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  1. Since we're going to be petty, I'll just say it. You're wrong. What I'm trying to explain is that this is not normal for SL, period. It has never acted like this on ANY of the 5 computers I've had it on, only this one. It's a computer issue, or something incorrectly setup or installed. I realize that second life is not your typical viewer. Check out Ayden Sivocci, he's my original av. You can see I'm quite an experienced user, been around for about 6 years. I don't understand why some people insist that it's a PEBKAC error when it's clearly something software or hardware related, if y
  2. Pussycat Catnap wrote: You've hit one of the many places where SL 'makes no sense for a virtual world' - there will be many more for you to find if you're used to any other virtual world out there. But it works this way on every other machine that I have, with any viewer. My mouse won't even allow me to move. It's not a feature or a lack of being standard, it's a glitch, or a setting that needs to be figured out, I'm just trying to do that.
  3. I edited the original post to clarify. I'm not concerned so much about mouselook. Not sure why I originally mentioned it, to be honest. When I try to orbit the camera or turn left or right (whether still or walking) it takes a long time. I can take a video if that would help. Thing is, I've tried multiple viewers (sl, firestorm, etc) with the same issue, both older version and newer ones. Even followed the 'clean install' directions for firestorm. Thinking about pulling my hard drive and putting it in my desktop to see if it still happens
  4. I should have specified, this is with my arrow keys. My mouse works ok, actually.
  5. When I'm not in mouselook, my viewer will not allow me to turn left or right using the arrow keys. So I can walk in a straight line. And I have the same issue when I'm trying to orbit the camera. When I do, it moves very slowly. It would take me a good 5 minutes to turn 360 degrees. I've tried the SL viewer, firestorm, and even some old emerald viewers, so I'm pretty sure it's a problem with my laptop (I usually use my desktop, and there's no issue whatsoever). Tips/tricks/suggestions are WELCOME
  6. Obedient submissive female seeking a Dom/me. I am mature with a good avatar. I would prefer you contact me in world, directly, brandic001
  7. Submissive slavegirl seeking an owner for 24/7 restraint, humiliation, or anything my new master may desire. I'm loyal, honest, loving and obedient. Please PM me inworld.
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