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Seriously, is this real?

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Okay, General Discussion, a huge rant coming up. So all you Trolls get your keyboards ready to say whatever nonsense wishes to spew from it and to all you other readers who wish for some entertainment, get ready,  because here it goes;

PS: If this so happens to be the wrong forum, well my mistake, troll about it.

I have been trying for the past 14 times  and one and a half HOURS later to get into Secondlife's Grid and actually be able to function within it. Heaven forbid I can log in and actually move around when I log in. Oh yea, cleared the cache so many times that it's unreal, and all that stupid crap that I know someone's going to ask after I'm done posting. So don't bother.

Everything was working fine, FINE! Three and a half hours ago I was building, fine, working fine, no lag, nothing. Okay? So tell me what the hell happened with in my two hours of just logging off to take a break does Secondlife decide to be a douchebag and not be reliable anymore?

Seriously, is there something going on behind the Grid I'm not aware of? I saw some little notice about Rolling Restarts, but how come it seems only I'm affected? I see my friends are functioning just fine.. hell if I can though!

I've said so many things from my mouth that would make a sailor look like a saint. 

Very typical you promise to keep your cool and then something just comes right along and pisses you off beyond pissed off.

I'm able to play other virtual worlds just fine even as we speak! NO LAG! So what the heck? This is utter crap!


I log in, I get maybe 2 seconds of stability, then, I freeze in place, can't walk forward or backward.. oh sure can turn from side to side just fine.. that does me a world of good yep.

Oh and while I'm stuck in place, oh sure can get IMs here and there, but can't see local chat until 5 minutes after someone posts something. Oh look someone said something to me at 11pm, I just now see it at 11:05pm!

I've even teleported to another sim, and yea, still does it. 

Changed clients, they are all doing it, change graphics, still does it. Turned off music, still does it. Hell I've done basically everything I can do that NORMALLY fixes this lame arse crap. But not today oh hell no,.. it's a wonder I still have hair in my head.

Anyways that's my rant, if you are getting this too, or perhaps I'm just the luckiest man in the world right now to have this going on for me right now.. YAY.. post on how you solved it and hopefully it's something I haven't tried! All I can say it better quit within an hour or so or Linden Labs is going to have a large chew letter heading their direction and this so called "Premium Membership" canceled and shoved so far up somewhere it'll need surgery for removal.


EDITTED FOR TYPOS.. yay typos.

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(I'm actually really sorry)

My FPS tonite was down to 1.60, but I'm blaming my internet connection, because it is crap this evening. Also Windows Updates are clamouring to go on too.

So I'm calling it a night. Switch the lights off before you come to bed will you. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:

Tomorrow is another day - a better one hopefully for you.

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No idea. It could actually be your connection to SL and not SL itself. That does happen on occasion. Somewhere between your computer and SL some ISP blows a router or something and bam, half the internet loads either really slowly or not at all.

Could even be your very own internet connection. Have roommates playing Call of Duty or downloading pirated movie torrents in another room? That'll trash your SL connection pretty badly. 

Are you on wifi? SL is notorious for playing poorly with wifi, this is nothing new.


On the other hand, it could be the specific sim you were trying to work in. Did you try moving to another sim? If you're an estate owner, have you tried restarting the sim? If not, have you tried contacting the sim owner? If it's a mainland sim then I think you'd file a trouble ticket with LL directly.


I have heard one or two people comment about problems with SL this week, but I haven't experienced them directly.That would imply either certain sims are having issues, certain asset clusters, or the connection issue I mentioned as a possibility.

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Sometimes the simpliest little test does it for ya.........reset your router and modem.  When you do that shut down your compter until the devices are reset.  That kills three birds with one stone.......reboots your router, reboots your modem, and reboots your computer.


It might work and then even you can laugh at your rant.  :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:

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Ann Otoole wrote:

Do you by chance have a bunch of slplugin processes remaining running after closing the client? if so then reboot.


This^^ Sometimes people don't realize that after restarting the viewer for any reason even when you crash, one instance of the SLplugin continues to run in WIndows. So if you have restarted your viewer 5 times, then you probably have 5 instances of the plugin running and these use a lot of resources. 


P.S. In linux this is not a problem and one of the reason I prefer Linux for playing SL. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4138 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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