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Advice on Male Mesh Bodies

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Hello everyone, I am hoping to gain some information with your help if possible.

I have been out of SL for the past two years and only come in every once in a while. A few months back, I came across the TMP male mesh avatar and am now interested in possibly investing in one. However, despite the various places I have looked to gain information, there are still a few things that I'm not quite grasping. Hopefully you can help me out.

1. SLINK Hands/feet: I understand that with TMP body, I have the option of using their skin or finding a different creator that happens to include the applier. But what happens with slink hands and feet? Will my slink still work? 

2. My second question is about clothes. One of the things I enjoy so much about SL is the creativity one can have with theiravi and its styles. I noticed that on the TMP body demo and their underwear demo, I had to use the hud for the shape to be able to wear the clothing. On the demo I can't apply alphas and, therefore, cannot use regular mesh clothes. Does this mean that any clothing I purchase, will have to be TMP compatible? 

3. Last one! Height. The shape options TMP has (i.e. muscular, jock, etc) all top out around 6'3" so does that mean that the mesh body cannot be edited for height?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have not been able to find answers in previous threads and my searching abilities seem to suck with Google lol. I apologize if this has been addressed previously.


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I am not a "guy" but I do have a male TMP body for filming.

I can answer some questions.


The free body works fine if you want to stay naked or just wear the shorts (thank them for those!). In order to get alpha layers you need to buy the most expensive version.

In order to get the neck to fit (using a regular avatar body) you need to have the fat a 0. This gives you a somewhat strange shaped guy IMHO and yes, there are definitely limitations.


As far as I know, TMP is the only male body out there. I am guessing that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE must be working on one that works a bit better. But we do know that men's clothes, accessories etc just don't sell like the gals stuff -- hence limited choices these days.


I have used my TMP body a few times in filming and I am thrilled that I have it. But there are VERY few clothes that will work for it, AND I would like more options so far as shape before I plunked out the big bucks.

On the GALS end, the Maitreya body is fantastic and while you can't make those love handles any bigger LOL, I am thrilled with the look. So, personally, I am going to wait for some improvements. I waited for Lara and I am happy that I did.

And, for whatever reason the current (last few weeks) version of the male body seems to be broken so far as skin tone changes go. The skin change only effects the nails. I would have thought this would have been fixed but my last test showed "no".

Still,  A VERY NICE GIFT from the makers and much appreciated.

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Chic Aeon wrote:

As far as I know, TMP is the only male body out there. I am guessing that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE must be working on one that works a bit better. But we do know that men's clothes, accessories etc just don't sell like the gals stuff -- hence limited choices these days.


There are several, I've recently bought the Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo. It's very good, and there's an updated HUD coming hopefully today/tomorrow with a much improved alpha sectioning.

It's also a lot cheaper then the full TMP, which I am too cheap to buy.

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Take a look at the body I mentioned above. It really is good, if you like the bodybuilder look (properly done!). It is very adjustable, can use your own SL head if you want and blend the skin to match yours and the support is second to none. There are a few thousand market place items available for it now, and it's only been out a month. Even I make stuff for it.

Just search the market place, and there's a link there for in-world models. There is no demo you can get, but plenty of people on the Niramyth group will be happy to show off if you ask. Me included.

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Another female enter the thread. I have several avatars, and both the free TMP body and the full priced one. Plus the Niramyth Aestethic, as mentioned above, and also the Signature mesh avatar. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Signature-Mesh-Avatar/1382453545321889

Since you ask about TMP, I concentrate on it.


The free TMP is good enough for a swim. There is some swimwear and tank tops made for it that sits so good that there is no need for alpha cuts. This is the free one with default sl head:

Speedo collage.jpgI took this image some time ago, I see more mesh clothing for TMP on the marketplace, but I have not had time to use this avatar in a while. You will have to demo and see if it's possible to wear it without clipping.

The body fat is 0, but it does really not matter much, since you can beef the body up by using muscle and also belly and lovehandles sliders. It will never look like a fat guy, due to the shape and also the muscle definition.

It is not Slink compatible at all. But there is some good and cheap shoes out for it. Illi sells their shoes with both Slink and TMP fit. So you get a good value for the money if you already own Slink. It is also possible to wear only the TMP hands and feet with pants and longsleeved shirts, since they are separate from the body. When you wear full mesh clothing, there is no need to have the body under.

Don't worry about the height of the included shapes. You can adjust the shape under and the mesh will respond. If the included shapes are no modify, just wear a shape that isn't. The only thing you have to worry about is the body fat if you want a really good neck fit.

