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  1. irihapeti wrote: here you go. Is a piccy of one can get one from this unknown place. They have heaps of them. Mostly kings buy them That's not invisible....well maybe to the pilot who was obviously blind as a bat.
  2. Can't you let both cpu and gpu render simultaniously? NVidia iRay does that since I don't know, 2012?
  3. I never ran into this issue myself and I do not have an Apple system. I would wait around for some more responses. If you can't wait that long, just use Google to find out how to disable it. This might be helpful, assuming you use X Lion or similair. If you want help, please post your second life details, you can find them in the help menu (of your viewer) -> about second life.
  4. I don't know if it was ever fixed, but in the past people have mentioned on numerous accounts that microsoft skydrive crashed their viewer on any browsing operation, such as uploading or saving images. Maybe you recently installed this program or some similair cloud service?
  5. songbuddy wrote: A perfect example. I have no idea what mainland is or does .. there's nothing about it in any instructions etc that i've seen. I assumed there would be all kinds of houses and dwellings i could buy and furnish,but all i was pointed to was the premium houses. I got the distict impression that the only way to get a dwelling was to upgrade to premium,which i did,and was mightilly disapointed with the choice. Needless to saycancelled the pfremium. i quickly I kinda get the impression now that the site owners deliberately steer you toward their homes in order to get you to b
  6. Pamela Galli wrote: Yes, I guess what I mean is to receive the value of those free house prims as stipend (which they could apply to either a Linden or other home. I think we all agree the value of those houses is pretty low compared to the tiers or rent we have to pay. The couple of cents that would represent them wouldn't put a dent in your expenses I think. For some, every little bit might help though. That much is true.
  7. Pamela Galli wrote: Would be nice if LL gave the option to receive a larger stipend in lieu of a Linden Home. Would be a shot in the arm for builders of small homes. People can choose not to take a linden home and take their free 512 sqm on mainland, that's what I did. I as a builder wouldn't buy a house of course, but many people would (and do/did) I suppose.
  8. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: You ARE right! Was there ever any doubt? No doubt, just denial.
  9. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: I like these games! Can't find it.... I think you need glasses. I think you might be right. You ARE right!
  10. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: I like these games! Can't find it.... I think you need glasses. I think you might be right.
  11. Just a hunch...did you try to use a bezier curve instead of the nurbs curve as shown in your screenshot?
  12. Perrie Juran wrote: I like these games! Can't find it....
  13. Sounds like a graphic card issue to me. It could be as simple as a driver issue though instead of hardware failure (of video card or power supply).
  14. Not sure if it's the best way of scripting, since I'm not that experienced with that, but I've made an object once to control avatar speed and it uses SetForce instead of ApplyImpulse. You still take the forward and backward controls, but don't use the level. Instead it uses start and end (which are based on level, ~level and edge). Seems to work pretty well...
  15. I know nothing about Blender, but in 3ds max the workflow (or a possible one) is much much easier than the one you describe, so I was wondering if that could also be used in Blender. In 3ds max you can simply make a line, in any shape, then give it thickness. The line stays modifiable. This of course only works for legs which have the same thickness along the entire length. Otherwise you need to do it with a path and sections too. EDIT I wonder if this method is what Dree Eames suggested.
  16. From what I remember you don't have to install the viewer. Just download the file and extract it, then open the secondlife file from the folder. (You might have to install some 32 bit library thing, I'm not sure about that to be honest.)
  17. I tried opencollada years ago with 3ds max and that didn't work at all. Not just some errors on the UV layout, but no UV layout at all. Maybe that exporter does work now.
  18. I see that others have issues with 3ds max 2015 SP3 and that exporter. Maybe you can downgrade the SP or the exporter? And of course report the issue to Autodesk.
  19. I could look up where the plugins are listed, but the easy thing to do is for you to look what the title bar of your export window says..
  20. What's the type and version of your exporter in 3ds max?
  21. It'll take a while, but swapping the PSU might be a good idea. I had a failing PSU once and it gave all kinds of weird issues, which seemed to be related to sometimes motherboard, sometimes memory, sometimes screen, sometimes gpu etc. Whether it's a 300W or 750W one makes no difference if it's broken.
  22. Nalates Urriah wrote: This is a problem that will only be solved by education not imposed limits. I don't see why. Originated from a technical limit, LL managed to put a cap on maximum objects to be linked, they also have a triangle per object limit. Number of triangles/verts per object is available to "the system". So how hard would it be to make it impossible to limit the geometry on each LoD that can be linked? If you combine that with maximum amount of geometry to be worn in total, there is a hard limit. Make this limit more strict for rigged items. The body I was recently talkin
  23. I wouldn't call that very odd. Some avatars have 1000 times more polygons than pixels on screen. That's amateur building for you. The thing that makes SL so nice for builders and so crappy in performance. If you want to know for sure it's the insane amount of geometry killing your performance, open the develop menu then show info -> show render info. It will tell you exactly how many triangles and vertices are rendered (kTris and kVerts). (opening the render info can kill your performance by itself, so be aware of that). btw, that 250 Mbps is certainly not what you get from the LL servers
  24. 3ds max works just fine for SL. Some things that need extra attention though: SL doesn't like 3ds max material or object names with spaces in them. You need the correct fbx exporter (from the top of my head, 2013.1 or 2013.2 and up will work) Either 3ds max or the exporter doesn't write unused bone names, so if your hair is rigged you need to add the missing bones to the dae file. You can find a complete guide here.
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