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  1. For males. The best looking body is TMP for men. Signature has disproportionate arms, unless you like massive biceps that don’t match the forearms. They have a lot of people who talk them up, but when I made two avatars, one TMP, one Signature and used the same shape and skin, not one person picked it as the best. TMP is just well proportioned and very nicely detailed. Now having said that. TMP deserves no more customers and I won’t recommend. Their customer service it terrible. Their “update” group monitors are a joke. They alienate themselves from everyone and overcharge for everything. Now I have only tried the Adam and Slink demos, was not impressed enough to get either. Aesthetic is easy to dress, hard to skin, and far to bulky for my taste, but not the best. Best in my opinion is the new Belleza. Although clothes are lacking it is new and I see more almost daily. It’s reasonably priced. Well proportioned, HUD is easy to use and can only get better.
  2. I tried a demo skin from Egozy. Now i can not use any of my other purchased skins on my body. How do i fix this? I tried removing my body and reattaching it, but still i have the demo skin on.....
  3. While there are many biased haters. TMP has the best looking mesh body. Signature is getting there if they fix the fake abs, disproportionate biceps, and Hank Hill butt. SLINk is probably the least mesh looking to me. And the bend of the elbow is just sad.... I've only seen guys in the Adam mesh. That was enough for me to pass on that one. Body looks almost alien. Having said that. While TMP has the best looking avatar. Yes it's my opinion, but I've had people look at my avatars side by side, all but one liked TMP best. Even those who claimed it was not before I did a side by side. BUT! TMP has terrible customer service. They were talking update back in November, still none. I honestly doubt they will get off their high horse. Seems more creators are dropping them. L'etre for example stopped making skins for them. I personally am waiting for the new Belleza male. Picture looked decent, and photo shopped haha. If you don't feel like waiting and seeing I'd go with the Signature. They are usually second in my unofficial opinion poll of people. And they update regular. They are Omega compatible. And I love the HUD. Being able to alpha the feet is worth a ton when it comes to shoes. I know I left out Aesthetic. It's way to bulky for my taste. Fake looking abs and skins are not good. But if you want the Hulk look it's definitely the one to get..
  4. Essentially what my subject says is the best way i can describe the problem. Some homes and buildings i go in i can not see where i am going because the camera stays to high. Is there a way to fix this? I use firestorm.
  5. also how long after i cancel does it take to receive my refund?
  6. I have used the best rate buy a few times now. They have always shown in my account withing hours. My latest purchase has been placed a day ago now. Is this normal? How long can it take?
  7. The link in my premium home that allows me to edit has not worked for over a week. Please help me fix this.
  8. So i somehow messed up my conversation window. It does not show my friends or groups anymore can you please help me.
  9. My outfits I saved are all empty. Some of my folders such as my TMP shapes are empty. I've spent 1000's on this game. Need those items back or I'll delete.
  10. The only way I would try sl2 is if I could bring my things from sl1. I think Linden Labs will discover that will be the case with most of us who spend. Why would I just throw away thousands of dollars? In my opinion they should enhance the current game. Then you'll at least keep the customers you already have and still get some new players.
  11. Ok so i pay for a premium membership. I picked a house that was offered, for a membership. Is there a way to just get the land, with no home?
  12. Mesh bodies are an over priced waste for men. They need to come out with a larger set of complete bodies instead of piecing them together. I mean 20k for a TMP mesh avi? I laughed when I saw that. No ty they're not that much better than standard avi's. I personally think that they have to charge that because most people see mesh avi's as a joke. So not many customers. And if those that sell mesh avi go out of business, people who bought them will have real issues. Plus TMP store sucks, difficult to see and navigate. I'll wait until mesh get much easier to use, and I get a selection of bodies instead of the Frankenstein method.
  13. When I picked a username, I was not aware it would show in game or I would have chosen different. Is there a way to change it?
  14. Ok so if I purchase a home, and rent land. I only pay the weekly L$ payments for the land? Are there payments associated with the homes? None are mentioned on the home I was looking at, but want to be sure.
  15. Then don't answer if you are too stupid to be professional. No such thing as dumb questions, just dumb people answering them.
  16. After dealing with the rudest possible " helpers " I don't want this game to keep taking out payments. If they automatically renew each month, I'd like to know how to cancel
  17. I'll be dealing with linden labs. I'm sure they'd like to know about how rude their so called helpers are. And up front? Maybe put in the paragraph about the lind$? That would be up front. So maybe when you grow half of a brain. You will know when to run your stupid mouth.
  18. Are you all just brain dead? Nobody said it didn't say what emerald replied. However in the first box it says nothing about the restrictions. And talking **bleep** to a paying customer? I think they need helpers with at minimum half a brain. Impression? No that's a realization after dealing with you two dopes. I wasn't even mad when I first asked. Now I am quite disturbed at the ignorant, thoughtless so called help this game has. Get you all from Brainless R Us?
  19. Well any company that hides things about items to be received should just answer and not make comments. How about be upfront? So no, thank you.
  20. I was under the impression i got Ldollars when i got a premium account. I received the house, but no dollars. Can they please be added to my account. Thanks
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