and once you're in they give notices when they all get together for battles or whatever. There's Western sims like the old west....i dress up like a Native i like to wander around or even canoe from sim to sim and go meet people. Just giving you some examples. Think of something that interests you and it's almost guaranteed there's a sim for it. Even if you're just a wallflower(like me ) , sooner or later you're gonna make friends.
  8. You can resell stuff made by others, but i think a lot of people know it's cookie cutter mesh and avoid it. I get bored and go shopping all the time and run into it a lot but for the most part pass right on by. I already tried the demos and know it does or doesn't fit and unless it comes in like 50 different textures for a low price i ain't interested. I think ripped mesh poses a bigger problem. I spend hours and hours......days... weeks even working on a uniform for my business, then, true story, i got approached to rig mesh uniforms for someone. He showed me what he has. 100's of outfits and uniforms ripped from a video game. Mesh and texture files. Incredible stuff. He's talking of selling this stuff for half of my price. I told him he's killing creativity in SL. He didn't understand what i was talking about. I tried to explain as much as i love working on outfit my best reward comes from seeing someone buying and wearing it, and it's kind of disheartening to see someone with zero creation simply rip files from a video game and put me out of business.
  9. I have the same problem on my laptop. The touchpad doesn't work in mouselook. I plug in a remote mouse and it works though. Kinda a pain but i can live with it
  10. I've had legally purchased Akeyo dances removed as well, and a couple friends told me same thing. Not sure what the deal is with Akeyo but they are the only ones that have been removed other than freebies. I went to Akeyo and clicked on a redelivery consol and it remembered my purchases and resent them.
  11. I made some sidewalks out of mesh and not sure if it was a physic issue or what, but i just noticed at the ends of my sidewalk i fall through. The same spot on bth sidewalks. I didn't use any special physics when i uploaded, just did the calculate weights and fees and uploaded. The sidewalks were fine for a while but suddenly now for some strange reason the ends are now phantom
  12. Hi Ginger i make uniforms for both men and women. I make all my uniforms to fit me (tiny) and fit guys as well, but unfortuantely i can only list them in one category (mens uniforms) Some are exclusively womens and listed in womens uniforms, but most are made to fit both like combat uniforms and such. Not sure if it's ok to post my MP link but you can IM me inworld if you'd like. I'd be happy to show you some of my uniforms.
  13. I'm getting the messages "cannot create requested inventory" for everything i try to wear. I cannot wear anything from my inventory. I tired in both Olber and Ibarnon regions
  14. I missed the meeting so i don't know if Adhesion Contracts were discussed. But i was thinking the TOS might be considered an Adhesion Contract and some point might be invalidated if scutinized in court. http://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/adhesion_contract_contract_of_adhesion
  15. basic building really. Unless you want to make it mesh or sculpted prim. You can try the Ivory Tower of Prims to get ideas on what you can do with prims. Builders brewery is a good group to join for advice on building. This site here has some good pointers for prim torture to make intricate shapes http://ayumicassini.blogspot.com/2009/07/ultimate-guide-to-prim-twisting.html
  16. what hair is the one your wearing in the pics? I'd love to try it, even if it isn't mesh.
  17. ImaTest wrote: Hey I never claimed the MP works as it should at all times. I know for a fact the option did not exist when I attempted to edit a review a year and a half ago. Else I wouldn't have said so. Just as some people are having a hard time even leaving a review at all all of a sudden, while others are not. I also know the whole review system aside from the general complaints, has had a buttload of problems for at least the last two years now. I know MP is buggy and does weird things sometimes. I was just saying i know it wasn't that long ago that at least I was able to edit a review. Thats all.
  18. Waiting a couple weeks doesn't seem all that bad. If it messes with scammers then i'm all for it. If you go to work for another gaming company, tell them you want to be paid every couple days and see how that goes over. They'll probably tell you no, they pay every two weeks.
  19. ImaTest wrote: The edit option on reviews has been gone for quite some time. I don't know exactly when they eliminated it but I do know it's been gone well over a year and a half. I only know because I tried and was unable to, whereas before we were. I just looked at a review i edited, the date shows as January 23, 2013
  20. Looks like they got rid of the edit option on reviews. uggghhh so yeah, now apparently you have to delete your review........so disappointed with LL right now. Can you please put the EDIT option back for reviews??
  21. last i knew you could comment on reviews and customers were allowed to edit reviews to change them
  22. I thought it was fixed with the release of new viewers. It seemed like it was fixed for a little while. But noticed the same prims that weren't rezzing before, have started doing it once more. It's always the same prims every time.
  23. I don't know what the big pain was. I heard all these stories, omg is going to be terrible, DD is awful ect ect. I was putting it off putting it off dreading it, from hearing so many people going on and on about it. When i finally did it, I think it took me about 5 minutes. It was so easy I thought maybe i did something wrong, but I did a few test buys and everything worked.
  24. Whirly Fizzle wrote: You list perfectly all the symptoms of the "DNS bug". See VWR-26759 for details on that. You need to change over using Google Public DNS. This post has some nicely written instructions. Best of luck! Whirly, you suggested i try google public DNS a while back. i kinda chickened out cause i was afraid i'd break something I finally looked into it today...it was REALLY easy and the results are INCREDIBLE!!!! OMG just incredible!!! before when i teleported to a store i would get logged off, relog, wait ...and wait..and wait for sale textures to load....go make some coffee and see if they're loaded yet....lot of times they would half load and just stop and i'd half to texture refresh to see them. Today i been teleporting with NO LOGOFFS!!! ...and....textures are loading within a minute....EVERY sales sign loads and loads clearly SOOO FAST!! I'm teleporting to big stores i never been to before and EVERYTHING LOADS IN A MINUTE!! Thank You TYTYTYTYTYTYTY!!!!! :DDDD
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