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  1. Hello, I remember a long time ago, there was a digital pet battling system you could place on your sim, kinda like 7Seas. Instead of fishing, you had pet servers on your sim you'd rez, you could buy a pet, and fight other people's pets and more.. sad thing is, that was 8 years ago and the maker of the system has long since been forgotten. Does anyone know of anything like this? I'm trying to find something like it for my Cyberpunk RP sim.
  2. Holy crap! Whirly! I freaking love you! This worked! See? Said I never owned a sim, always rented. Also didn't view the sim as a PC, but now with that in mind, I'll not touch buttons unless I really need to.
  3. I bought a sim on July 3rd 2018 at roughly 6am EST due to July 2nd having technical difficulties of the new 15 for 15 special price cut promotion on digital land. ( I have never bought a sim out right mind you, it's always been renting, which was expensive.) Once I bought this sim, I was on the browser and saw commands like Edit, Restart, Safe Mode. I fooled around with these, just to see what it was like, there's no one on my sim, to the best way to learn is when you're alone. I hit edit, saw what that was about, hit restart a time or two to see how that worked, and hit Safe Mode to see how that operated. Once inworld, I finally went to the sim, because I have to manually turn everything on after turning on safe mode. But now here's where things get annoying. Once I went to my sim. I'm shoved in 0,0,0. I turned on everything, aside from no pushing, assigned my group to the land, and everything I needed to turn "off" safe mode according to the LL instructions. So here's the things that are happening: 1) I'm stuck in 0,0,0. I can't enter my own sim. 2) I can only build under water. Moving the land up or down (I can build from my location or edit the terrain) results in not being able to build on the sim. 3) If I want to enter the sim, I have to place a prim, sit on it, and move myself to the middle of the sim. 4) Doesn't matter where I place myself on the sim, I CAN NOT MOVE. I AM STUCK. AND MY AVATAR IS STUCK IN THE FALLING ANIMATION. 5) I can not teleport to the sim using any alts, it says the region is not there. 6) Scripts do not work. Come on I just want to use my sim.. I have never had this much aggravation from something that cost me hundreds of dollars aside from a Nintendo Switch and a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Is there anyone who can help? Am I doing something wrong? Did LL not activate the sim or something? Do I need to stand on my head and wave at the SL gods? I have submitted a ticket, but in the mean time, time just is ticking away on me actually being able to use the digital landscape. Honestly for each day I can't interact with this sim, I should be credited back my money per day. Which is roughly $8.30 a day. You're basically renting these sims from LL, and like a RL landlord, if your house is unable to be used or lived in, you technically are entitled to credit for having to deal with the aggravation.
  4. I appreciate the quick response! The region was bought finally around 6am July 3rd with the proper pricing. Although, I am running into a bunch of issues with the sim that I have to submit a ticket for.. like not being able to move, being stuck at the 0,0,0 coords on the sim, and things of that nature.. https://gyazo.com/35ebcba636e5ba72b81e5440205914b4 The sim is also in safe mode. I turned it on to test it. Which now the sim is stuck in safe mode. I even turned everything back on, and it's still stuck in safe mode. Second Life is not being my best friend right now. I really hope I can actually use the item I paid money for, soon.. I have a deadline I need to get the sim built.
  5. Okay so, I was about to purchase a sim today from LL, due to July 2nd's price drop as seen here: Next, I went to the land to purchase it, as seen here: https://gyazo.com/93d90264fbd0d3900e7e4cdfcecfe8c4 Lastly, upon check out, this happens? Wait what?! https://gyazo.com/8f9e004de21d4de6117e8366f75bafbd July 2nd is going to be over in less than 8 hours EST, and roughly less than 12 hours PST. Why hasn't the pricing been updated fully? Am I missing something? Do they discount it on checkout when I hit the button? I ain't wanting to risk PROCEED then get charged the full price for an older rate. I WILL NOT be happy.
  6. So I was wondering if the marketplace sends out updates to your clients when you update the inventory to a newer version? I know long ago there was this thing called "HipppVend" where you could send out updates if you changed the inventory of the item in the old SLX boxes. Does the MP finally do this or are we still in the dark ages?
