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  1. Alright just for those who may or may not read this; Certain huds, combat hud(s) especially, tend to take the WASD key assignments and use them for slinging weapons, drawing weapons, etc etc. thus you lose the ability to move with WASD. Instead you get W and A. If you ever run into this, simply type Control G in Second Life (if you are using Firestorm) which will bring up your gestures menu. Find the active gestures, and unassign the keys they have overridden. Keep in mind, you may search your inventory and use the filter, but it will NOT always find the active gestures, which is why I couldn't find them to begin with. -Solved- Thank you Firestorm Support Team, for a job well done!
  2. The minute you joined Second Life, you became a builder, you just didn't know it yet. Second Life is all about creativity and the creation of your own world in which you exist. Granted, there are those who do traverse the online world of Second Life without building or creating their own content, but being liberal, I'd say, if you've ever said, "Wouldn't it be cool if someone did this" in the context of creating content, that you are already a builder or well on your way to taking your first steps in becoming one.
  3. I'm running dual 760 TIs in my MMO / Gaming Rig, and it is, grossly overkill.. The problem with latency, graphic lag, and all that other hooey has very very little to do with most people's current hardware and everything to do with the delivery of that content to your computer. Take for instance World of Warcraft, or any of these newer MMOs which deliver a nearly twitch based reaction time. Why is that? The reason is, they operate differently in the method of delivery of that content. You have to also keep in mind that they don't constantly have to worry about pushing user created content at each individual player, so things load, bam there they are, no lag. Considering the complexities of handling user created content, Linden Labs has done a pretty significant job in getting a system in place to do so. Without seeing the code and working in it, I'm speculating, but I'd imagine that Second Life's latency issues revolve around keeping up with an ever changing world. It's a monumental task to handle a constantly revolving game world where each person could and probably is running around wearing personalized clothing, driving a personalized car, etc etc. In truth, a dual 760 TI SLI set up, is definitely overkill, yet let's face it, if your gonna upgrade, you might as well make it a beast of a machine, at least then you'll be current or slightly ahead of the average gaming rig. My dual core gaming rig until about 3 months ago, played World of Warcraft and Star Wars - The Old Republic, smoothly with no latency at all, on mid to high settings, and I built that rig about 10 years prior. My new rig which is twice the rig my last one was, should last me another 10 years, assuming there are no major issues or hardware faults, but then again, I play many many other titles in addition to my time in Second Life.
  4. Went through my inventory and disabled every single gesture, still no change. I'm running outta options here.. anyone else wanna take a shot at it? I'd contact LL direct, but I stopped premium and have suddenly become unhelpable.
  5. Ok here's my situation: I have (3) accounts, my main (which is what I'm logged into now), and 2 alts. On my main account: The S and D keys do not move the avatar at all, they just quit working one day and haven't worked since. I can still use arrow keys, but it's driving me nuts, I build bikes and vehicles in SL and can't drive them properly with just arrow keys. On both my ALT accounts, the WASD keys work as intended with no issues at all. Here's what I've tried: 1. Complete reinstalls of Firestorm: including cleaning out the proper directories (full cleanses). - Turns out, it wasn't just Firestorm, it does the same thing and has the same results as mentioned above, main account can't use the S and D, the alts can both move around happily. This makes me think that this is the avatar itself or something ON the avatar which is somehow disabling my movement keys. 2. Completely resetting the Avatar (ie, Preferences, Avatar Health, Reset Avatar to Default Male). - No change, still cannot move using S and D. 3. Recreate LSL Bridge. - Noc change. The only thing I can possibly think of that could be causing this, is some sort of local setting, something "hidden" that affects just the account in question, but I can't figure out where it is or what I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated because I'm definitely at my wit's end on this. Rio
  6. Its the Grand Opening of Savage City on November 22, 2014!!!! Join us for a night of awesome music and dancing with Djs starting at 6:00pm SLT and ending 12:00am SLT. There will be numerous gift card raffles through out the evening. Explore the newest roleplay city in SL. Maybe go to the xxx rated theatre, massage parlor,barber shop or enter the subway at your own risk. Maybe you and your significant other may want to spend some time in our motel and don't forget we do have a hidden dungeon. [This is an adult sim, no child avatars are permitted.] ** We are looking to bring a few members into the Savages Family! ** If you are a DJ, Host, Dancer or Escort, contact DJ Rio Riordan (riodan) in world, we have a limited amount of slots left to fill. You must be fluent in english, over 18 years of age in real life, and be at least 30 days old in world. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coimbra%20Beach/168/185/20
  7. The oddity that I've noticed, is when you have the prims scripted individually and then you link em together, at first the animations will fire just fine, but given time, they just stop, and you see the entire image with no further animation happening, so yeah, I mean logically you would assume linking an already scripted object to another already scripted object would work in either scenario, but clearly it doesn't, easily reproduceable, so I may indeed report this. I certainly appreciate the feedback, thank you Fenix
  8. the original image is a texture containing (12) 256x256 images contained in one 1024x1024, the way the script work is it slideshow displays each section of the large image in succession, much like a cartoon slide reel. I'm under the impression that this is the only viable way to animated images in second life as animated .gif don't work, and I've heard flash doesn't work either.
  9. It's really just a simple script for each prim: default { state_entry() { llSetTextureAnim (ANIM_ON | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 4, 4, 0, 0, 1.0); } } The speed and sides are different on each prim, but that's pretty much it for all 3 prims.
  10. So.. I make animated signs, basically I'm starting to get into using multiple prim animated signs, here's the issue I have: I create 3 prims, main prim, and 2 child prims. Each has an animation based script in it. When I end up linking the 3 together using the link button, the main prim continues to function correctly, but the child prims, suddenly revert to the original image, and stop working completely. What are my alternatives?
  11. Thank you for the input I will definitely give this a shot, I'm still kind of learning myself, but I'm starting to understand the scripting to a degree. hehe.
  12. After digging through quite a bit of posts, scripts, etc, I am at a loss here on how I would go about this.. Basically, what I want to do is place a collideable prim (phantomed) inside a room on the floor to act as a pressure plate. While the avatars are standing on the prim, it would set and keep the texture color of the prim 600 meters away on a status board lit red, once an avatar gets off the prim, the targeted prim would then return to it's normal green color.. My thoughts were to use the collision script, but I'm not sure how to target an unlinked prim on the same parcel to set the color of the prim to another color. Can anyone help me out?
  13. Thanks, just needed a nudge in the right direction, getting too old to remember everything lol.
  14. Good afternoon all, I had a few questions about a script I'm attempting to design and wanted to see if anyone could point me in the right direction on this, basically I'm putting together an event script to place in a build I'm doing, and I need to get some ideas on how to go about it.. Forgive my post if my thought seemed scattered, the notes I have written down are a little jumbled. Basically, here's what I need it to do: Starting with a core prim which I am going to name: base_stage_dmcbreedables1 I need to link a start button to it (base_stage_dmcbreedables_start) that when clicked, fires off a sequence of timed scripts that give the appearance of targetted prims (dmcbreedables_puppy1, dmcbreedables_cat1, dmcbreedables_horse1, etc etc) to fire off the scripts in each one of those prims including the transparancy adjustment and sound. The basic idea is to do a panel display that fires these things off and makes it appear as if you are watching a show, the animal textures would pop out of the windows in a barn, play the sound files, disappear, and then sequentially it move to the next window, repeat the process, until reaching the last prim and sound file, then it would end. I have managed to figure out how to play sounds in a script, but have little to no understanding of the linked prim functionality and how to use a parent prim to fire off these events sequentially, so yeah, guidance is a must lol.
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