Cons: You can never change skin on the free version. You can never wear tattoos. You can never "install" any clothes. You are limited to the few options in clothes that don't need alpha cuts.

Pros: It is free and you can wear it while you demo other avatars.


The full priced TMP is expensive. I would go straight for the DeLuxe version, because you will really need alpha cuts. Spending so much is a pain.

You can change skin and tattoos! But here is the problem, does the skin you want come with a TMP installer? (The same goes for the Niramyth and other avatars who offer designer kits) You can easily spend 5000L on the DeLuxe and get frustrated because what's made for it isn't what you want. The males have much less stuff than females in general, but when it comes to skins, you really have to work to find some. The tattoos on the other hand, very many new releases include TMP installers.

The alpha cuts on the DeLuxe body is plenty. You might have to adjust a few things. For example: if you have a deep v-cut sweater, the alphas may not match up. You then adjust pectoralis slider and muscle mass in the torso so you can wear it with the smaller alpha cut. We females often have to adjust breast size and buoyancy to fit into mesh dresses.... it comes to a point where you can't have more alpha cuts, because else the HUD would have to fill the whole screen.

The Style Mode HUD is a pain to use! You have to install skin, tattoos and "installer" clothes in the HUD, and then look at all the small icons. A tattoo often comes in three versions, and each page display six icons. If you have very few outfits and tattoos, then it may not be so difficult. But I have filled it up, and it is not practical. I prefer to use the option all other mesh bodies have, an applier.

Pros: Tattoos, skin and installer clothes. Alpha HUD in the most expensive. the DeLuxe.

Cons: It is bloody expensive. The cheaper model (Basic) don't have an alpha HUD. It is not a lot of content made for it. The tattoos and clothing layers can flicker and blur, but that is an alpha bug that affect all mesh bodies. The Style Mode installer is annoying for me, but it is maybe because I was used to the other system with appliers. If one starts with the TMP way of doing things, maybe it feels more easy than appliers?




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The Style Hud is the biggest negative. Designers HAVE to upload their UUIDs into the TMP servers that are outside of SL. The Style hud is basically a link between SL and that server. It loads in what you want to wear and that's all you have available. The server goes down, as happens on a semi regular basis, and you're stuck with whatever skin and applied clothing you have on.

There are a LOT of designers that don't want to put their UUIDs into the hands of a third party, including me. Also, it violated the EULA of some of my textures and templates to upload them into a third party system.

Lastly, not only is the Style hud overly scripted and clunky, you have one other problem. Since all your installers are basically installing a link to the stored textures on an outside server, what are you going to do if TMP decides to roll up their tents and shut down their servers? You'll be stuck with an expensive item you can't do much with.

There are rumor that Slink and Belleza have a male body in the pipeline. Let's hope they are released soon. At least those, you'll have everything inworld.

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Mesh bodies are an over priced waste for men. They need to come out with a larger set of complete bodies instead of piecing them together. I mean 20k for a TMP mesh avi? I laughed when I saw that. No ty they're not that much better than standard avi's. I personally think that they have to charge that because most people see mesh avi's as a joke. So not many customers. And if those that sell mesh avi go out of business, people who bought them will have real issues. Plus TMP store sucks, difficult to see and navigate. I'll wait until mesh get much easier to use, and I get a selection of bodies instead of the Frankenstein method.

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JoeFromIowa wrote:

 my omega applied isn't working, and it only has two layers?

do you have the omega relay? otherwise it won't work in all eternity. It's in the Omega kit you need to buy.

If it has only two layers as can find in the description, one for clothes and one for tattoos.

For me it's more than enough because i make my own, so can make combinations if needed. And i make copies of the diverse looks of my body.

Layers are in my opinion just a help, fitting mesh is the real solution if you want to use it for clothes.

If you want to wear more diverse layers often simply use the appliers? It's only one click.

Or copy your total outfit including the body and save it in a seperate folder, not outfits, because outfits uses the same body in all.

You can use outfits after you saved a seperate copy of your body, but be sure to name the folder :)

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16 hours ago, Vanoralynna said:


Onnupup male free sluv bento fitmesg full mesh avatar. also has bom now.

Ok so I tried out the Onnupup body because a friend wanted my opinion on it. In all honesty, I cannot recommend it. Even though it's free and technically bento, it just looks awful no matter how much you mess with shape and no mater what skin you use. It is easier to make a much more attractive avatar using the System body.

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