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  1. Just wondered if logins are disabled again
  2. I kind of equate it to those that get into a vendor's group and ask for a landmark, when truth is that in less time it takes for you to open the group chat box, ask the question in group and wait for someone to send you the land mark, you could have been in the store by simply opening search and typing the name of the store and clicking teleport. Shrugs
  3. If I understand your question, sounds like you are setting up a v2 shoutcast server. I personally don't like v2. I would recommend you go to forums.shoutcast.com and ask there as its their product. They have a tech support forum you can ask. They'd probably be the best bet on a right answer. By the way, if you are looking to setup a server of your own, and you are running it out of your home, I hope you have a lot and I mean A LOT of bandwidth. With most residential ISP's, 4-5 listeners and your server will be choking. If you are using a server like a VPS or dedicated server, then I'd recommend getting a control panel like centova cast which will do all you need in it's own installation, then you just create your individual server for you to use.
  4. So based on this, every person at the club I was at has this issue with their machine? Why would it not do the same thing on iTunes or winamp when listening to the same stream there. Whiel everyone else is saying its fading out, I'm hearing it just fine. Just wondering because I find it odd that every experienced the same issue at the same time even when an object was being rezzed or taken into inventory. I heard the same thing last night a different location. It was a clothing store. The radio station playing faded out then back in for no reason. Just has me baffled.
  5. This is something that's been happening for quite a while, but lately it just seems to get worse and worse. I was at a club yesterday and the music kept fading out then fading back in. Sounded like the fading of music when you TP from one place to another. It was happening quite a number of times. When I went to my home location I was listening to a radio station from the net. The same thing was happening. Then I noticed that it happened just as I rezzed a box out, then again when I took it back into inventory. It also happened when nothing was being rezzed and I was only the one on the sim. So I'm not sure what's going on. I was at a club earlier today and nothing happened, but I just left the same club just a few minutes ago (after returning later in the day) and sure enough it happened. Someone suggested that I listen to the station on something other than the viewer (Firestorm), so I asked a friend to see if they heard it also and upon me rezzing a box they did. so I put the url into my iTunes and listening to it while my friend listened via the viewer. They heard it fading, however on iTunes, I did not heard any fading. The sound was solid. I did bring this up to the Firestorm support group thinking it was a viewer issue and was told that it's probably my laptop, which ok I can buy that as a reason, but then why do others hear the fade out/in yet when I listen on iTunes, it's steady as a rock? Any thoughts on why music will fade out then fade in?
  6. In the end, people don't like paying the worth of a product. Instead they opt for "cheap", and when the item they purchased doesn't work for them, they go ballistic. That doesn't mean that cheap items are not good... but I have seen time and time again someone pay, say, 25L for a product instead of the 500L version, and when the 25L version doesnt fit, or work, or has issues. they rip the creator/seller a new one. If you don't want to buy the higher priced item, don't buy it. If it's something you really want, and its a reputable seller, bite the bullet and pay for it. You probably won't regret it.
  7. 42 groups to 60... add more picks.... truth is no matter how much they add to either area, it will never be enough for many. 42 groups is fine for me. I would like more picks, but it;s not a deal breaker.
  8. Does anyone know if LL is no longing looking at those who violate the traffic gaming rules? I went to a store yesterday that had a traffic listing of over 70,000. When I arrived there had to be at least 50 bots on the land, but no one in the store. I went to another place selling a similar product - one that I know won't bring in 10's of thousand's in traffic. No on in store, yet over 41000 in traffic. I look on map and there's a bunch of bots up in the sky. Went to 3rd vendor. Same thing. over 20,000 in traffic, but no one in store and bots in sky. Have the rules changed, or has LL just given up? Do people use web search rather than places now?
  9. Stick with SAM... it's the only broadcasting software that will tell you what the error might possibly be with an error code. Last time I Iooked none of the others offered this. It's a lot easier to troubleshoot things when you know what the issue be wrong. Click here for a listing of some of the error codes:http:// sambroadcaster.wikispaces.com/ERROR+NUMBERS If you get something saying " cannot send data fast enough" you might want to contact your ISP or stream provider for help (but most times that error inidcates a problem on your end, your isp or the net itself). Good luck!
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