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  1. Is there some mode on blender that basically lets me geometrically draw my shapes, and then drag them into 3d ?
  2. thats insane form 30+ to 2 prims, how on earth did u do that and how long did it take you to do it? Is there some youtube tutorial that would explain how to do what you just did with bender? I find it really easy to draw up stuff with sketchup and then maybe i could learn to fix it up with blender like you did. I did however notice that the textures do not work anymore, probably because on sketchup i had it set which parts are different pieces for textures but whatever u did reset it. I do know it is somehow possible to do that thing too with somehow setting texture type or something on
  3. this is the model of it, it has a few changes from the original namely i deleted 2 of the walls http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=48562 and this should be the physics http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=48563
  4. I actually have blender because the video where i learned to use sketchup said to export the file in sketchup and then import with blender and save with blander and use the blender file for sl. But blender looks way too complicated... Also not trying to make a house, what i want is that piece u see there, its an addon to a club building. So that thing i have there is really the finalized object
  5. If i try to calculate as it is then i get an error msg like so. If i click analize first and then choose quality preview it will go through and look like this. When i bring it to SL and make it into a prim so the physics work, then it turns into a 36 land impact I already did try to make a physics file which looks like this But when i use it, then it looks like this as if everything is a giant box. Analzing does not make it any better
  6. I am so new at this i dont even know what this means "For more help you need to give us more info such as a screenshot of the uploader window with the costs of each of the areas, a screenshot showing the ACTUAL number of vertices used in your model" but when u were talking about curved wall it did seem wierd on SL, when i put the physics in the curved walls have a LOOOOT of lines that i never seen before and i dont know how to remove them. Is there some other program that is easy to learn and i can make simple stuff like this except better with like 3-6 prims.
  7. I am trying to make something really simple with Sketchup, i know it is far from an optimal tool but i want to make a simple thing, yet it ends up coming with like a 36 land impact! I have seen on sl marketplace people making full houses or other things for 1-5 prims yet i make something this simple for liek 36. I would upload the save file of what i made so you guys can look closer what i do wrong, but it wont let me upload a .dae file
  8. I have no clue where to post this, but i have a small problem. Sometimes my videos stop on their own and i have to restart them, the dvd player has a jumping forward option but when i start the movie from the start my video like srtarts buffering from the beginning. Like i cant jump back to where i was watching before because it has to buffer it agian. But with exact same situation my gf can still jump forward to where we left off, it does not start buffering the whole move all over for her agai My moive on the other hand like has forgottan everything it had buffered. How do i fix this?
  9. I bought a TV today (This https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VEA-LCD-Flat-TV-Ambilight-Backlight-Youtube-Television-Movies-Shoutcast-Radio-Videos/900171) I kinda got it working but i cant watch any movies or videos on it. I can see the TVs menu, flip through it, but if i try to open anything form youtube, any movie or anything, then i just get a black screen. Dosnt matter how long i wait nothing happens. My on the other hand my girlfriend can see movies and videos just fine from it. We both use phoenix viewer, so i dunno what to do to make it work for me.
  10. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ I saw this in the answers section...Worth a go... I have an Asus N53S 6Gb / 1080 laptop with 540M and Phoenix failed to detect Nvidia GPU. My solution: download 540M graphics driver and utilities from nvidia website. http://www.nvidia.com/object/notebook-win7-winvist​a-64bit-280.26-whql-driver.html Then change nvidia setting (control panel) from 'let program decide' to 'always use nvidia' or something like that. I changed nothing in the phoenix preferences. All works like charm now, no
  11. i updated the video card and i think the fbs went up a LITTLE bit, but still VERY Slow any more ideas?
  12. no idea about driver since i got the laptop yesterday, will see if there are updates >.> and that picture there i belive was all setting LOW, havent done any custom setting stuff
  13. nothing happens when i press ctrl shift 1 and i would say it FEELS like low fps (cant say for sure though)
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