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  1. Someone here will remember a thread about *other things* lost under houses. Haha! I should dig through the archive and paste it here. But, can't bring myself to use such exotic search words. Lol! Maybe someone else will. Or at least the memory of it made someone else chuckle too. Sorry Valerie, I hope this doesnt derail your thread!
  2. Yeah, where did those buttons go. I Need the mod rights button nearly every day...
  3. Is the another workaround for the SSL browser fail I keep getting when trying to opening a profile? I would rather not install IE. Also and this is a little offtopic, the time between clicking the SL icon and the viewer actually opening, is steadily getting longer and longer and longer. After 6 years, I know to wait. But the delay must look very unprofessional to a new user. Any chances of streamlining the viewers startup?
  4. Hi there! Welcome and stuff. I love that you are inworld playing with us! I suggest you run with that idea. Open a store, list on the marketplace, make some friends, and really become part of our fun. The insite you will gain playing amongst us will be one of your best tools. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your enthusiasm right out of the gate. Alisha
  5. I get your point, but not every adult is verified. Leaving some real adults without my proposed "A" profile flag. Not having an "A" would not confirm a teen driver. It would however provide a way or adults who only feel safe interacting with other adults to continue using SL as expected. I want to add, that i don't have anything personal against youngsters =D Y'all are great and will add some needed energy to the maingrid =D I just want to see this merge done in a safe way for everyone involved.
  6. I have to agree with Shock wave, again. If we can't convince LL of the dangers of this move, perhaps the Nanny groups can... I have one solution to add. It is obvious to me, that we cant lable teen's profiles with a "T"(for instance). Due to naughty people wanting to stalk them. But, Adding a "A" flag to adults profiles will provide the same protection for us Adults. This "A" profile flag will only work for verified adult accounts. It will give us all a way to be certain we are interacting with other adults, or adjust our behavior if no "A" is visible. Please give us this obvious way
  7. This seems an odd decision for non-profit and edu. I think you will lose a lot more in goodwill and new users than you will save by charging more. Extremely odd gamble you are taking. Your best case scenario would be for these groups to down size land expenditures and continue using SL. But you just cost yourself, and the managers of these non profit spaces, a lot of credibility. I certainly don't blame anyone for looking to alternative grids. LL, back to the drawing board. Please. Non-profit and Edu DO deserve a discount. Perhaps less than a 50% discount, but Something to encourage
  8. I have been avoiding this discussion. As i don't want to sounds all anti-children. But i have to agree with Shockwave. SL's maingrid is not safe for adults with minors in the mix. To add a little fuel to this discussion, and show how the courts react to similar RL situations, here is an interesting case. http://www.towleroad.com/2009/12/man-arrested-for-indecent-exposure-in-own-home-convicted-appeals.html I really hope we don't see a similar case come out of this merger.
  9. Wow! Thank You Nekololi and Torley =D I had no idea such things were so simple. It only took me a few minutes to track down the Edit Linked Parts area. I cheated! I simply moved Shift G(a Shortcut I've never used) from code above. Aaand Zoom! i can toggle in and out of Linked Parts =DD Joy! Now that i see what is possible, i plan to rename all the buttons to silly LOLcats names and add Shortcuts all over the place. =P Thank you both so much for passing on such neat knowledge.
  10. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Remap_keys <--- this is Neat! Is there a way to add Shortcut keys? I would Love to be able use Shortcuts to toggle in and out of 'Edit Linked Parts' or 'Stretch Both Sides' within the Build window. Thanks!
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