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  1. I think I can define "Recent" for you. How about within the statute of limitations for breaching an oral contract....
  2. Odd, forums ate my reply. Sounds like it's something to do with your UV maps. Does your exporter have a way to export with Only the Active uv map? If not delete all but the needed uv map before exporting.
  3. Is the shadow prim a flat mesh plane? If it is, try squishing it flat on its Z axis. I ran into something similar with mesh planes. Instead of being flat, they are 1/4 meter think, or so.
  4. Build > Pathfinding > linksets. Opens a tool that does nearly everything you're describing.
  5. I don't often use maya, but when I do, I create my .daes using autodesks FBX converter.
  6. My first guess, could there be extra faces there? Try running Remove Doubles?
  7. I sold my soul to SL years ago. So...?... Can I have your stuff?! =P
  8. Your physics model must have the same sized bounding box as your visual geometry(model). This apples to LODs as well. Most modelers have a way to see the bounding box of a model, use that to verify bounding boxes are the same size. You will find that you will need to extend a few of your physics planes to fill the bounding box. =) What modeler? We might be able to get more specific.
  9. I'd be curious to see the 'more info' for the parts that were uploaded together. I've had some serious failures when uploading that way. Mostly physics cost issues on the 'child meshes'(they revert to a non 'Analyzed' highest LOD model for physics). Work around is to upload parts separately or plan on setting the child parts to physics shape 'none'. I think the first option is the safest. That said, there must me a fancy way to build .dae files to upload multi mesh, with lods, and physics for each each part. But I've never pulled it off. Lol.
  10. I highly doubt my method could be considered a 'best practice', but it gets the job done. I finish my model completely,uv maps, baked textures and all, first. Then from object mode, I drag(shift d) out a new copy sideways. I then manually reduce its detail while adjusting the uv map to keep the textures in the right places. Once I've removed enough detail I quickly toggle into Bounding Box view and double check that the new model is exactly the same size as the original. Rinse and repeat for rest of the lods. Blender 2.6 does have some fancy multirez tricks that help retain the uv mapping between levels too. Though, I haven't figured this newness into my workflow yet. Maybe someone else here has. =) ETA: I found SL lod specs! http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh_and_LOD
  11. Ok I'm going to keep rambling, as I see more options. Optimizing the uv and its texture should still be done, but I have another idea. This may not be needed for a small vase, but certainly will be for larger things. I suggest making lower lod models. It's actually fairly quick to do, and will let you adjust how the texture is worn on those lower lods via the uv map. Then, for instance, you could even get away with your current texture and original uv mapping for the highest lod, and you'll only have to 'move in' the mapping on the lowest lods. Personally, I try to do both. Create uv mapping and textures that survive mip mapping and I tweek the uv mapping on my lower lod models to keep things pretty. /ramble
  12. To clarify, (it's early...) the 3 squares on the bottom half of your texture should have no black lines between them, and most importantly, should take up the Whole width of the texture. This will remove most of the black lines and should solve your issue. ETA: or what he said. ^ lol
  13. I think I have a solution. Try adjusting your uv map in a way that removes the black lines, both between the faces and(most importantly) around the edges. No need to completely remap, just stretch and shuffle the areas so your modeler produces more of a seamless render. I think your seeing the results of the texture reducing size with viewing distance. Try googling Mip mapping for techie info. Essentially, SL reduces the texture size by half at each lod level. 512, 256, 128, 64 in the case of a 512. Best workaround is not creating a uv map and texture combination that reveals its edges, which can take some noodling. I've never tried, but it seems like it be easy to scale your image to 128(or appropriate small size) and stick it on your model in your modeler. That should point to the issue, quickly.
  14. Hiya! This link points at terrain texture changes, and the rest of the page explains more. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Creating_Terrain_Textures#Using_the_Estate_Tools Before you change the textures, it would be wise to note existing textures and settings.
  15. Boudicca, this article is way off topic, but neatly illustrates the situation. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=antiscience-beliefs-jeopardize-us-democracy&page=5 Essentially, seperating fact and opinion is something we called Enlightenment. Equating the two is very backwards. Anyway, no need to reply, I don't want to derail this thread. Be safe east coasters!!
