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  1. TAKING BIDS TIER DATE IS JULY 3RD. 20000 PRIMS NON-GRANDFATHERED http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everlasting Love/134/131/21 CONTACT LYNDSAY CARSON INWORLD OR JACKI SILVERFALL
  2. Wanting to hire a Land Agent/Manager for night shift. Must be available to work 4-9 pm SLT Monday through Friday. Must have experience. Must be reliable. Must be serious. Contact: Lyndsay Carson in world for interview and more information.
  3. Full region for sale $350, 20,000 prims, tier date is June 28th. Message Lyndsay Carson in world.
  4. Full sim for sale! Tier date Nov 9th 200.00 USD Please contact Lyndsay Carson of Naked LandLady Rentals
  5. Take the typing animation out of the firestorm AO.
  6. I wish I could give you kudos! You hit the nail on the head.
  7. Full Region For Sale 15000 prims Tier Due Date Nov. 13th 200.00 USD Seller pays transfer fee http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Willow%20Grove/6/7/21 Please contact inworld - Lyndsay Carson
  8. Its only him though. Everyone else looks fine. He's on DSL.
  9. I have seen this too so your not alone. I have a freind that wears a tattoo for upper body and he appears black and white. I always thought it was his connection being weak or just poor textures on the tattoo creators part. I hope someone will chime in with a answer as I am curious to know what it might be.
  10. Omg! It's so good to see you! Wow, I have missed you! Hugs and kisses Welcome back Dawwlling!!!!
  11. And you'll look back and realized learning SL was the most fun you had! Google Second Life books and go check out your local library.
  12. N-Core just started selling their version of mesh feet and shoes. I don't know if they will fit slink shoes. They're upstairs if you go there.
  13. NAKED LANDLADY RENTALS Established in 2005 we are a very experienced and professional company with over 200 tenants and a staff of 10 to assist you 24-7. Unlike a lot of businesses we have been stable and consistent with our pricing and NEVER raise a price, so rest assured we have your best interest in mind. We have land ranging from full sims to 2048sqm parcels and we offer competitive rates and exceptional customer service. We offer commercial and residential parcels. We also have a policy that most breedable animals are welcome (some restrictions apply). All listings are available in Lyn
  14. Area Search in your viewer. :smileyhappy:
  15. If you want an "it" Why does the title say "female"? I'm confused. Other than that, this is a dream come true!....NOT!
  16. I am looking to buy an openspace region asap! If you have a openspace region you'd like to sell please contact me Jacki Silverfall inworld or Lyndsay Carson. We will both receive all messages even if offline. Thank you :) Jacki
  17. Hey Spatula, we do not work for LL. We are customers just like you. Why don't you get off your lazy ass and try to help yourself instead of being spoon fed every answer to every question under the sun. Use the knowledge base or the wiki or hey here's an idea, go exploring, a club or get laid! In other words... STOP SPAMMING THE BOARDS!
  18. I'm not trying to be a buttinski but have you tried posting your questions in "Answers"? http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Answers/qac-p/Answers Instead of here in the General Discussion Forum?
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