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  1. So, for me, the Lilly head is an interesting case. I picked it up for my female alt when it was free during a promotion. I have had issues finding skins that "fit" well. The upper lip-line of Lelutka skins that were NOT specifically made for Lilly did not line up exactly with the upper lip of the mesh model. I tried tweaking the lip ratio, but was never really happy with the result. I picked up the Catwa Queen when it was free. If I can't get a good look with that head, I will probably just buy one of the new evo-x heads.
  2. WOW, not at all! I love them! Talk about a blast from the past. Do you have more?
  3. Thank you! You're an Angel from SL Fashion Heaven!
  4. My first real encounter with SL fashion was The old "Naughty Designs" skins by Lost Thereian. I remember he had a partner, but her name escapes me. I was like 2007 I want to say. I remember being wowed by the build of their in-world store. It looked like a real world mall. It generously made use of sculpts, with was the only way to import custom geometry at the time. This was before mesh. I got one of his Dante and one of his Gabriel skins. Which probably went on to become some of the most copy-bot'ed male skins in SL. I also remember they got into a feud with Torrid Midmight over her use of GL Intercept to mod one of their skins. I often wonder what became of the people behind the avatar.
  5. THIS, is the biggest advantage of BOM: avoiding alpha glitches. Also, now all those extra mesh layers on the bodies can be made into separate optional attachments, lowering overall complexity. OR free it it up for "HD" textures, Like the eyebrows on LeLutka head which look so much better.
  6. My RL girlfriend is trying out SL for the first time. I am hoping she takes to it. In RL she is a huge fan of Lolita and Kawaii fashion and is currently obsessed with this dress: https://www.devilinspired.com/lolita-dresses/eternal-love-song-lolita-dress-jsk-gorgeous-version-by-long-ears-aamp-sharp-ears-studio-custom-size-available.html Does anyone know if a similar dress is available in SL for the Maitreya Body?
  7. Thanks to everyone who replied, I really do appreciate the feed back.^^ I guess I will have to wait for this new Dev Kit to be released...
  8. I have a question about applying personal textures to the finger & toe nails of the Legacy mesh bodies ? I made a small tattoo for myself and was able to apply it to my Legacy body using BoM. Is there a way to use BoM to apply textures to the finger & toe nails? Or do I have to use a HUD based applier to do so? If so, do they offer a dev kit? Or do you have to submit your textures to the Legacy body store and they make the applier for you, like in the old TMP days?
  9. As mentioned by @Marianne Little Aeros, that same store that sells the really popular male genitals, also sells a system avatar male Drow skin. It is probably the best male drow skin is SL. I have never seen its equal. Being a system skin, however, you would have to use BOM to apply it to mesh bodies and heads. I have done so and it generally looks great, save for some the fingers and toes; the texture is a bit wonky on those parts. In addition, at L$ 2, 000, it is rather expensive for a system skin. On the plus side, you do get lots of options and there are matching mesh ears you can get at the in-world store. Here is a MP link to the DEMO: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aeros-Avatar-Baenar-demo/4023436
  10. This frustrates me. I have never cared for the geometry of the Signature Gianni; I think its just plain bad. Thus, I have always low-key resented its success. But... its hard to counter the "no update" argument against the Belleza Jake. In addition, It looks like @Skell Dagger is no longer recommending it as well. If they don't update soon, to the new "universal neck," I will have to stop recommending it to people as well. Which is a shame, because I have always found the Belleza Jake to have the best "over all" look; plus it scaled really well between slender and muscular shapes.
  11. Do you have to have Full Permissions to export to XML or can you do it with a No Transfer shape?
  12. Do you mean static texture body oil that is uses the system body / BoM tattoo layer? Or do you mean dynamic Materials that use specular & normal maps?