  16. I'll add a little too. I would guess a one mesh file house would be the most effecient. But you'll have to build each LOD level(removing smaller details at lower levels) and make a physics shape. The down side of uploading that way, the end result isn't very flexible in world. If you mesh the building in a more modular way, all is far more flexible in world. As you'll pretty much have a mesh house building kit by the time you're done. One big advantage to this method, you can be very aggressive with the inside house parts LOD, since you'll have to be in there to see them. Also, the linked mesh parts are more flexible for texturing. I still don't know which is best. I assume it depends on many factors.
  17. Makes sense, looks like the uploader is automating that now. Though, in case I ran into, I needed the materials separated so I could apply shiny and glow to a couple of them, even though they shared one texture.
  18. I ran into something similar this week. On a non rigged mesh. This object had 4 materials all assigned to bake onto one texture. When I uploaded it, it kept coming in as one material. Finally I set up each material to its own texture(in Blender), and it uploaded with 4 seperate materials. I've never seen this behaviour before. I haven't had time to see if I goofed, or if there are some changes. Perhaps something related to the incoming normal mapping materials project(?). Or maybe I just goofed my exporter settings.
  19. Eta: you might want to work on only one side. Then plan to mirror and join the halfs near the end of your workflow.
  20. I don't know of a tute for this, but I can walk thru the basics. Set up your image as the background. (view, background image$ Add a circle, I'd start with 16 sides. (you can always add more where needed by selecting adjacent verts and clicking subdivide) Then move the verts around till they trace the background image. Then, select all the verts and Extrude, and move it forward a bit. From there, scale, fill, etc till you get the 3d shape your after. Extruding like this can mess up the normals. Try selecting all and tapping Ctrl N to set all normals to the outside. This might not work if your mesh is non-manifold. If that's the case, select all backwards faces and flip them (w,9). I'm sure I missed some steps, so I hope this helps more than confuses!
  21. Well you should! It's a beautiful song. You are very much correct about being able to lower the physics cost. Which is means I can launch a 200 plus LI boat, as I can keep the physics cost seperate and very low. To me, a 200li boat would be excessive, even 100li might be as well. So I'm wondering, what others are limiting themselves to? I'd like to say 50li, but I'm only guessing. Any ideas?
  22. Hiya smarties! Firstly, here is a nifty song for you to listen to while you ponder my question. =) I am returning to building boats. Yay! I am excited by what I am seeing with separation of physics count and visual stuff, and all the nifty that comes with it. But it leaves me with some questions. Has anyone or group decided on a sane LI standard for boats, cars n stuff? I saw somewhere that some RP sims are asking for 100LI limits for vehicles. Which is far more geometry than I could ever use up. But I see some edge cases right off the bat with a number that large. One obvious, not so edge case, would be the mainland waterway or roads. Where no beach or road side parcel ever has 100LI to spare. Though most don't have 32(the old vehicle limit) avail either.. Will I get laughed at if I produce an ossm, but maybe 50LI boat? Did I mention it will be Awesome? Did you like the song? =)
  23. Ya know, I experienced that the other day. A few trys into baking a multiple mesh scene Blender really mixed up which faces baked to whatever image. I figured I did something wrong or maybe ran out of memory. It wasn't too hard to untangle, but did kinda worry me. I'm Still on old 2.49(yeah, =P) so I'm not sure if what your seeing and I saw are even related... /ramble
  24. Could be anything, really. But here is where I would start. Your PC: latest network drivers, latest graphics drivers. Try other viewers and or a Full delete and reinstall of LLs viewer, turn off background stuff, monkey with your gpus driver software. In SL, drop all your attachments, even huds. Then hit the default button in preferences. Maybe fiddle with the viewers hardware settings. Something will work. Unless it's something else. =)
  25. I would suggest that info will be in your ISPs new TOS. Mine, Verizon, updated theirs a few weeks ago. Google it if interested. They did add a new clause about repeat infringers. I don't see anything bad in the new TOS, really. In fact, one of my biggest fears is alleviated, at the bottom of the new clause is an email address I can use to protect MY content! Woo(since I make my living off my ip)! But even that doesn't stop me from feeling disgruntled with the way RIAA(after being denied by congress and the public) went behind our backs and set this up(forced/coerced/paid) the ISPs to monitor their IP.
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