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  1. It's not so much a vampire sim as it is World of Darkness fan sim. The World of Darkness is basically a series of games allowing you to play vampires, werewolves, wraiths (ghosts), demons, and others. The animal vampires were written into the game because waaaaay back in human history people believed that vampires and werewolves were the same thing. Basically what I meant was that in this sim the creators don't care about the other stuff so they are forcing people to be vampires and limiting the werewolves. It betrays the entire notion of setting up a fandom sim for people to enjoy when it doesn't even allow most of the content. It'd be like if a Star Wars sim forbid wookies and jedi, and this is pretty much what every single roleplaying sim does: InSilico only looks cyberpunk, but they have banned everything that defines that genre. Midian city is even worse because they replaced the stuff they banned with stuff that isn't even consistent with the genre they went for. The only sim I have ever seen that is at all faithful to its them is Drekiheim (not sure of the spelling on that).
  2. Hey all, avid role player here. I've noticed a huge trend in Second Life regarding roleplay communities. That trend is that most communities with a specific genre in focus have a terrible habit of forbidding almost everything that defines that genre/focus/demographic. One of the most prosperous places would be InSilico, which is a cyberpunk city and roleplay center. The problem is that it refuses to allow the vast majority of what makes something fit into that genre. InSilico is effectively a stock futuristic looking city that could be mistaken for something from Star Wars if you didn't know any better (I say that because I've actually heard people refer to it as such). A similiar phenomenon is happening at this new World of Darkness place coming out: In WoD you play as vampires, werewolves, wraiths, demons, and more. In this sim you are forced to be a human-vampire (there appears to be some allowance to other things, but they are making it public that they are focusing on vampires). One of the vampire clans is pretty much designed around animals and turning into one, but at the sim they are forbiding the usage of animal avatars. That effectively eliminates about 8% of the entire vampire mythology right there, and Vampire made up about 33% of the entire franchise, if not more. It's absolutely absurd how so few communities out there actually obey their own goals. It's more like the community is created so that the founder of the group/sim can have his own personal version of whatever roleplay that community is meant to be participating in. Something made in his vision, and his vision alone, so that he can play with his own private fantasy. Has anyone else noticed this? I could list so many other places, but that'd take forever.
  3. I just recently purchased an avatar through the marketplace. It has nice and detailed descriptions and tons of positive reviews. The screenshots of the avatar look amazing, but it costs more than twice the normal avatar does (2000 linden as opposed to the usual aproximate 800, give or take a few hundred). Normally that'd be a violation due to price inflation, but I decided to shrug it off this time. There was one bad review, but I figured that this guy must have been that one dude who complains about everything considering the other 3 pages of 4 and 5 star reviews, so I went and spent the money for the product and popped it open in SL. What I found made most freebies look like the Sistine Chapel: The provided AO is slapped together and extremely robotic, kind of like C3PO from Star Wars. One of the major features advertised is incompatible with the majority of locations because it requires rezzing rights to use (the product description does not mention this). I am 100% convinced that the retailer has been using alternate accounts or friends or something in order to inflate his/her reviews, because I have yet to find a single resident in game who was not disgusted by the lack of quality in this avatar, nevermind the fact that it has a ridiculously inflated price tag. In fact, that one single review I mentioned earlier that scoffed at this product turned out to be correct about everything, and so this is why I feel that there is some anti-trust going on. I've already reported it for price inflation (heck, look at all the furry avatars selling for 600 to 1000 linden), but I don't think that will be getting my 2 grand back. Last, but certainly not least, I did some digging around on the retailer and what I found is that similiar patterns are seen on other products of theirs: low quality item and overpriced, high praise feedback. So my question is this: What can I do to get my money back after being scammed here? If it was just pocket change then I wouldn't care, but in my currency this amounts to a whopping 8 bucks (which is supposed to go a longish way in SL).
  4. Nope, it's something I bought off of the marketplace. All my mesh stuff came from there, and they are all causing this glitch. It kinda sucks, especially because it only started recently. My only guess is that it has somthing to do with the most recent patch.
  5. Greetings fellow peoples of SL. I've been using mesh clothing parts for a while now, and I've never had any troubles. But earlier today I put on a mesh "jacket" for my sergal avatar and I noticed instantly that the hands beneath the paw attachments had done a five finger spread. I spent hours figuring out what was going on, but eventually, after wearing two other entirely unrelated mesh tops, that it's the tops which are breaking the hand posing. And it's not just temporary either; the hands will not correct themselves until after I go through the character test reset thingy. To elaborate further, the hands spread the fingers wide, they seem to grow in size to at least 50, and they refuse to interact with anything (Will not obey any AO's, will not dissapear when put under an alpha, etc). It does this no matter which mesh torso/arm items I use, and on every single avatar I have. Anybody else experienced this? Anybody ever fixed the problem?
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