  7. Hello there. So I want to make skins. I have Photoshop CS and gimp. Now I want to make skins but I have an issue.. when I put the upper body and lower body together, the seam (where the lower body and upper body connects) can be seen. Is there a way to get an updated model I can place my skins on and work with them? Like a "3D photoshop", I guess? I used to have a program like that, but it's very outdated now.
  8. How does one do this: Click here to proceed to Gyazo. I would like to know. I have seen people use GIFS in their profile images as well. Why is this information not public? I would love to pimp my profile out a bit more!
  9. Okay, so maybe I didn't turn particles off entirely, I thought I did, so when I thought I did, and saw the rain was still going.. I began to think that maybe LL added this feature. Needless to say, as everyone saw, Lighte was becoming a little nutty.
  10. Seriously, how has no one on Planet Earth asked this? I want the rain turned OFF in Secondlife. I hate it. I tried to look on Google for an answer.. for the what, past 3 hours, and this rain on the sim is still going strong? I want it off. I am finding how to make Secondlife make my coffee, but can't seem to learn how to turn off the rain. I go to a sim, I want it dry, I don't want rain. I don't want the weather to shift. I like it sunny, I like it dry. Can someone PLEASE for the LOVE OF EVERYTHING holy, show me and the rest of the planet, how you turn off the LINDEN LABS RAIN on Secondlife? I don't want it and I'm literally starting to foam at the mouth from going nuts!!! #rain #linden labs #default rain #weather #how to turn off
  11. Gaia, you never fail to help out. Thanks a bunch! I'll report it, most definately. I fixed it, well, it's a temporary fix at least until Blender is able to do this on it's own. After some thinking, I figured, why not import the DAE file I made in Archipelis into another program, then save that DAE in that program instead and then try uploading into Blender? It worked. So here's what you need to do (for those who /might/ have my problem). Make your mesh in Archipelis, install Sketchup, upload the DAE from Archipelis into Sketchup. Save the DAE file again in Sketchup and upload into Blender. THEN.. in Blender, you will see several copies of the item you originally uploaded.. (I think that's the root cause of the Blender crashing) .. delete all of these copies except for one. Then go to EDIT MODE and REMOVE DOUBLES.. then hit SUBDIVIDE. Boom done. I plan on making a video tutorial for this problem.. but for the time being... this works.. and it's perfect... but yea that error needs to be addressed, I'll get right on that.
  12. Are you meaning to tell me NO ONE has tried Archipelis and tried to do tweaking in Blender? NO ONE? Come one people, someone has to know, I can't be the only one on this planet that has tried this.
  13. I'm trying to import an archipelis file that has been formated as a collada file (dae) into blender and my blender software (2.72a) is crashing when it attempts to import. Is anyone else having this problem---- I'm thinking that blender is not loving the archipelis version of DAE. That being said does anyone know if there is a fix. Thanks!
  14. I really need to stop touching the store banners. I had some new ideas to improve what I had put and it's back to doing it again even after I cleared history, cookies, logged out and back in, tried to do my trick that worked the first time.. and now it also fails.. Linden Labs needs to get off their ass.
  15. I discovered the answer! HA! You have to delete both images the 45x45 and the 100x700 at once and then upload both at once. Stupid I think, but it worked for me.
  16. So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back! We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly. OMFG.. all I want to do is fix my banner and reupload it to the website.. I keep getting the above message over and over. I tried gif, png, jpg formats.. none work. I have it in the 100, 700 format. Cleared my browser's cookies, history, cache. I have altered the file name. I tried Chrome, Firefox, Explorer. NOTHING IS WORKING! WTF!? God... Any tips that don't involve a handgun would be appreciated.
  17. I beg to differ, I did that, it worked and the problem is fixed. Ty for your input though!
  18. I think you missed what I said entirely. You can not upload the mesh by itself otherwise you run into what I did for issues. I made my mesh, unwrapped the mesh, then in blender I applied the uv to the mesh.. and it worked. I also found out, on my own, when you go to save your collada, there is a checkbox that pretty much skips my process entirely, but least I found two ways of doing it. Also I use the beta grid.
