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  1. Dresden wrote: I see. In other words, the entirety of southern white slave owners are entirely innocent of the atrocities they've committed. Lovely. Again, no.... ...but there are mitigating factors.
  2. This has got nothing to do with convincing oneself. This is how one truly feels. People can't be held responsible for something they didn't know was wrong, as long as they couldn't know it was wrong. For the victims that doesn't make a difference, but as you said so yourself, it's about the ideology, not the "amount" of suffering.
  3. They felt that way, because from the moment they were born, they saw blacks as slaves, not whites or reds. So they certainly did see it as a part of their culture/society/heritage. Since the southern life was so dependant on the (black) slavery, it was percieved as a vital part, a cornerstone of their society. I have a feeling your "based" and my "based" aren't the same. Maybe "originated" is the better word for what I'm trying to explain. What I am saying is that the black slavery didn't start because the whites saw them as inferior. White and red slaves were harder to keep and not as readil
  4. Dresden wrote: Oh, I get it... it isn't as bad to enslave, torture and kill people to make a buck, as it is to do it just because you just feel like it... right? ...Dres No you do not get it at all. I am fairly convinced slavers felt they weren't doing anything wrong. It was all in the open. Nothing to be embarrased about. Why do you think the death camps were all hidden from the get go and in the end for the better part destroyed? The nazis knew very well what they were doing was wrong in the mind of any sane person. Why do you think Aktion T4 was terminated the second it came into th
  5. No need for caps, I hear you loud and clear. The southern states were (and are) infected with racist ideas, formed over a long period of time. One could argue they didn't know any better. If one is raised with black slaves, who are only allowed to and therefor only able to do simple tasks and nod at the boss, it's not a big surprise they are considered inferior. If you are born into slavery, it's not a big surprise you actually feel inferior. That does not mean their society was based on having black slaves, as I pointed out. The same is the case for the Hitler Jugend. They were raised with
  6. Then we'll just have to agree to disagree I suppose.
  7. Theresa Tennyson wrote: By your reasoning every law would only exist because people thought it was unnatural to not violate them. The leaders of the Confederacy thought slavery was natural, as witnessed by thier own words, but knew that some other people didn't and they wrote that clause in case people tried to commit the "unnatural act" of banning slavery. Not unnatural to violate them, unnatural to change them. Which would only happen if the government was overthrown by someone not sharing the Southern moralities, making the constitution nothing more than a piece of paper anyway.
  8. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: How many have to die before you think that slavery wasn't as bad a the nazies? This type of evil is evil, regardless of the number who actually died.. If you read back a bit, you will see that I do not consider the amount of casualties any kind of benchmark. That amount is not measurable anyway. What sets slavers apart from nazis, is the fact that slavers acted on economical basis, they swapped whites for reds just as easily as the reds for blacks. Their view on the value of human life is not one I share, but it's not as horrible as blaming an entire group for s
  9. Dresden wrote: Are you suggesting that no black person has ever been killed in the name of white supremacy? Because, that would be the only case in which your point would have any validity whatsoever. I am saying that racism and genocide, or more precise, racism embedded in society and a society based on the extermination of an ethnic group are not the same, not even close. If anyone starts preaching the extermination of an ethnic group, and as long as the person doing so might have the opportunity to execute his insane ideas, and is aware of it, whether it results in no casualties at a
  10. Nova Convair wrote: So with some blind actionism the lag will stay for sure. On the contrary. SL will be pretty damn empty though.
  11. Theresa Tennyson wrote: The Constitution of the Confederate States of America literally had a clause saying that the government was forbidden from ever passing a law forbidding Negro slavery. Article I, Section 9, Part 4: "No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves, shall be passed." Which indicates to me that they didn't find it natural at all to have slavery. Would that have been the case, why would they have such a clause?
