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  1. I want a Customer let’s say for example Sam. I want Sam to walk into my business buy an item and be able to simply take the item with them. Once Sam gets home the item will open once rezzed out. I want the item to be a specific amount of Lindens such just plain and simple 50 Ls.
  2. How do I use big vendor such as CasperVend ?
  3. I wanted to know what this exactly is because I was working trying to get a script that will help with my business. I want customer to be able to click pay on an item and get the one set price and pay for it then get the item to go to that person then they open it and it is given to them. (I hope that makes sense). I tried this script and it brought up that box. I just want the Lindens to go straight to me after purchase, but taken from me...so I am highly confused on this pop up message. Please help me and I thank those in advance for any help Forgot to add the script: integer price = 10; default { state_entry() { llSetPayPrice(PAY_HIDE, [PAY_HIDE ,PAY_HIDE, PAY_HIDE, PAY_HIDE]); llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_DEBIT); } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(perm & PERMISSION_DEBIT) state cash; } } state cash { state_entry() { llSetPayPrice(price, [price ,PAY_HIDE, PAY_HIDE, PAY_HIDE]); } money(key id, integer amount) { if(amount != price) { llGiveMoney(id, amount); llInstantMessage(id, "You paid "+(string)amount+", which is the wrong price, the price is: "+(string)price); } else { //insert your give code here. llInstantMessage(id, "Thank you ! Enjoy :)"); } } }
  4. Hello, I wanted to know where I can buy good sitting animations that can be place into an object to work with a script. Just looking for them to go to a bar stool for eating at a bar. I appreciate all answers and help in advance!
  5. I looked for the topic search, but couldn't find an answer or anything close to my question. How does one apply the genus head with the omega system?
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