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  1. No, I did not know this. However, I have a question for clarification. Does this dev kit allow you to make a traditional applier, independent from their external server? OR does it allow you to make an "installer," which communicates with their external server to make the textures available in their configuration HUD (called, "Style Mode" during the days of the original TMP body) ? Because if its the former and NOT the latter, then that's kind of a big deal for this company as far as I know.
  2. I own the original TMP male body, but I have only DEMOed the new Legacy male body. A bit of a correction, The Shops does not use “off SL asset storage,” Linden Labs would NEVER allow this. A more accurate description would be, “External Server-based Applier System.” So, a little bit of the history of this company (The Shops), as I understand it… Back in the days before mesh bodies, the creators who would eventually form “The Shops” were like skin and hair makers. They were very frustrated by the extensive texture and content theft that was occurring in SL because of programs like copy bot. When mesh bodies started becoming a thing in SL, I think they saw an opportunity to do something about it. I strongly suspect they developed their “External Server-based Applier System” to prevent people from applying stolen textures on the mesh body. It acts as kind of Gate Keeper; only letting you use textures you have paid for and that they have determined are legit. Sure, people can still rip skin and tattoo textures, but without a way to apply it to the mesh body, they are pointless. Most mesh bodies use what I like to call, “Internal HUD-based Appliers.” If you get the development kit for a body, then you can make your own appliers. This gives you the means to apply a stolen texture to a mesh body. Second Life, however, being the market-driven beast that it is, the TMP body probably fell out of favor for being so restrictive and for the lack Omega Applier support. I know I switched over to the Belleza Jake as soon as it came out. I strongly suspect the current iteration of The Shops RELUCTANTLY decided to include support for BoM for the Legacy bodies. They see the writing on the wall and don’t want this body fail as well. BoM support is the only reason I am even considering it, though I will probably wait till it has way more third-party support AND goes on sale… probably next Christmas or something. A side note: When I was trying out the Legacy DEMO body and HUD, I noticed that all the skins and tattoos that I had purchased for my original TMP body were available to try out on the Legacy DEMO. BONUS!
  3. So my question is, DOES the Legacy body store (The Shops ?) offer their default body skins in some kind of System Layer? After thinking about it, since you can only wear one System Skin at a time, I realized that a System Skin with just body textures (Torso & Legs) would be problematic if you wanted to go full BoM, head to toe. System Tattoo Layers would probably work best. I do not own a Legacy Body, but anyone that does, please chime in.
  4. The thing is, when you "Turn On" BoM what happens is that whatever texture is on the Mesh Body is replaced by one of the red "BoM" textures. This red "BoM" texture is then immediately replaced by the baked texture on the System Body. The system body is then alpha'd completely invisible without the use of a system body alpha mask. Thus, assuming my current understanding of BoM is correct... In order for the default Legacy skin to be a part of the combined/composite baked texture that is ultimately applied to the Mesh Body, it HAS to be applied to the System Body FIRST. The only way to do this is via a System Skin. If the Legacy Body store is NOT offering their default skins in the form of System Skins, then, as far as I know, you will NOT be able to use them with BoM. You will HAVE to use a 3rd party skin.
  5. The Legacy Store (The Shoppes?) would need to offer their default skins in the form of system skins or "BoM Layers" as they are often called these days. I would be very surprised if they did not. I would go back to the store and look for BoM Layers or Baked on Mesh Layers vendors.
  6. To be fair, Catwa has a large selection of female bento mesh heads and not all of them have the infamous duck lips. Catwa's first bento mesh head (and most popular is seems), Catya, does have some rather "intense" lips that can look silly with a poor shape. But when done right, they can be very attractive in my opinion.
  7. So I own both the Signature Gianni and the Belleza Jake. I like to have options... That said, I definitely favor the Belleza Jake. It is pretty much my "go to" body. There are a lot of things about the Gianni's geometry I just don't like. Its got weird pointy pecs, shallow armpits, an awkward torso and I am not a fan of its butt. However, get a demo for each and really try them out with different shapes and skins. Putting in time with the DEMOs is what will really put you at ease when you are finally ready to buy.
  8. Agreed. I have to say I am a bit befuddled by this whole thread. It seems obvious the reason many HUDs are so big is because that makes them easier to use. But beyond that, I get the feeling that people wear their HUDs even after they have finished using them. The only HUD I wear constantly is an AO, and that's only when I have been to lazy to transfer the animations into Firestorm's built-in AO. Hell, I even detach the HUD for my genitals when I am nude, but don't need to sport an erection. Guys you don't need to walk around with your mesh body and head HUDs all the time, only when you need to make changes. Even if they are minimized they are still using up texture memory and contributing to your script count. The same goes for HUDs used to customize textures or "styles" on clothing and hair. Once you set it, detach it. If you use Firestorm, HUDs that you use often, should be added to your "favorite wearables" window for easy access. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_wearable_favorites
  9. OK I know that the old system layer tattoos could be tinted. And system skins could also take a tint as long as the textures used were like %50 alpha (The old "Naughty Designs" skins by Lost Thereian did this). Am I right to assume that the tint of these system items does NOT get incorporated the the final baked texture applied to the mesh?
  10. So, I finally got a chance to play with BoM and figured out the mechanics and how it works. My question now is, has there been any official statements or buzz from Catwa, LeLutka and/or Belleza about releasing BoM only versions of their heads and bodies? So I can get rid of all the unused layers, what some people call onion skins.
  11. I think what she is trying to say is that differences between bodies is negligible. To use your example: If an Avatar is restricted from a venue because of its high script count, then simply switching from the Legacy to the Maitreya won't make up the difference. They'll need to examine all their attachments.
  12. Wow, I think you have managed to answer questions that have yet to occur to me. Thank you, I will definitely start reading your blog.
  13. OK, here is the thing, what about texture memory usage? Correct me if I am wrong. I thought Visual Complexity was an aggregate score that took both geometry ( triangles & vertices) and texture memory usage into account, and that's what makes it so useful. Side Note: I am aware "script time" is a completely different metric that has nothing to do the visual aspect of SL.
  14. So whenever I find myself in a crowded space, for a moment, I will turn my complexity limit down to about 25K and compare my score to those around me. My score is usually among the lowest. Even though this is purely anecdotal, I still thought it was safe to say I was doing well. Nevertheless, now I feel the need to compete and will endeavor to lower my average complexity score to the "20k-26k" range.
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