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  1. @AlexandriteGem Aeros actually has appliers for all three (Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and SLink Physique). In addition, they also have TMP installers, but that is not a body I recommend anymore. In my opinion, Aeros has always had the best male skins in SL; even during the pre-mesh, system bodies days. Unfortunately, the creator does not seem to be as active as she used to be, thus the selection is rather limited. However, with the right tattoos or body freckles or even some light tinting, you can get a very unique look. They also have great head appliers for Catwa heads.
  2. I own several male mesh bodies, including the "top three," Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and SLink Physique. My current favorite is the Belleza Jake. Its the one I go back to over and over again. If you want to show a lot of skin, it has the best geometry for that. It has the best buttocks of the three. It probably comes in a close second in terms of third party support. It does, however, have issues with the neck that show up depending on your current lighting. Its default skins are pretty good and are designed to work well with specular maps if you us the Advanced Lighting Model. While Signature Gianni has great third party support, the geometry of the body is weird. As mentioned before in other replies, it has weird shoulders and deltoids. In addition, if the pecs are made too big they start to look like pointy, man boobs. Lastly, its has the worst buttocks of the three. The skins it comes with are... okay... I would recommend DEMOing it with various third party skins. The SLink Physique is the oldest of the three and thus has probably had a ton of older clothing made for it, but I have seen third party support for it waning lately. Its geometry is not as bad as that of the Signature Gianni. It too, however, can get man boobs if you make the pecs to big. However it does have a great buttocks! The skins it comes with are awful, I recommend using a skin applier from Aeros, they seem to bring out the best in this body. Hell any body, for that matter. All this said, get DEMOs for all of them and really take a few days to test them out with different third party skins.
  3. @Marianne Little @Love Zhaoying Ok I see what I was doing wrong, I was coping and pasting the names in. Thanks Love, you're a peach!
  4. Marianne Little, How do you "mention" someone like you did me? That is nifty.^^
  5. @LATR0DECTUS OK here's my two cents - you're going to look different. There is no way around that. However, you're going to look BETTER. The high-polygon count of a bento mesh head will give you rounder, smoother, more realistic features than the system head ever could. It's no contest. In addition, light and shadows will render more smoothly and in a more flattering way. That said, I am convinced that anyone, with enough time and effort, can capture the spirit or "look" of an original system head. As has been mentioned before, there are 3 factors the will affect the appearance of a bento mesh head: 1. The base mesh model of the head 2. The avatar's Shape 3. The Skin applied to the mesh head Experiment with combinations of all three factors and DEMOs, not just one time, but over the course of several sessions. Lastly, even if you are not going to be able to perfectly re-create your old look. You will be able to create something new and better. With enough time, you will get as used to it as you were to your old head.
  6. mj Jayaram, I am not sure if meant you were considering upgrading to a mesh body, but if you ARE, keep in mind that most mesh bodies and heads can be "tinted." This means you might be able to take skin that is only "kinda" close to yours and then use the tinting feature to bring it all the way home. For example, if the skin tone has to much yellow, you could tint it with a de-saturated red color to make it more a brown. If there is to much red, you could offset it with a pale blue tint. Of course, experiment with DEMO bodies, heads and skins, A LOT, before you spend any money. I think she may be referring to this store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/23270?id=23270
  7. I am looking to buy or trade for the ". a i s l i n g . Marangki -Obsidian-" horns. They are the black ram horns in the middle row of the picture.
  8. Eirynne Sieyes: I know you said that you would no longer be posting in this thread, but perhaps you are still reading some of the replies... This reply is probably the most accurate, insightful and on-point you have received. Please think about it and consider taking it to heart. She is basically saying that it would irresponsible to make a list of the worst offenders and call them out, because we currently have no OBJECTIVE way to determine which mesh bodies cause the most "Lag." It's just not a fair way of doing things. This method of assessment you are proposing is very SUBJECTIVE. Different people will have a different experiences on the low setting for all the reasons many have already stated. I know it seems like "common sense" approach, but it really is just your experience and not necessarily indicative of what is really going on.