  12. Theresa Tennyson wrote: The Jim Crow laws and the Nuremberg laws were both the most those societies felt they could get away with at the time. The difference was the Nuremberg laws came before the highest level of atrocity and the Jim Crow laws came after (and after an incredibly bloody war.) I do believe that to be true, the laws going as far as public opinion would accept. Still I do not believe the Jim Crow laws were ever a preindication of mass murder (I think your blue quote pretty much proves that), where the Nuremberg laws were. Of course that's impossible to prove. As far as
  13. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Difference between Jim Crow laws and the Final Solution? Huge. Difference between Jim Crow laws and the Nuremberg laws of 1933 to the beginning of World War II? Very small. There's an atrocity that needs to be added to the side of slavery in the Western Hemisphere - the slave class wasn't even originally part of the society in the first place. They had to be shipped in because most of the original native population/slave candidates died off. http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/slaveship.htm Exactly. The (1935) laws were very similar. That's why I do consider it a
  14. Dresden wrote: It's not the level of atrocities committed, but the incredibly similar, hate-fueled, supremacist ideology of both movements which are legitimately comparable. Just because one people had it worse than the other, doesn't make the ideology behind such atrocities of either level any more or less atrocious. ...Dres You completely miss my point, as do irihapeti and Theresa apparently. If we're talking sheer numbers, many more people were and are affected by racism and slavery than there are by genocide. Unfortunately, racism is widely spread throughout history and throughout
  15. Hence my last reply. The leap from slavery to extermination is huge, but not as huge as the difference between the Jim Crow laws and the Final Solution (or Action T4, or the extermination of gypsies, homosexuals etc). So please keep those three apart in this discussion. "Unwanted" as not wanted to be part of society, as in segregation, is not the same as not wanted to exist. I think I was very clear on that earlier.
  16. irihapeti wrote: the people on the slavery train would dispute the distinction. The slave would say that they are enslaved until they die your argument seems to be based on the premise that is better to die later than sooner There weren't any slaves on the "Jim Crow trains". Anyway, you seem to be saying that the mere fact of "living" has no value. Only freedom has. Slaves, as hard as their life must have been, were able to have friendship, family, laughter, and above all hope. Their history has been a struggle (and it still is for their descendants), whereas the nazis wanted to remove
  17. irihapthe effect is the same tho the effect of the act. The act of subjugation Subjugation is not the same as removal. The effect of slavery is one group being exploited. The effect of extermination is not comparable. You can't compare denying a group of people certain civil rights to denying them from existing altogether. Well maybe you can, but it is beyond me. To paint a picture... You can't possible mean putting a certain group of people on their seperate train is the same as putting a group of people on a train on their way to a certain death?
  18. Just for old times sake.... RenderDynamicReflections
  19. Theresa Tennyson wrote: The leap between Nazi Germany and the slaveholding/Jim Crow culture of the southern United States may not be as great as you think. That leap is enormous. Segregation was only the starting point in nazi Germany. From segregation it became imprisonment and within a few years it became extinction, you even mention that yourself. Nazi Germany was based on pure hate and terror, towards all citizens not fully subjecting themselves to the dictatorship. "Elements" that didn't fit the "superior nation" were to be removed completely. One could write pages and pages full o
  20. What version of 3ds max are you using and what kind of exporter (and version)?
  21. Dictatorshop wrote: Ok totally off topic but how do i change my picture on my posts? I am NOT a gorilla lol! My Settings (on top of your screen) -> Avatars
  22. If it's the chains causing the issue, consider keeping the chains on your highest LOD and use planes with a texture for medium and lower. My experience is that such a setup is hardly visible and with the right kind of chain they shouldn't cost more than 1 or 2 in landimpact. Here is a chain I made a long time ago, slightly more difficult in setup, but similar nonetheless. At the size of yours it would have a landimpact of 1. Also look up if it's the download weight or the physics weight causing the high landimpact...
  23. Any proper 3d program will do. So Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Rhinoceros will all work fine. All have their advantages and drawbacks. If you are only going to use it for SL, Blender is probably your best choice. Not only is your investment minimal (it is free), most people here on the forums use it for SL, so you are likely to get the most feedback when you run into an issue or when you have some questions. If you want to take your models to the next level with realistic normal mapping, sculpting programs like Mudbox, ZBrush or Sculptris (free), preferrably in combination with a bambo
  24. Nova Convair wrote: I tell you a secret. If you want your inventory to shrink you have to delete stuff ! Of course you can start to put things into boxes. But will you ever remember what is boxed where and find one of this boxes, rez it and search the contents of it? Really? It's easier and faster to just delete it. You're a terrible hoarder!
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