  19. I figured it out. Hope this helps anyone else. To Export a UV map to .dae 1) Open .dae (or .blend) file of project being worked on. 2) Open UV Editor. 3) Edit Mode 4) Ctrl Right Click (Or alt Shift Right Click depending on simple complexity) 5) Make a full seam all the way around by Ctrl Right clicking. 6) Hit A 7) Hit U, Unwrap 8) Go to UV Editor, Go to UVs within Editor. 9) Export UV Layout 10) Open the UV Export by going to Open Image in UV Editor 11) Go to File 12) Click Export as Collada .dae 13) Go to SL - Upload Mesh, Last Tab on Mesh Window -> Click Apply Textures or Upload Textures (There's a checkbox that has something something textures beside it) And then calculate wieght and upload. Due to the textures.. I am pretty sure it costs a tad more to upload.
  20. Okay, so I went to try and take a UV off of my mesh model head, and I only wanted two halves to make the face two seperate colors on each side of the head. Here was my process. Make a seam that wraps around the head. Using CTRL held down and right mouse button. A seam wraps around the head. Then I hit CTRL + E and MARK SEAM. Once I get the marked Seam, I hit A to select the whole object. I then hit U to unwrap. And I get two perfect halves in my UV editor. In UV editor, I go to UVS, I hit Export UV layout. I save the PNG file. I open the PNG file, I edit the UV map in gimp by adding my colors to it respectively. NOW THE FUN PART! I use LOCAL in Secondlife before I upload anything, and I am using A FRESH ITEM.. no values messed with. I apply my local texture to get a look at what it'll look like. MY TEXTURE DOES NOT APPLY RIGHT! It turns into a solid color. I have red and blue, the solid color is purple. I try everything to make the texture line up.. all I get is something that would make me have an epileptic siezure. I put the texture to Planar, and all it does is make the texture all over the place and not line up... looks like tye dye. Am I doing the UV map wrong? Am I not exporting it right? Am I making my meshes wrong? I export them as DAE.. I don't do much with them upon uploading.. I don't know what to do anymore.. it has done it with all my meshes... I feel I've wasted some serious time, effort and Lindens here for uploading meshes that aren't working with the unwrapped UVs... Please help.. I have worked on learning mesh in the past week watching Gaia Clary's AVASTAR tutorials.. I was able to upload my body fine.. and it textures fine.. but when I want to make a static mesh.. that's when things get haywire!
  21. I recently bought a jetpack that allows "flight" in no fly areas. Now I'm allowed to fly in these no fly areas as long as I have the roleplay means. So my jetpack allows flying with a limit. However requires I put the E button held down. So when I am zipping around, I get "dadadadadadadadadada" as an annoying sound effect, basically SL saying "You can't fly." Can I turn this off in debug or something? The sound chaps my cookies. Editted: SOLUTION: I figured out how to fix the sound. Even though what Lindal Kidd says is technically correct, it's not what I was precisely looking for. I did some digging, took a bit, but I found it. 1) Debug Settings (Located in Advanced Menu for Firestorm Viewers) or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S 2) Window pops up. Type in the word: fly. 3) Select the option in the list: AutomaticFly 4) Set this to FALSE. Now you can still fly by hitting the home button I believe, however if you hold down your PageUp or E key you will not just fly.. and it's handy for jetpacks and such for no fly areas, so you can use your pack without it going "dadadadadadada". Hope this helps anyone else that had my problem!
  22. Thank you all for replying, and especially thank you Gaia Clary, I noticed in all three of my posts, even the one from 2011, you replied and helped out. You have my ultimate gratitude!
  23. I am in the same boat as you, however, I just installed 2.70 and I'm already lost. Making sculpts in Blender was easier, but now I'm on a new PC and did a clean install and on Windows 8.. boy am I lost.. LOL.
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