  9. The lighting in this shot is sublime, you got mad skillz...
  10. (English) MeiAyumy, I looked at the picture in your post. You are using the Maitreya Lara mesh body and a Catwa mesh head. These are two separate products. Each product comes with its own HUD. You cannot use the HUD for the head to change the skin on the body. You cannot use the HUD for the body to change the skin the head. If you want both the head and the body to have the same skin (a skin that matches at the neck), then you must get matching head and body “appliers.” Go to a skin store like “Glam Affair.” Buy one Maitreya body applier and one Catwa head applier of the same color. I usually make male avatars, thus I am not very familiar with the Maitreya Lara mesh body. I think the default body skins in the HUD are from “Glam Affair.” If this is the case, then you only need to buy a Catwa head applier. There would be no need to buy a body applier. I think, however, they recently updated the Maitreya default skins. If there is anyone who knows for sure, then please advise. In the future, please use short, simple sentences with correct grammar and spelling. I do not know Portuguese and must use google translate. (Português ) MeiAyumy, Eu olhei para a foto no seu post. Você está usando o corpo de mesh Maitreya Lara e uma cabeça de mesh Catwa. Estes são dois produtos separados. Cada produto vem com seu próprio HUD. Você não pode usar o HUD para a cabeça para mudar a pele do corpo. Você não pode usar o HUD para o corpo para mudar a pele da cabeça. Se você quer que tanto a cabeça quanto o corpo tenham a mesma pele (uma pele que combine com o pescoço), então você deve combinar “aplicadores” de cabeça e corpo. Vá para uma loja de pele como "Glam Affair". Compre um aplicador de corpo de Maitreya e um aplicador de cabeça Catwa da mesma cor. Eu costumo fazer avatares masculinos, por isso não estou muito familiarizado com o corpo de mesh Maitreya Lara. Eu acho que as peles do corpo padrão no HUD são de "Glam Affair". Se este for o caso, então você só precisa comprar um aplicador de cabeça Catwa. Não haveria necessidade de comprar um aplicador corporal. Eu acho que, no entanto, eles atualizaram recentemente as skins padrão do Maitreya. Se houver alguém que tenha certeza, por favor avise. No futuro, use frases curtas e simples com gramática e ortografia corretas. Eu não sei português e devo usar o google translate.
  11. I think I understand what you are trying to say. To be honest, however, I can't imagine trying to deal with mesh bodies and heads without the knowledge and experience that my 10 years in SL has afforded me. When helping someone who is new to SL get set up with a mesh avatar, I often find myself giving them a history lesson in order to explain why things are done the way they are. Content creation in SL has very much been "make it up as we go along." This has resulted in a platform where things are often not done in an intuitive way. Understanding this history goes a long way to dealing with mesh bodies and heads.
  12. I use the Belleza Jake as well and have also had to deal with the "the splayed hands issue." I solve it by using the Vista Bento Hands AO HUD that I got when I purchased the Vista Male TMP Bento Hands. I also use a separate Bento Hand poser HUD that I found on Marketplace for like 99 L; it works great when I need to grip weapons or objects during role-play. I also own multiple male mesh bodies, but, in spite of "the splayed hands issue," the Belleza Jake my current body of choice. I love its geometry! I am curious, what is the second main reason you hardly ever wear it? All this being said, do you know if Belleza has a system in place to reports bugs? Or do I just need to bring the issue with their CSR so they become aware of the issue? In my opinion, this is the type of issue that would merit a product update.
  13. I really like the Skell head. I plan on picking it up next week after pay day. what I really like are the lips: the upper lip has this upward curl to it that I think is really attractive. Plus, it also has a great jaw line and cheek bones. In addition, it has a great looking profile when you look at it from the side.
  14. Your experience and frustration are not unique. The TMP tattoo and clothing layers have been glitchy from the moment they were released and an update to fix this issue has never been released. One of the problems is that most, if not all, tattoo and clothing textures are "alpha" textures, which means they are partially transparent. Alpha textures can be displayed in one of two modes, either "Blend" mode or "Mask" mode. If you try to layer two different alpha textures, that are both in Blend mode, on top of each other you often get severe glitching and flickering. One solution is to put one of those two alpha textures into Mask mode. This prevents the flickering. THE PROBLEM is that MOST alpha textures look terrible in Mask mode. The TMP body seems to automatically put one of the layers into Mask mode when you apply a second item. That is why they "turn white or black with splotchy patches." I have owned the TMP deluxe male body for a few years now, but quickly realized the double tattoo layers just DID NOT WORK and gave up on them. I simply stuck to one tattoo at a time and made sure to clear both layers first with the "remove style" button, before trying out a new tattoo. That way the textures stay in Blend mode. I don't think I ever bothered with "clothing" layers as I prefer mesh clothes over texture clothes, but I suspect they work the same way. I have since moved on to the Belleza Jake male mesh body and a Catwa bento mesh head. It has been a vastly better experience. I assume by your name you are making a female avatar. In which case, I recommend you look into the Maitreya Lara female mesh body. It has the best 3rd Party support. If you are new to SL, look into LeLutka female bento mesh heads. The LeLutka HUD is much easier to use for those new to SL and look great. With all this said, TMP is not "bad" product. I got a lot of use out of mine and made a lot of really good looking avatars with it. I still use it on occasion, the body and heads are well modeled and have great geometry. They are, however, limited and flawed. I hope you bought yours recently, after the price drop to 500 L. If that is case, be glad you did not buy them when they were 5k!
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