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  1. Hi Shiva, does this apply to the mesh body sold as well? Or only the demo version?
  2. Hello everyone, I am hoping to gain some information with your help if possible. I have been out of SL for the past two years and only come in every once in a while. A few months back, I came across the TMP male mesh avatar and am now interested in possibly investing in one. However, despite the various places I have looked to gain information, there are still a few things that I'm not quite grasping. Hopefully you can help me out. 1. SLINK Hands/feet: I understand that with TMP body, I have the option of using their skin or finding a different creator that happens to include the applier. But
  3. Hello everyone, I thought I'd bump this up since it's been months now. Does anyone have any new input on favorite viewers? Currently using Firestorm and have downloaded Exodus to test out.
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