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  1. I could not agree with you more on that one Monti.
  2. I bought an object that was listed as full perm; in the description it listed all items that were to come with it which included dae and PSD files. The problem is that once purchased I found that it does not contain either of the files as advertised. I contacted the seller directly to which he replied that I would get the files after he “creates” them. Upon further investigation of the object, the creator is not the same person as the seller which started to raise some alarms a bit. The origin of the object in question at this time was now in my mind. I gave the seller 3 days to send the files before I made any kind of posting in the review section. After the three days was up, I made a negative review; respectful but negative review indicating that what was purchased is not what was advertised. I then found a few hours later that the seller removed the listing, only to relist again so that the negative review cannot be seen. It is practices like this that make me stay away from the Marketplace as much as possible. The marketplace is a paradise for scammers and copybotters these days. Think I am kidding, look up skin or hair and watch how many so called merchants are selling a well known skin from a company that does not have reselling. I have lists of this mess that I have been tracking. We can’t report any of this because we are not the owners of the property rights, and the way the flagging system is made it does nothing but protect the scammers/copybotters. I am very disappointed in the Marketplace as a whole due to things as I said above, because it makes things harder for legitimate merchants like myself and the many other great creators and designers out there. I am most likely wasting my time writing here, or will get some response from someone telling me that I am in violation of something or another for posting this, yet these scammers can blatantly sell their ill-gotten merchandise and no one bats an eyelid. Disgraceful.
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