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  1. Why don't you install it and let the rest of us know? I have my copy of 2015 in the big black box, along with 2014. I was planning on updating my 2013 to 2016 next april or may when it comes out.
  2. Unlike GTA I would begin with looking in the land options. With those you can blend the sand into the grass, rather than having to use objects that will not only leave a sharp edge, but also raise lag and lower your available amount of prims. If you don't have the rights to edit the terrain textures and their height, you could ask your landlord (assuming you're not on Linden Land, in which case you can forget all the above).
  3. Oh I see I misread some things earlier. I wouldn't mind taking a look at your object if you can post it somewhere or email it to me as max file. Usually it's something so obvious it's easily overlooked. If it is the export process, I shouldn't have any issues uploading the object to SL, since I use a newer version of 3ds Max.
  4. From the top of my head I'm not sure about the spline based meshes, but my experience with 3ds max (so certainly not the exporter) with mirrored objects is that often you need to flip the normals when you reset xforms. To see the normals properly, so not the two sided faces in 3ds max, enable backface culling in either object or layer properties. btw, why don't you give the symmetry modifier in 3ds max a go? I like that a whole lot better for symmetrical builds than the mirror command. Also, after resetting xforms, did you convert the models to an editable poly? This should work for both the
  5. I run 3ds Max 2013, could install 2015 since I've got the subscription, but to me it looks like that won't do you any good. Going by the UV map you are using you will never be able to get sharp images. You aren't using even 50% of the canvas and even if you did, it wouldn't be enough. You have about 200 pixels in height for an entire facade on a 2048x2048 map. So in SL that will be (as Drongle said SL uses a max of 1024) reduces to 100 pixels. Simply split up your UV map into several ones and I bet you will get better results.
  6. Same way Microsoft makes it impossible to write virusses for their operating systems...oh wait...
  7. If the one toe is following the wrong foot, it means the toe is (partially) weighted to the wrong foot. If you used a "copy bone weights" command, it's probably caused by the legs not being far apart enough. Easiest way to solve it is to paint in the right weights by hand.
  8. You sort of can combine sculpt maps, but unfortunately I can't recall the exact settings for it from the top of my head. You will also loose half the vertex points of both models, which in some cases can be disastrous (in other cases it won't matter that much). Anyway, sculpt map pixels stand for vertex positions within a 255,255,255 box. XYZ coordinates for every model vertex are represented by RGB pixel colours. So if you want to "put two sculpts on top of each other" for example, you must shift the z value (Blue I guess) for both maps, which can be done by any 2d graphics program like gimp
  9. Glad you solved it and apparantly it wasn't a channel issue. That doesn't mean there "were no channels" though. There's always a channel. Just because you didn't specify one doesn't mean it wasn't there.
  10. Jean Horten wrote: Sticking to graphical aplications only is the windows way ( stay on the surface, not knowing what really is happening and not wanting to know). It's liek never opening teh hood of your car, cause you are not interrested in the things that are underneath and one day ending up with a seized engine due to a lack of engine oil/ coolant. The terminal often is a more convenient way to get things done even. I would be lying if I'd say I never use the terminal. But Orca seems to do well without. And I bet I could have done without. Most people don't know and absolutely do not
  11. Ok:) Open your texture If it's a single layer, right click it in the list on the top right of your screen Select "Add Layer Mask" Choose "White" With the mask selected, paint everything you don't want black, it should disappear from the layer as you do it Export your image as png or tga (32 bit) I hope that helps... If you have multiple layers, add the mask to the other ones as well. In Photoshop you can paint directly onto the complete alpha channel, but I don't think that's possible in Gimp.
  12. If you want a step by step, it would really help if you could tell us what kind of graphics software you use... Photoshop, Gimp etc...
  13. Look for channel 1 if you do, not channel 0...my mistake..duh
  14. Long shot... did you use a channel different from "0" by any chance? SL uses only one channel, where a 3d program can have multiple.
  15. Same here, I've used 3ds Max for static mesh and rigged mesh from the very start in 2011 and recently fitted mesh and never ran into any real issues....
  16. Port might even be more appropriate... shall we change it back?
  17. While you're at it... "you might exhale also with any port of the body" Not sure how to visualise that, I know we're all digital, but still...
  18. It certainly is, although, since this is the first time I noticed it, I'm more concerned about the lag. Then again, that's been an issue for all that time and I've been able to live with it...
  19. Since you mention it, I suspect the 600 meters is your issue? If I'm not mistaken, you can use llRegionSay and llListen to make your items interact. Your items will have to be in the same region of course.
  20. Thanks (you too Qie) , that's a duplicate of the JIRA Qie linked. Very, very odd that it took me a full year to notice it. Isn't a ribbon particle some special kind of particle? Both the waterfall and chain have been there for years... I'll try another viewer and if that does not help I'll just live with it
  21. I can assure you particles suddenly made me lag like crazy. I do not know exactly when it started unfortunately. I mentioned it in april on the forums and some others said they were experiencing the same. I'm also not sure if the bug you linked is the same, it's hard to say if the white flashes are nearby particles or not, in my case the waterfall is clearly the waterfall and it shouldn't show. If it is, the bug could be about as old as my lag issues, which could be a coincidence.... Changing the shadow settings didn't change a thing. Turning off the ALM did. After switching back to ALM then
  22. Since roughly the beginning of this year I have been experiencing heavy client side lag when there are a lot of particles on screen. When I zoom in, I often see my fps drop from a capped 60 to single digits. I know I am not alone, others on the forum have the same experience. Today I noticed something odd when I zoomed in on a string of particles. Instead of showing just the particles that should be on screen, a bunch of chain links, the viewer surprised me with another set of particles in the same spot, particles that are used nearby in a waterfall. I was wondering if someone could explain th
  23. Nice to hear I could offer some help, I'll add a warning though Like ZBrush, Mudbox should be a very capable program (and much more intuitive and more fun than a "normal" 3d program) for making shoes and hair. Please for the love of god, do not directly export your mudbox models to SL, but use them for baking all the textures and maps. The model you upload to SL will be far more efficient with a normal, low poly model, which you can make in Blender or any other 3d program of choice. I don't use mudbox all that often for modelling, but when I do, I normally build a low poly model in 3ds Max,
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