  13. @TeeCay I know I am a bit late to this party, but just in case you haven't purchased a head yet... Skell Dagger just posted some very relevant info in another thread concerning a new Universal Neck standard. You should check it out:
  14. @Skell Dagger Wow, I had no idea the "Universal Neck" was a thing. I guess I should really start reading the note cards that come with the heads. Thank you so much for talking about this! Question though, is the "Universal Neck" just a new standard for male bodies and heads? Or is there a corresponding "Universal Neck" for female bodies and heads as well?
  15. I cannot speak for the female bodies, but for male bodies, they are currently the best looking on SL, from multiple points of view. They don't have any of the weird geometry issues that the Signature Gianni has, like the terminally flat ass OR the man-boobs when you make the chest to big OR the blocky quads when you make the legs to muscular. Nor do they have the neck issues that continue to plague the Belleza Jake (my current personal all-round favorite male body). Both the regular Legacy male body and Legacy Athletic male body look great nude, even better than the Belleza Jake, but without the neck issues. The only draw-backs are (1) "The Shops" *****ty reputation, (2) their relative lack of Third-Party Support compared to the other big two male bodies and (3) that they are over priced (normally 5K). Thus, this sale is the perfect time to pick them up. I purchased both for my main account and will probably pick up the Athletic for my super-secret sex alt.
  16. @HeathcliffMontague You should look into the Belleza Jake male mesh body. In my opinion, It has better geometry than the Signature Gianni (looks way better nekkid) and has almost as much 3rd party support.
  17. I once payed 300 L for a shape because I wanted the style card that came with it. I really liked the skin in the ad, but no one in the groups seemed recognizes it. The seller would not reply to my IMs. I was mildly annoyed, but I loved that skin and ended up using it for like 3 years.
  18. Either is fine, the only real difference is the shading around the nostrils.
  19. " Creating" a BoM skin is no different from creating an applier skin, you just have to make sure the end results looks good on the target mesh body or head you are designing for. I guess the only real recommendation is offer your body skins on system skins and your head skins on tattoo layers to make it easier to mix and match and thus reducing the sheer number if individual items you would need in your inventory to accommodate all the possible combos.
  20. So the skin in the picture you provided is uniformly smooth, symmetrical and flawless. It almost does not match the body skin, which is detailed and sinewy. I would say check out Tableau Vivant. They have smooth faces which can be paired with their athletic body applier. I would use the "brow-less" version of their head appliers. You will need to look for Third-Party white eyebrows. I think the "Eliah" head skin for Catwa heads is a good candidate. It's shown here on the Stanley head, but it also works well on the Daniel head: Also check out Aii for the makeup: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mai%20Tai/148/77/2067
  21. So I had a similar issue with the hands of the Belleza Jake body and found only two solutions. First, get a "fully" BENTO AO. By fully I mean make sure at least all the standing animations also animate the fingers of the hands. This will update the hands every time the animation changes and should prevent them from getting stuck. Second, is get a BENTO hand animator to use along side your regular non-BENTO AO. I use the following one with great results: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AnimAlive-BENTO-HANDS-animator-for-AO-dance-or-furniture-just-wear-UNISEX-ANIMATIONS-not-poses/13378769 If you implement either of these work-arounds, then you will no longer need to rely on the Belleza Jake Body HUD to reset the hands.
  22. @elixdude NOT FOUND male body appliers come with like 8 options which include chubby and hairy chubby:
  23. I have had similar experiences with mesh ears and have gone through several brands; including Mandala and Swallow. I recommend the L'Etre ears because they address the two points you bring up. First, because of the way they are textured, darker and shadowed at the base, they are by far the easiest ears to color match in my experience. Second, while I don't remember the exact numbers off the top of my head, their complexity score was within reason.
  24. @GoSpeed Racer Another solution is to use 3rd Party Mesh ears. Most mesh heads give you the option to "Turn Off" the default ear so you can use others in their place. These 3rd party ears are usually better looking and their position can be adjusted to accommodate almost any rigged hair. L'Etre has a great selection that are textured in such a way that makes them easy to color match.
  25. Unfortunately, no. 😒 I tried asking in Discord, but never got a reply.
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