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  2. Constantine Linden said they would be giving us Linden made orbs and those will be the only ones allowed in the new housing. They won't tp home, just kick off the land.
  3. what I would like to see would a removal of the ability for orbs to tp people home. Afterall if you just eject someone from your land they are off your land.
  4. I have a Horizons lot i'm selling.
  5. Being able to cross regions without being logged out would be nice.
  6. Can't. Needs new LSL calls that LL would have to implement.
  7. You are actually violating one of the community standards by editing the quote to make it seem like Blush said something else this falls under Impersonation, linking below: https://gyazo.com/0fc9dae663715cd2059191aa0a5384b4 Edit: Another possible community standard violation is intolerance specifically defamation as gyazo'd here since you're representing Blush as to have said that. https://gyazo.com/ab02b6e23a695ecf9c7e74fed96f3bbb
  8. I’m not aware of any rule it violates. Please feel free to bring it to my attention if it does.
  9. I joined SL many years ago,and deleted my avi after heart attacks and sl don't seemed very interesting too. But now I m back and everything is good even if I walk alone around sims))
  10. Your edit was not what they were trying to say at all. To put words into other people's mouth that they aren't saying and to misrepresent and edit the quote feature is rather unkind and not to mention an abuse of the quotation system. It is not going in with civil discourse that @Patch Linden has requested. @Constantine Linden
  11. Crazy lag at little bones and local chat spammers. But hairs are amazing
  12. ^^^For this, the rest of the grid doesn't have these linden homes. If they did an option to choose one of these homes, in a 1024 parcel in the old linden home set up with that it would be great. Having regions where they can have this. Some have already gone back to the old linden homes the only problem with this is that the old linden homes have been announced that they are going to be phased out. Soon they are not going to have these options and instead for the same amount of prims they'll need to hope they can find and BUY a parcel on top of their subscription to do so. This is a linden home you're given, on a size, plus prims to decorate versus just the prims to decorate and now oh yeah find a house, and find this and ... not the same thing. As a person that is hoping the ban lines that aren't needed. I am debating this because while I personally don't mind not having them I can see the reason for them and would love if I run into enough problems that the option would be available if needed. Looking at it for a community as a whole. I see why the anti banlines don't want it and I can see why people also want the ban lines. If you can set it up so that anti concerns are met and the damages mitigated so that those that currently do want it now and it was originally implemented with have it. That would be great.
  13. Share your Bellisseria Groups and interesting Land marks you find! Bellisserian Citizens (Citizen created group where we chat and invite folks for hangouts) secondlife:///app/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074/about Arabella - Community Pool http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arabella/83/160/28 Heirlong - Public Beach http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heirlong/151/172/22 Humansville - Squishy's Cuddle Spot http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Humansville/50/205/25
  14. I fixed your text in the above altered quotation to say what you really seem to be saying. It is difficult to talk to someone who will not acknowledge reality by, for example, falsely insisting that LL is removing security from the new homes.
  15. Cant say I have ever had that on the forums, most of my nicest friends are here. I have always found them to be supportive. The rude ones are the and this is a ‘mostly, not an absolute’ the men I meet. Most people on forums are helpful or they have been to me.
  16. There will be more shortly, be sure to follow this thread and receive emails You may be lucky, by refreshing the selection page for getting your linden home. For right now, it is just showing the older homes, but I refreshed it a few minutes ago and saw the newer house there, a boathouse may show up as well because people abandon them. Good luck ✨
  17. Hello, XxFernandhaxX! About the new Linden Homes is available on the Linden Lab Official:New Linden Homes 2019 wiki.
  18. The rez zones are needed because after you decorate your house/vehicle, 9 times out of ten you won't have the remaining prims available for the vehicle. I definitely that for the community areas to have these would be great.
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