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  1. the only thing lindens are doing is sending out resumes. get the clue?
  2. uninstall all your sl clients and use the LL client only. you will have to manually rid yourself of the old emerald bridge hangover. stop using third party clients until your issues are resolvled and you are skilled enough to use tpv clients.
  3. Linden Lab never acknowledged any issues on their grid status page. Nor did I experience any outages this morning. All recent issues with LL seem to be related to network problems that may be out of LL's sphere of control.
  4. Only if you angered a Linden Lab staff/manager/board member.
  5. I have been trying to convert to folders but a number of my products are too complex for that so I have to leave them in boxes. The nested folders option failed completely. Would have been nice.
  6. People spent years learning to make content in SL and then LL dropped in mesh import and the marketplace is loaded with game rips and the masses buy that first before original works. I am one of the people that simply decided it is easier to be on SLM only and stop handing LL every dime I make. I still have a home parcel but I think I will ditch that and drop to free account status and maybe invest in second inventory before it is too late. Or just write it all off as a very bad investment decision.
  7. yes. the commercials crapola is totally out of control on TV. 10 minutes of content followed by 15 minutes of commercials is just too much. As for everyone dying? yes we are all dying of cancer. Apparently nothing can be done about it. Except to buy more expensive pharmacom drugs that make it all worse.
  8. Hitomi Tiponi wrote: Some big announcements are planned by Linden Lab for next week, ... uh oh. better grab a copy of second inventory quick
  9. I am getting sales on things that have never ever sold on SLM. After I converted them to DD. Interesting eh?
  10. There has to be a history of constant abuse reports for LL to do anything. People need to understand this reality. One fly by AR should not be enough for action. Also, AR history gets erased after a year. LL does give people a second chance. All one needs to know to get action is in the above statement.
  11. people are trying to start a rumor that SLM is being shut down. fun times.
  12. I have about half of mine migrated. I found out the nested folders don't work very well so I have a lot of things that will just have to be box delivered. I suppose that makes it easier.
  13. Not as far as LL is concerned. My recommendation is to just move on.
  14. Hopefully the magic boxes will be shut off before the new region idling system comes online. Because that will surely decimate magic box performance in empty regions. Just thought I would toss in a little habanero sauce on the convo.
  15. Some observations. Waiting till now was a good idea as the process of converting is rather simple and seems to work as long as the back end systems are purring along happily. Sending multiple folders has issues so one at a time it is. Seeing stuff pile up in lost&found on send to slm is disturbing. Suddenly my sales have returned to more normal rate. But only on items that are now direct delivery. Magic box items are not moving. Hopefully I can get this process completed this week.
  16. So regions with unregistered bots idling will never go idle? There seems to be a lot of that around. Anyway this seems to be a quite reasonable strategy. How long does it take to come out of idle status when an avatar arrives?
  17. eh looks to me like the mesh infection is in full swing and will eliminate 90% of the SL economy that will in turn eliminate most of LL's tier revenue. Meanwhile the army of people reporting LL getting 5% off of ripped content from games and reporting it to the IP owners will swell untill a judge orders SL closed . Enjoy your monthly doom & gloom forecast.
  18. Let's assume something happens to make bandwidth and data use null/doesn't matter. Let'[s say wearable computing devices match or exceed PC capabilities.. Let's say games were overlayed in real time on city streets via direct eye nerve stimulation. How would it be then?
  19. Many pay no attention to reviews because they are gamed and used for competition griefing and always have been. This is a prime example of why reviews should be ignored. The reviews that count are on blog feeds and threads like show your style at SLU.
  20. I saw some delicious mesh boots I had to have. So I bought them. That led to buying a new hair wig. And that led to buying a new corset. So some people are getting sales. Just depends on what you are selling I guess.
  21. In the meantime you can use an alt. Which is likely why there is no hurry since there is a valid work around.
  22. facebook's primary demographic is idiots that have no clue what they are doing by posting their lives on the internet. These are the core consumers television marketing targets and orders them they must buy and use a phone for everything (to get everyone on costly data plans). So of course facebook is worried. Google is likely to get hurt too and both be extinct in 10 years. Meanwhile gamers will still use PCs because phones and ipads are garbage for the consumer masses that spend hours playing angry birds and watching commercials.
  23. I think some folks must be bored and would do a lot better at improving sales by making better stuff and better ads. *roll eyes*
  24. Just think on the bright side. Now you can spend your money on all the new yummy mesh stuff coming out, go to social parties, and never go back to ruining regions with laggy breedable scripts.
  25. Isn't just you. And I was just getting ready to get some work done
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